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  1. Thursday nights at Dice House Games in Fullerton has a pretty big turn out for league, and casual play.
  2. Dice House Games League matches will be played Thursday nights at Dice House Games. May 29th - June 26st 4:30 pm - Close $5 Entry Fee Players can play up to 4 league matches per opponent, and can play an unlimited number league matches during the cycle. A player can play additional games beyond the 4th match against an individual opponent, but any games beyond the 4th match will not be counted toward league standings. These additional games will, however, count toward unlocking achievements. Single games (as runner or corp) can also be played against an opponent; these games will count toward unlocking achievements, but not for league standings. Matches will follow standard FFG tournament rules, except there will be no time limit. If a game lasts beyond the point that the store is willing to remain open, that game will neither count for league standings nor achievements. All game wins during league matches, whether by Agenda Points, Flatlines, or Deckouts, are considered worth 2 Prestige Points for the winner of the game. On June 26th, the 8 players with the highest number of Prestige Points will play in a double elimination bracket for prizes and bragging rights. Players will be seeded by highest win percentage. Achievements will be tracked and scored separately from the league standings. Additional prizes will be given to the players with the most Corp and Runner Achievements, the greatest number of Corp and Runner Identity wins, and most Flatline and Deckout wins. Prizing will be primarily from the 2014 Season 1 game night kit; additional prizes determined by participation.
  3. Dice House Games Saturday, June 28at 12:00pm $5 Entry Fee Season 1 Game Kit Prizes https://www.facebook.com/events/1409433146008821
  4. Dice House Games Sunday, June 1at 1:00pm $5 entry fee You’ll bring your 100-point squadron and adhere to all of the game’s standard tournament rules as you compete through the preliminary Swiss rounds. However, in the final round, everything changes. After the close of the preliminary rounds, the tournament’s two top players set aside their personal squads and command new squads that they build with the featured Wave IV starfighters! One player will construct an Imperial squad that fields both the TIE defender and TIE phantom. The other will construct a Rebel squad that utilizes the Z-95 Headhunter as well as the E-wing. Both players will complete their 100-point squadrons by adding starships and upgrades from their existing X-Wing collections. Then, they’ll face off in a heated duel for the fate of the galaxy! Each of the tournament’s top four participants get to claim one of the Wave IV expansions included in the tournament kit. Furthermore, the event’s Top 16 participants all earn an exclusive, promotional copy of the Bandit Squadron Pilot that features extended art. 1st Place – First choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion 2nd Place – Second choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion 3rd Place – Third choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion 4th Place – Fourth choice of one Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview starship expansion Top 16 – One commemorative Bandit Squadron Pilot with extended art https://www.facebook.com/events/663870750332890
  5. I'd lean toward Guard ending the bypass all together; if you cannot bypass the first one, there should be no more bypassing... but who knows what the final ruling on this one will be.
  6. Well, I'd agree with the previous posters, but the problem is that Femme vs Chum has set an "encountered" precedent that confuses the issue. I'd send this one to FFG for greater clarification.
  7. If you Snitch out, you do not 'encounter' the ice and do not have to lose/gain creds. If you continue, you must as you are encountering the ice that was just rezzed. If you jack out and run on that server again, that ice no longer affects Nasir... you may also use the Snitch again on other unrezzed ice. Wash. Rince. Repeat.
  8. I play mostly in Fullerton and Pasadena. Tell us about your store!
  9. Link fixed... http://corpdraw.com/2014/04/game-depot-netrunner-regional-information/ Thanks Brandon!
  10. I was just wondering how many people were planning on attending them. I'm afraid that the way our Region is divvied up, our regional championships have become pretty **** inaccessible for the majority of our players... I'll try to get to one, but I live in So Cal where we have a massive number of Netrunners, but the nearest event is several hundred miles away; it'll cost hundreds of dollars in transportation and lodging just to get a chance to play. Anyone else struggling with this?
  11. Saturday, Feb 22 12:00PM $10 Event Page Dice House Games 2493 E Chapman Ave Fullerton, California 92831 (714) 871-6494 http://www.facebook.com/dicehouse
  12. Saturday, March 8 12:00PM $10 Event Page Dice House Games 2493 E Chapman Ave Fullerton, California 92831 (714) 871-6494 http://www.facebook.com/dicehouse
  13. Adv Sensors is pretty much a mandatory upgrade on a B-Wing. Their dials are awful.
  14. Anyone up for some x-wing at Dice House this Saturday?
  15. Nah... it's that way everywhere. In a lot of metas there are more Shaper players, but Criminal are generally the most dominant in competitive play.
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