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  1. The first three episodes of this are now ‘available’ online. Just watched the first two and they’re perfectly enjoyable. About as good as Rebels was when it first started and of course that turned into something great.
  2. I decided to give up X-Wing several months ago after struggling to enjoy the game for a while before that. I had a full collection of at least one of every expansion up to that point and two or more of the vast majority of them, but I couldn’t face splitting it all up and the hassle that would go with selling it. Nor did I just want it gathering dust and taking up space and so I gave it all away to a friend who was still playing so that he’d have a complete set and would get some enjoyment from it. I had no regrets at all until Tuesday’s announcement but I’m now super excited for the game again. So when it launches in September and I’m no doubt buying from scratch again and you’re all begrudgingly paying for those Conversion Kits just think how it could be a lot lot worse.
  3. I've sleeved all of my cards (3x Core + each Expansion) in Ultra Pro Eclipse. At £7 for 80 though it's getting to be very expensive and had I thought it through beforehand I'd have probably just bought enough for a couple of decks and only sleeved what I was actually using. I've spent as much on sleeves at this point as I did on the three Core Sets, but I should have enough now to cover the remaining three Expansions. I'm hoping it won't feel so bad when there's only one Expansion per month coming out.
  4. Like others have said, the UK X-Wing Community is very friendly and so win or lose you'll have some great games, make some new friends and just generally have a fantastic weekend. I've been to tournaments of all sizes, from small ones with less than 10 players all the way up to System Opens with well over 400. Every single one of them I've come home from enthused about X-Wing and wanting to go to more. Go to Nationals and I think you will too. Hope to see you there.
  5. Really great news. Love Nova Squadron Radio, my favourite podcast.
  6. Has he actually turned up today to play? Balls of steel if so!
  7. It was definitely at about 6:30 to 7pm in the UK. I know this as it popped while I was on a break on a Speed Awareness course I was on for being naughty while driving.
  8. Just watching The Star Wars Show Felicity Jones & Forest Whitaker interview and spotted you in the crowd having a great time :-)
  9. They've got to do this really haven't they? I'll be super surprised and very disappointed if they don't. Whether they actually go the whole hog and release the original versions is another matter of course but I really hope they do. A 4K UHD release in the home would just be the cherry on the top!
  10. Other than some D&D many many years ago in my late teens I'd never played any tabletop games and so the answer has to be no. I'm just a big Star Wars fan and so if the game hadn't been Star Wars themed I doubt I'd have even heard of it and certainly wouldn't have bought into it.
  11. The storage space aspect wouldn't concern me but really the last thing I want on the table, especially at tournaments, are extra piles of 'things'. If you have a load of space then it's not a problem, but in the often cramped tournament environment it would be a nightmare.
  12. Like what though? While I'd be super excited to watch or read anything 'new' to do with the Star Wars Universe, I'm certainly far more interested in experiencing the backstory of characters I've loved for almost 40 years than I am characters I'm yet to know. Don't get me wrong. I definitely want both old and new characters, but when they are interesting stories left to tell about the main characters then for me, that's a priority.
  13. C'mon guys. Lucasfilm have got this. Everything I've seen of and from them over the last few years tells me this is in great hands. Star Wars is now being made by and for fans. It will be great.
  14. Sorry to be the one that breaks this to you, but other than 5.5 this is pretty much exactly the same theory that anyone who thought Snoke may be Plageuis came up with / agreed on over a year ago.
  15. Not all of us here in the UK want out of the EU :-(
  16. Pretty sure that's Rae Sloane. Assuming the article is correct, I assume her name is Brunson.http://starwarsrebels.wikia.com/wiki/Brunson It's definitely correct. She's named as Captain Brunson in the end credits.
  17. The last ones, Bespin and Endor took about six weeks if I remember correctly before they arrived in UK game stores. Not sure about other countries.
  18. I love them all, even the 'prequels', but in order... 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Rogue One 4. Return of the Jedi 5. The Force Awakens 6. Revenge of the Sith 7. The Phantom Menace 8. Attack of the Clones
  19. As mentioned above you can have the latest Photoshop (and Lightroom too) for a small monthly payment. Here in the UK I get them both for less than £8 a month on the Creative Cloud Photography Plan. To be honest I've not been using them or my camera much lately, but the way I see it is that for less than three coffees a month I can have the best in class software ready to be used when I do need it. It's definitely worth looking into if you use Photoshop with any regularity.
  20. Really!? You maybe need to find nicer people to play with if that's something you can genuinely envisage happening I think.
  21. Absolutely amazing. Far exceeded my already high expectations. So happy with it. ...and that ending!
  22. Just talking to my gaming buddies about these. I've already got the four current mats, I've got the Admiral level System Open ticket that will get me the mat for that and there's no way I'll be able to resist these. That's seven mats I'll have. I don't even have a table at home so when the *** am I ever going to use 7 mats?!
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