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  1. Thanks for the reccomendations so far - please keep them coming! I should explain why I don't like to complicate the game further with new rules and systems. I like to often play with new friends, many of whom have never played a boardgame beyond Monopoly in their life. Sad, I know. But Talisman is a great gateway drug. I love the simplicity of it, and so do new players who drop in. So I love to keep it fresh with new items, spells, strangers and characters - but don't like to add extra considerations like Warlock's quests, Day/Night cycles or Reapers and Frostqueens trigged by certain die roles. I'm still explaining item/spell limits, encounter orders and how to win the sodding game here people Also, I dont have oodles of time after work or on the weekend. I can't often dig in for an extended 6 hour/ all day gaming session. 3-4 is usually the limit. Hence why I don't want to splash out on the larger expansions (plus the extra price tag.) So it really is a question of Frostmarch vs Sacred Pool vs Blood Moon. Any word on erratic minature sixes in these expansions? Blood Moon looks consistent, while Frostmarch looks well iffy. Sacred Pool's characters seem to be warped perspective wise because two are mounted!
  2. Hi All, Title says it all really. I have the base game and the reaper expansion, which I love. I don't use the the reaper himself though. However, I'm not really looking for a major expansion (I feel the base board is long enough) - just more adventure and spell cards, and characters - to keep it fresh! I was tempted by Blood Moon, which seems to be a firm favourite after the Reaper on here. However, if I took out all the cards referring to the day/night mechanic, and the werewolf mechanic, what would I be left with? People don't seem to like Frostmarch all that much - but it seems like I would get the largest amount of cards that don't add a new mechanic with this expansion (again, I'd leave out the Frost Queen). Would love to get your thoughts on whether I should go for Frostmarch, Blood Moon or Sacred Pool (I wouldn't use the Warlock quest cards). If there is a mini pack which has a miniature size consistent with the base game (I know some are smaller) - that could sway me too. Thanks! VD
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