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  1. Oskara has the option to take "Precise Aim" as a talent which reduces a targets defense by 1. Does this mean that she rolls one less difficulty die when attacking? I'm confused.
  2. This thread deals with the subject. javascript:void(0);/*1353002418714*/
  3. It was my understanding that the attacker resolved all of his/her rolls and re-rolls before the defender does anything. Once the attacker is done THEN the defender can chose to have the attacker re-roll something. Is that not the case?
  4. On a similar note, has anyone found a decent way to take apart the maneuver dial after it's been snapped together?
  5. Huh, I wouldn't have thought of that. I think I'll give the contact paper a shot since my original dials are already pretty worn out. Thanks for the info.
  6. So I've noticed that my maneuver dials are wearing out pretty quickly. The graphics are rubbing off after repeated use. Granted they are seeing a lot of use. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this or come up with something to combat it?
  7. Amazon has them for $28.45 right now.
  8. Garven Dreis said: The card states "…maintain 2 target locks (only one per enemy ship)". I would say that Weapons Engineers do not stack, as it doesn't say "1 extra target lock" per card. So no bonus for multiple Weapons Engineers in my book. I agree with this assessment.
  9. Major Mishap said: How does the Falcon handle overlapping bases? As its so large it would be immpossible to get bases touching unles it sits higher on the table. That's actually handled in the rule book. p.17 "…simply add or remove one peg from the base to prevent this situation and continue moving as normal."
  10. The pilot and upgrade cards in the Core Set are different from the cards that come in the expansions.
  11. GeekZap

    Cantina band

    I think this is a great idea! *Goes off to find John Williams mp3s*
  12. You are not… javascript:void(0);/*1352257517607*/
  13. They did mention the "medium" size in a press release somewhere but they've since said that was a mistake. The Falcon and Slave-1 are large.
  14. Yea I checked with the guys at Dream Wizards and they said nobody was playing it. Plus they do miniatures stuff on Wednesday which is no good for me. Thanks for the response though. I might try to get something going at the HobbyTown in Frederick.
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