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  1. ThadiusCole said: I have always been a casual wargamer and have always liked the idea of having these nicely painted armies of miniatures, but when it comes to buying, assembling, painting and then playing with them it loses the initial allure it once had. I found this to be the case with games like Warhammer and 40K, both awesome looking games but with the aforementioned issues I never collected many. I know what you mean. Games Workshop makes great stuff--I own everything that exists for Blood Bowl--but it is LABORIOUS to get it all painted. By the end, you may end up spending more hours assembling and painting than playing. And I prefer the latter over the former!
  2. Yep, I think this is something I want to get into. Back in the day, I used to collect Red Alert! Starship Disks (i.e Star Trek) from Last Unicorn Games. That was a really fun game, but it was never expanded much due to contractual issues. X-wing looks to have much in common with Red Alert! but X-wing is obviously much more sophisticated--but never necessarily complicated. Insofar as Star Wars goes, the ship-to-ship combat was always my favorite part of the movies. Sure, Imperial Landwalkers and landspeeders are neat, but those huge assaults against the Death Stars are simply unforgettable. And those wicked sounds the Tie-fighters made as they twirled through on the attack is simply unforgettable. From everything I've read and seen, this X-wing minis game faithfully recreates this. Hopefully, Fantasy Flight has play tested everything thoroughly. Red Alert! had quite a few snags, and my gaming group had to pass house rules to iron things out. Many companies make the mistake of rushing games into production these days. But it doesn't look like that's the case with X-wing Minis.
  3. I've always been the kind of gamer who prefers buying pewter miniatures and painting them myself. Yes, it's expensive and time-consuming, but you usually get the results you want and have some fun while you're at it. I remember when Mage Knight by WizKids hit the stores. The first time I saw and held the models I knew there was no way I was going to spend money on the game. Googly-eyed warriors, drooping swords, and malleable shields just didn't work for me. I can appreciate the ability to play models right out of the box, but the quality was terrible. Yesterday, I saw a starter box of Fantasy Flight's X-wing Miniatures Game at Target, and I was impressed! Things have certainly changed. The paint jobs are much more detailed. I told myself that this might be worth getting into. Some reviewers on Amazon.com complained about the price, but I don't mind paying it as long as the models are high-quality. I do have a question, however. Is the plastic rigid and durable? I'm not interested in soft plastic miniatures. I prefer something dense and hard. Also, does the paint flake off? A nice paint job doesn't mean much if the paint rubs away after a few months of use. I appreciate your opinions. Thank you!
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