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    It looks simple to me. Acquire target lock, acquire focus. Spend focus to get the benefits of a lock. The lock never breaks unless you choose another target or the current locked target uses Expert Handling. This seems awesome to me at a cheap price. Will make the under gunned A-Wings more reliable when shooting and more flexible on how to use the Focus or other action. Another combo would be that the A-Wing pilot (or who ever has Deadeye) just focuses and Dutch Vander gives them the lock. This is also a MUCH more reliable way to keep a lock over the R5-K6 and at half the cost. EDIT - This is going to be a boon for the Rebels as only Slave-I and the TIE/AD can utilize it. Where the X-Wing, A-Wing, and the YT-1300 can. Seems silly that no Y-Wing pilots can use the Elite Skills. Just because they pilot the dumptruck doesn't mean they have 1337 skillz!
  2. pitsch said: If ur free I am? This weekend? Ashburn is far though. Where do u live? I'm in Woodbridge. I live in Ashburn. Really close to Huzzah (thats why I asked). This weekend won't work for me since I have to make up so much work that I missed due to Superstorm Sandy (lol). Perhaps we could organize a friendly tournament at Game Parlor in Chantilly since it seems central to most people.
  3. I recently bought X-Wing before hurricane Sandy hit so my wife and I would have something to play while we were both stranded at home. I also bought 1 TIE Advanced and 1 Y-Wing set. Now I have the desire to get 1 more X-Wing and 2 more TIEs at a minimum. My problem is that the game box seems to lack any more space to hold my minis and rules securely. What would you suggest to hold all the rules, templates, tokens, dice, cards, chips, and models safely and securely? Thanks!
  4. I should also add that I'd love to see models produced that replace the cardboard "objective" pieces. Things like: Lambda Shuttle GR-75 Escape pods Satelites etc…
  5. I honestly don't think that FFG will include the Z-95 Headhunter into this game unless they add in new timelines and factions. It just doesn't seem to fit well into the balance or point system of the current system. My reasons are as follows: 1) It has less firepower, less shields, less armor, less maneuverability and less speed than the X-Wing. Keeping this in mind and you'd probably get a ship of stats - Pilot 4, Firepower 2, Agility 2, Armor 2-3, Shields 1 and a slot for missiles. If you put this into the point calculator, you get around 8-10 points per ship. 2) The cheap price will allow Rebels to swarm with them like the Empire can do with the TIEs (albeit, more slowly). This blurs the lines between the two factions instead of giving each their individual feel (Rebels are slower and more sturdy where the imperials are faster and harder to hit). I do not believe that there needs to be a 1 to 1 match for balance purposes. Point cost handles balance. 3) It looks too much like the X-Wing. I hope I'm wrong as I think it'd be a neat addition to the game. Could make for a cheap missile platform. As ubiquitous as the Imperial (Lambda) Shuttles were in the movies, I don't see them as having a place in the game as anything else than a cardboard objective. The B-Wing and TIE Bomber will have to be put in game. Figure any ship featured in the movies will have to be in game. Figuring all that, I think the final two expansions will ONLY be the B-Wing and TIE Bomber. After that, I'll assume that new factions and/or new timelines will be introduced.
  6. I just picked up the Base Set and a few boosters this weekend. Anyone play at Huzzah in Ashburn/Sterling?
  7. WWPDSteven said: I drafted up some "capital ship" rules. Really this is to handle in scale ships like the Corvette and my own home brew "Imperial Pursuant Class Corvette" (which is really just a Venator Star Destroyer model I am pretending is in scale with the fighters Here's the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TYr0R06MjOr-9CXVAdXyK97exi3dbBb9QgYdrNvfHJo/edit Hyper link: javascript:void(0);/*1351271594800*/ Feel free to test it out! If you have any feedback either post here or on the forum linked in the doc (I rarely check these forums so it might take me a while!) Looks like you made a few changes after your first play test (I loved reading that AAR by the way). My only concern would be the inclusion of Turbo Lasers and their ability to hit snub fighters. Turbo Lasers were typically used to engage other capital ships correct? And that they had issues hitting the smaller and more maneuverable fighters. With this in mind, wouldn't turbo lasers be near useless against anything smaller than a freighter?
  8. Very interesting thread indeed! I decided to play around a bit and see what numbers I could come up with. First I vetted my excel to match the original post's and my values seemed to match up. I took Steven's specs for the CR-90 Corvette to see how many points it'd cost using your formula. Here's what I came up with: Pilot = 0 Weapons = 8 Agility = 1 Hull = 10 Shields = 10 Cost = 116.75!!! I also decided to see what the Z-95-AF4 Headhunter would estimate to since it seems that people want it to be added as an expansion. Here's what I came up with: Pilot = 4 Weapons = 2 Agility = 2 Hull = 2 Shields = 1 Cost = 6.25 (Rebel swarm tactics anyone?) I justfied my values from this quote from Wookiepedia: "When compared to the T-65, it was slower, less maneuverable, had lighter armor and shielding, and was not as heavily armed.
  9. I recently played the X-Wing miniatures game and am hooked. I had the (un)fortunate experience of playing 2 Y-Wings while my partner had 2 X-Wings and our opponents had a total of 6 TIEs and 2 TIE Advanced. I actually chose the Y's because I love the quirky ship. Anyway, no to the questions. 1. How does one resolve two hits from an Ion Cannon on the same turn. For example, what if my two Y's scored two ion hits on the same target. Would the target be disabled for two turns (one for each ion token)? Can a single target have more than one ion token? 2. Do Ion cannons get the +1 attack die at range one? 3. How are ion cannons best utilized? Should the Y's drive straight into the enemy force using their 360 degree arc to disable TIES or should they skirt the edge of the fray annoying the pilots within. Thanks!
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