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  1. Hej from Germany, I just got me the Expansion and got a few questions regarding house cards. 1. Margaery Tyrell und Mance Rayder "if you are defending […] your opponent´s final combat strenght is 2" und "your final combat strength is equal to the current Position of the Wildling Threat token". Does that mean, that even if my opponent attacks me with 4 Knights and a house card worth 4 points his combat strength is not 12 (8 for knights + 4 for the card) but a mere 2? Also, am I correct that playing Uncle Mance makes my own troops und support complety irrelevant as the Wildling Coin is the one and only thing that defines my power? 2. Rodrik the Reader "[…] may search any Westeros deck for a card of your choice […]" Does that mean I can chose one deck and search it or can I search through all the decks? Thanks in advance for the help! Regards, Mitspieler
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