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  1. I have not seen any. I am not real crazy the look itself to motivate me enough to model on the hulls. The Germans have anti-armor magnetic mines (zombie suicide squad), but the Allies do not appear not to (unless the BbQ Squad democharges are magnetic, so that may be another reason for the lack of it on the German armor.
  2. I don't see it as a problem, I guess. Since the game takes place in an alternate timeline and in the late forties after WWII, there is no historical accuracy concerns one way or the other. Since the Germans are expressly not Nazis, an SS insignia or whatnot would be certainly out of place, but oterwise it is whatever looks pragmatic or cool. If you (or your client if you are painting for someone else) want the "Official" paint schemes, you can just replicate them from the Dust Studios website, but there are changes I too have made here and there. I often want similar squads to be distingusable on the table easily, so vary many of the German uniforms jump between Vallejo "German Gray", the Vallejo "German Uniform," and the Vallejo German "Field Gray", even though the colors were not iall being made at the same time. I have not tried any of the patterns like Sumpfmuster, Pea dot, Oakleaf, or the like, not just out of laziness, but beacuse I like the Axis in the darker, cool colors to contrast the Allies. If they all end up with similar colors it may be less clear while "in game," but then again it may look silly that the Axis have not learned proper camoflage.
  3. The orginal Core Set and other scenarios took place in the North, and the terrain tiles were all "snow". Later scenarios had fighting in northern Russia, so the long coats and winter camo were appropriate. More recent sevarios have them moving off the cold climate scenarios, and the "studio paint jobs" on several squads have been standard camo and even some Pacific Theatre looking schemes. As for the artistic origin of the winter camo stuff, I believe that the orginlal "plot" for teh Dust universe was one of nuclear winter, where every thing was covered in Dust. And, of course, no sunlight=cold cliamte everywhere.
  4. We have always played that they cannot move diagonally through friendly squads. Since they cannot pass through a friendly squad we used the logic that since they can't move diagonally through terrian squares since they would "hit" it, the same would apply to squads. However, I do not have a rule book handy to confirm it.
  5. A lot of the mechanics were like this. I just cut the head off and glued it back on the correct way. It only takes a second, and if cut clean you can never tell it was modified.
  6. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=248&efcid=1&efidt=804075 Here is a thread with the same question and soem suggestions.
  7. His jet pack must have nice vertical. I guess if the square he occupies is adjacent to one of the sqaures the aircraft's base is in, it's game on.
  8. I would not mind if they release similar units, but share the concern if they are identical, as we play with only one of each unit legal. As far as subfactions, I noticed there is an entire decal sheet that is French decals, for now only useful for the French Kill squad, and wonder if they are planning ahead for a French subfaction complete with vehicles? Since the "story" seem to indicate the Japanese are Axis, will they be a subfaction instead of faction in and of themselves?
  9. I primarily play Axis, but generally try to buy most units for both the Axis and Allies. I have had no opportinity to use the pontoon versions of either walker, so cannot comment on their utility for thr extra points. However, the main reason I picked the unit when I did was for the "Rattler"when an SSU player finaly joined our group, as the Allies seem to have many fewer anti-air options for chopper control than the Axis that have at least a couple walkers and squads that can harass the coppers adequately, so the Rattler was really the only armor 4 option for a walker (the transport choppers can only harm up to armor 3 I recall ?) that had more than a 50 cal. I ultimatley had a good experience with the "Cobra" in a game as well, where the opponet was dug in in a building. Using phaser squads in the rear to push the troops towards the front windows the Cobra's ability to ignore cover via its main phaser wiped out three squads in the building over four turns. The biggest pain of these walkers is transporting them due to their "dynamic pose", so many often just paint the turrets to match their previosly painted Mediums, and tsimply throw them on the old chassis.
  10. The clamshells are also very quick cleanup, as you just stack the cards and toss them in the case. With photo pages my OCD makes me keep them in AP order (my problem and not a negative for most) and they are slower going in and out if also sleeved. If buying the clamshells, you can buy the set with six cases and the clear hinged box to hold them. play botth Axis and Allied factions so I have three cases for each faction: heroes in one, squads in one, and vehicles in the last, and it keeps them sorted enough for quick army building
  11. Yeah, the photo clamshells I linked to are for photos, so any form of photo holder will work, from the clamshells to photo binders, photo indexes and rolodex like holders, etc. At Cradt stores you can also find sleeves made or photos or recipe cards that fit them as well.
  12. 1) An attack uses one action (unless it is a sustained attack) in which you can use all available weapon lines. You must declare what weapon lines you are going to use first (including "C" range weapons) and the ranged weapons are resolved first, then the close combat weapon lines. Ranged are resolved first because the CC weapons essentially put you into melee combat with the target and they will, of course get a chance to ratalitae back with any CC weapon lines of their own on your turn. 2) Yes, Dust Tactics' "first diagonal is free" rule makes a diaganol square "adjacent." 3) Units in the building, but adjacent to an opening, get the benefit of "hard cover" from a unit firing from the outside in that has line of sight (unless the the weapon line is an artillery weapon, marked "A," which cannot fire into roofed structures). Units shooting at eachother in a building that have line of sight both get the benefit of "soft cover". Units in the building further in than the square adjacent to an opening do not have line of sight with units outside the building so they cannot be targeted at all.
  13. I thought maybe the airpower without "Hover" would have to yake the movement forward for the sake of "realism" (although I know there are already several rules that fly in the face if this, and Dust Tactics seems to igbore facing entirely up to the introduction of "Two-Space Vehicles) and that the Allied aircraft might not even be allowed to move backward at all(as they appear to be not be VTOL like the German jets), but the FAQ 1.7 on page 3 clearly shows legal moves for the "Bellowing Bertie" going backwards. So I guess all the Dust airctraft can change directions without stopping or slowing down.
  14. I should have probably noted in regards to their carry capacity that I have never tested their limits, and sleeved cards obvioulsy take up more room, but each of my factions have about 30 cards each, which easly fit in a single holder for each faction.
  15. I use photo storage "clamshells" like these which hold the cards perfectly. http://www.amazon.com/Clear-Photo-Case-by-Iris/dp/B001J1K0RC/ref=sr_1_2?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1362004355&sr=1-2&keywords=iris+photo I sleeve them as well, but that is probably overkill. Buying just one is like five bucks (on Amazon anyway), but you can get them in packs of 5 or 10 for less than two bucks per.
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