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  1. I never threatened him with any type of violence I threatened to contact ffg nothing more he is the one who used inappropriate language first as I was walking out the door and you also make 5 out of the people he played out of 7 were in the top 16 that sounds like a like a strong sos. And yes I did start the conflict as my friend got jacked out of his tokens for top 16 someone had to say something he is 17th wins and stays at 17th as people he beat head to head get in that is the worst system ever. And your quote you have me saying is very false and made up anyone who knows me knows I don't threaten with a gun I don't even own one. And my friend can verify I never threatened violence against any one.
  2. So I went to the regional at total escape games and my friend is in 17 going into the last round and wins ended up 17 when 4 people he played made it he beat two head to head. He did not move a spot and missed the cut witch is mathematically impossible. So I got angry the Judge used fool language as I was leaving and I shared back a little and left. The police called me soon after saying someone in the store heard me say I was going for my gun, I don't own a gun as I could rip him in half anyway. So in short do not go to this store I have been cheated there many times and so have a lot of people. Please do not give them any regionals next year they always mess them up look at x-wing.
  3. I put in my application for world I put in for destiny, X-wing and Imperial assault. I was accepted to x-wing and IA and was not selected for destiny. I will not be going to world to watch people play the one game I really wanted play so I am not happy with the way they did it this year maybe next year.
  4. Is the 11 of January a full release or just the holiday preview?
  5. A different playmat is coming out soon it could be that
  6. This will be an Imperial Assault tournament as X-wing has moved to Mondays
  7. We are having a tournament July 9 with prize support, we will be starting at 6:00pm hope to see you there
  8. We are Playing Imperial Assault and X-wing at Atomic Games West on Saturdays. This week is X-wing then the next two weeks at 6:00 on 11/28 and 12/5 are Imperial Assault and then alternate every two weeks. the address is 1921 Youngfield st. #206 Golden, CO 80401 post any questions here
  9. We are playing x-wing and Imperial Assault at Atomic Games West in Colorado on Saturdays. We play X-wing 100 Points this week on the 11/21 we meet at 6:00 and the next two weeks Imperial Assault then two weeks of X-wing. The address is 1921 Youngfield st. #206 Golden, CO 80401 post here for any questions
  10. This Saturday we will be doing 59 points must have two ships and they must be different factions you may play more then two ships and more then two factions if you would like. The restriction of rebel imperial or scum do not apply so you could put Darth Vader Crew card on the YT-1300 also doable asteroids if you bring a 100 point team I will also will bring that as well, it is more a free play night so do what you want hope to see you there.
  11. It will be open play so everyone can try out there scum and villainy.
  12. Yes we will be playing tomorrow starting about 5:00 pm so bring your scum and villainy and try it out.
  13. Thank you Jon, we will be meeting up this Saturday the 21st at about five hope to see you there
  14. This week January 24 we will have team epic games with each player being 200 points so 400 per team. if we have more then 4 and less then 8 there will be 100 point games on the side hope to see you there. there will be no games on the 31 thank you.
  15. Running another 100 point game this week hope to see you there
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