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  1. they are quite fun, i've been running a couple now and again.. it's funny when someone says.. wait what.. you're shooting what.. bahahaha.. then tell them to roll a hit die and take what comes bahahaha
  2. oneway

    I did a boo boo.

    Local store says I've spent just over 1600 bucks there.. I started buying ships before I started going there.. I figure i'm in for just about 2Gs... fortunately I don't have a ball and chain to keep me in line.. Bahahahha
  3. I used to be heavy into WoG and WoW (Wings of War) .. I think it could be interesting to try it, but it'll wear at the synapses lol
  4. I bought 3 Playing a list with 2 SFs and a Punisher.. undefeated so far, but not up against serious tourney lists.. and tonight flew 3 of them for 2 wins.. also not against tourney lists I'm finding I like them and they seem to tank fairly well. I also like Accuracy Corrector on them for that "Take Two" if the dice don't show up to the game. I'm having fun with Adrenaline Rush on them as well for that S-loop surprise Focus or barrel roll So Far they are fun, and I'm liking them
  5. The Punisher Fix is called the Missile Boat, or Gunboat!Since really that expansion should have been the Missile boat (due to it and the Kwing both having SLAM) though I guess the TIE MKII engine took precedence ummmm No.. that ugly ship needs not disgrace my Empire forces.. let it die already..
  6. I have a planet token, but it's bigger than 4 inches.. more like 6 or 7.. but, I'd just use it as background to give the starfield some color.. rarely we do the 12 asteroids idea.. but one we have been talking about is dropping debris tokens where our ships die lol.. that could really clutter up the map.. lol and they could be closer than the range 1 limiter.. which really would make it interesting..
  7. oneway

    Would you re-roll?

    I don't need a remote to control my television either but it's, on most counts, a superior option. It's fine to prefer physical dice but claiming that using the app is a "sad statement on people's relationship with technology" is a pretty inflammatory accusation lacking any real substance, in my opinion. Using a remote is a demonstrably better option as it means you don't need to physically get up from the sofa to do anything to your television. Having a dice app is NOT better as it achieves the same thing with the same amount of effort (and before we have the argument of 'remembering your dice', you have to bring every other token with you, so that's not an effective rebuttal). Who's finds that inflammatory? Androids? Look, I'm the first to accept and embrace new technology - I use an app to order pizza for heavens sake. Anything that can improve life or make it easier, I'm all for. But there's a line where it becomes completely unnecessary . You don't need an app to roll dice for this game. OK.. here ya go, the reason the app is better.. I was watching a game one time and one player rolled his 4 dice so enthusiastically that he knocked over, bot one, but two ships on his side, and one on the opponents side.. just to stop that kind of ridiculousness is a reason for me.. and in all the times I've used the app.. I've never seen it come up with cocked dice.. just set your device so it doesn't allow them to 'bump' easily.. it can be very sensitive depending on how you set it up. and I have used it for other games where I needed a d20, or d12s and sixes.. it's a great app and can be used for the RPG FFG has for Star Wars as well..
  8. This is not going to happen. No matter how many times you post saying it will/should be a TIE/fo title, it is not going to happen. It will be its own model, in its own expansion pack. Well the only difference is between the hero and the core T-70 is a black and orange point job. I'm sure a Red Striped TIE-FO with Kylo Ren's shuttle could be easily done. But the TIE/SF isn't just a a red-striped TIE/FO. The two ships are completely different. Larger solar panels, larger wing roots, the energy capacitors around the wing roots, a completely different ball cockpit that's larger to accommodate 2 crew, with a rear window for the gunner to see out of, larger front laser cannons, and the significantly larger Twin Ion Engines being rotated 90 degrees in a side-by-side configuration, along with the underslung turret beneath the ball cockpit. It's not going to be a title. "it could easily be done" isn't sufficient reason enough to actually do that. They made entirely new models for the T-70 and the Falcon to change the astromech and the comms dish. I somehow severely doubt that FFG is lazy enough to just not make a new model for a completely different ship. Alt paint scheme and title. Like the iconic ship poe flies a bunch during the movie. Horrible example that makes no sense, because Poe's X-Wing is functionally identical to every other T-70, whereas a TIE/SF is a completely different ship with different capabilities and an entirely different model. Bear with me.. but note the 2 ships there in the pictures.. the only real difference is the larger engines on the SF and the window in the rear, as well as the addition of the caps on the wing pilons, different antennas ..... seriously.. look at them.. those are the only differences.. and the turret of course.. but I needed to point that out.. Also.. for the 'title' croud.. how will they introduce this title.. they need a ship in a box to do that, and they don't just release a card.. so.. new card, and ship will be needed.. why do these arguements happen when it's so obvious when common sense is what we need.. come on guys.. they are out to make money.. a new title to slip in the old FO box.. really.. not logical.. now stop this and find something new to rant about.. I see they are back at it over the XG-1 again.. go play with them.. **** ugly ship should never be made.. grumble grumble..
  9. seen them all before actually. but I surf for SW stuff regularly.. kinda refreshing that they were in a lego movie lol.. I do love the look of the SS-54.. I wanted to use it in an RPG years ago..
  10. I have 4.. since wave 3 era lol... and I'll probably get this one for the cards mostly.. and the black One repaint.. glad I didn't pull the trigger on that one a month ago.. lolz
  11. because there will never be a scum version.. simple enough to figure out..
  12. I tend to get annoyed at people that do this.. I find it .. to use your word.. "Cheeky". Most times when I see someone reaching to check I tell them quite obviously that they are well with in TL range.. to continue, to me, is in poor taste.. know your ranges.. know your moves.. will you hit that rock.. maybe.. dial it up and see.. or play a safer move.. check for a TL inside of range two... sorry but you shouldn't be playing.. just my view, no one has to like it.. but I find it tantamount to cheating.. it's obvious.. and if you need to look at the range to see if you need a boost.. well .. you know how I feel.. OK. blast away.. just remember, we all have our opinions.. not all will be the same. EDIT Yes I measure from time to time, it is typically at the extreme of range 3 where it is not always easy to determine.. but I'm usually sure it is just in.. happened on 2 games today, as I'm using Bomber missile boats and the TLs are very important.. anything closer than range 3 and I don't even reach for the range stick.
  13. col·lu·sion kəˈlo͞oZHən/ noun secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others. "the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers" synonyms: conspiracy, connivance, complicity, intrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaboration, scheming "there had been collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups" LAW illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit. this says you're wrong.. it isn't JUST in secret.. there are other qualifiers and they seem to be met.. Conspiracy.. they seemed to have done that, qualifying the collusion aspect.. that last line there where I underscored it... this isn't a lawsuit, but it is a competition.. kinda like a lawsuit though.. 2 opposing sides wanting a win.. this seems a large argument that needs addressing by FFG, I'm sure they are feeling the backlash and will address it in due time. if a law is suddenly no longer enforced or removed, and people start doing what used to be illegal.. I feel it makes the person at fault.. was it ill advised to remove the law, sure, but we have morals, and as has been stated before on this thread.. just because the rule is there, should you do it. just 2 more credits into the mix..
  14. I would love a couple sets of those bombs.. they look awesome
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