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  1. I like scotch and potato salad 😀
  2. I tried to sign up for this but it keeps telling me im ot signed in. if I can respond on this page im signed in correct? am I missing something?
  3. no. I don't wanna pay for that OR fight lines to get a pretzel
  4. mep that's not true. the decipher game is still played with a players committee still putting out new stuff. some of those cards are expensive. ive seen jedi luke sold for 100.00 $
  5. I like how all 5 factions will have 3-4 ships. I hope they keep the number of ships for all factions around the same like that.
  6. ok. there seems to be a misunderstanding of what the difference is between 2.0 and extended is. I showed up to a release party with 2.0 valided ships. others showed up with tie bombers. ok release week. I get it. not what the facebook post said. we now have 3 different formats of play. 2.0 and extened and threats . I have asked different people who run tourneys what formate they are running. ive got way to many ????? do we not yet understand that 2.0 and extended are different formats? starting to hurt my drunken brain. spread the word. plz.
  7. I see there is a x-wing championship at the gt. im a little confused on the format. is it eternal or 2.0? my understanding is eternal is everything in the coversion kits and 2.0 is just the 3 ships released for each faction. anybody know?
  8. you guys know lace is trolling you. according to his rules of loot box, every single pack of magic or a pack of baseball cards ever opened in the history of such things is a loot box. **** according to him if you ever opened a cereal box with a toy in it, and it did not tell you what toy was in it, you got a loot box. I really hope hes trolling. if not, lace I hope you find something more in your life that you actually find joy in.
  9. I asked my local store. He told me hes getting one and the it was pre-ordered 6-8 weeks ago and had nothing to do with how much he bought. Im wondering if this is the same thing you guys are talking about. He said it has different tournys including one that's threats, one that's points, and a third he could remember.
  10. can you get a link to where you saw this? I was told my store was getting a launch party kit and im sure there not big enough to order that much.
  11. drunkensith

    Chopper crew

    the copper crew card says you suffer 1* unless you flip up one of your damage cards. Can you choose witch one you flip up? Are you even allowed to look at the face down ones? Thanks
  12. now I can get 8 of them and run all ob swarm. neat,
  13. Hey guys. It looks to me like there is some pilots in the saws renegade pack for 2.0 that are not in conversion. Can someone that's open both confirm? I keep finding different info. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey guys. I haven't played much in the last year or 2 but 2.0 had got me itching to play again. Are there any 2.0 release tournys in the area? dose summit have a decent showing on Friday nights? Are there any other weekly meetings in the area?
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