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  1. If you're in Polk County, there are some of us who play at the Lakeland Coliseum. Sign on to the Coliseum Red Squadron Facebook group.
  2. As soon as I use a dial to move a ship, I always put it on its card so I have it out of the way and make sure I grab the right one for the right ship.
  3. Actually the grid made me think of Space Hulk. Wonder if the grid squares are close enough in size. It would be cool to be able to mix and match between. OT, youngpyromancer, who did you play in Necromunda? I was Vansaar, Orlock, and Genestealer Cult.
  4. Aridia 97th

    X-wing books

    The series does get better. The first book and some of the second feel like someone was trying to narrate their computer game. After a bit, a good story does develop, and they are worth looking into. The Wraith Squadron books are all fun too! Would really like to see more pilots come from there. I really want to see an X-Wing with Corran Horn. May have to make my own.
  5. Have the same. Get a roll of bubble wrap for $5 at Wal-Mart and you're good to go.
  6. Listened to the whole trilogy a couple months ago. Still a lot of fun. Had this particular one playing the night I was finishing packing to move.
  7. Aridia 97th

    Bumping ships

    There's one point that may be getting overlooked in this conversation that might help explain why overlaps work the way they do. Having played both of the flight sims from the 90s, the 3d environment was not always totally "3d". While yes, you could fly in all directions, more engagements than not were still spread across more of a single plane than in all directions. You had some "vertical" up and down to the engagement area, but the "horizontal" area was generally much more expansive. In a vertical sense, the combat zones were more generally more oval than spherical. The only time you were guaranteed to have ships in all directions was when you were in the middle of the action, not when you on the periphery. What I'm seeing in the overlap mechanic is the effect of a near miss; hence "overlap" as opposed to "collision". I've had more times playing Tie Fighter and X-Wing than I can count where I've instinctively flinched away from the direction of another fighter zipping past, or as I dodge one that I've approached to closely from the side or rear. You don't have your entire ability to fight impaired for an extended period of time, but it does get you out of things for a few seconds as you react to the immediate threat, then reassess your situation. That's what the loss of your action represents. The inability to fire upon the ship your overlapping is more representing the fact that the vertical spread is more likely much less than the horizontal one. You're simply not at an angle that can bring your weapons to bear. Hope this point of view helps.
  8. As long as they have the mindset, go for it. I gave my nephew the core box for Christmas a month before he turned 11. A year and a half later, he holds his own, and I don't really hold back on him. I also ran a demo last year, and some high school/college kids were baffled by it (yeah, I'm still stunned).
  9. That was also teh gist of the pc games. The turbolaser emplacements on the capital ships weren't intended for tracking small targets, but the bigger slower ones. Consequently, they were pretty easy to dodge with almost no effort, but hit like a ton of bricks if you were unlucky enough to get tagged by one. I always thought that the turbolasers should roll fewer ttack dice, but each hit causes multiple damage.
  10. I like this. My buddy plays Exorcists in 40k, and his first character is an Exorcist. This will be good for his character.
  11. Armada on 56th in Temple Terrace should have some players, I know they have run tourneys in the past. Some of us are working to get a group started at the Coliseum in Lakeland, and a Coliseum is about to open (or just has) in Tampa.
  12. I've done well with the following: 2 x ORS w/ Gunner and Recon Specialist 1 Gold Squadron Y-Wing with R5-D8, Ion Turret and either a Proton torp or an engine upgrade. Granted, you have some vulnerabilities to more maneuverable ships, but the fact that you have a 360 fire ability more than offsets that.
  13. Very cool. Does anyone know how to get the Windows version to install on a Windows 7 pc with a 64 bit processor. The executable loads and plays the intro, but my computer won't run the install program.
  14. @ t7thunders, yeah location's my problem, I'm in central FL, so hot is the word of the day. Planning a magnet install on mine. Otherwise it's a great box!
  15. Out of curiosity, how many of you with a 732 have had problems with the front door staying closed in hot conditions. For the most part, I'm extremely happy with mine, but when the box heats up, the front door flap won't stay closed.
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