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  1. Obi-wan with armor looks weaksauce. I was on the fence about these new expansions/factions....now that it looks like they'll be going for the TV show look from the Clone wars series, I will definitely Pass on this. I was hoping they stuck to the Movies art style. Meh.....
  2. They are releasing stuff so fast. It’s hard to keep up when you work full time, family, church, school full time. I say that goes for most players. 40k has been out forever. Give it some time. this my table at home. Just now playing with my commandos, emplacements, boba, and Han. I haven’t played with with palp, Wookiee’s and guards. It’s tough keeping up with the game changing monthly as new units come out and change things. Now I have to paint specialist. LOL. i see most players spend more time playing than painting. That is the true state of the game imho.
  3. I got the starter box and a few expansions.... on the unique squadrons, say Luke or the Imp girl pilot. Is it one squadron dial per unique card? I noticed all the dials have Luke's face and the girls too. I built half of my core squadrons with Luke and imp girl. Thanks!
  4. I never have mold issues with mine. I don't let the paint get into the foam. Mine seals pretty good. I come back and paint one or two days after and I have no problem to continue where I left off. May have to do with the environment. I'm just sharing with OP what has worked for me. Nothing is set in stone.
  5. LOL I thought you were the OP sorry.
  6. Get this one. If you are going to paint much which I think you are. I highly recommend you get a real one. Easy to maintain. I have my own roll of this with a "Do not touch" sign so my wife or daughter don't use it for baking. :) Also, the wet palette only helps the paint from drying out. You still need to add water to have it the right thickness. Buy some airbrush ready paints to get a feel for viscosity. It helped me quite a bit. I'm still very new to the hobby. If you can afford it get an Iwata eclipse with a compressor combo for really cheap. I got this combo after my first miniature army try. iwata combo That was the best purchased I made for this hobby, second was the sta-wet palette, my latest was some sable hair brushes. It's makes a huge difference when you lay down primers with a can vs an airbrush. Zenithal priming is great for these figures. this has been my experience thus far.
  7. The camo looks great. Water down your paints a bit more and you'll be good. They look a bit on thick side from what I can see. Good job! looks good!
  8. I second that notion!! very nice!!
  9. 2 is all I'm buying. that has been my magic number pretty much for all the expansions. thanks bud!
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