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  1. Arbitrator

    How many CIS and how many republic

    I'm surprised at the amount of CIS support. I fully expected it to be 90% Republic here, mostly because of the Jedi. I'll probably collect both though, just so I have a force to use if I go up against another Republic player because MUH IMMERSION.
  2. Arbitrator

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    The Republic will definitely be the 'elite' faction I think. Between the Jedi, Clones being canon superior to Stormtroopers and how many times even the Red (White?) Shirts get outnumbered in the show. I'd love to see Admiral Trench as a Commander.
  3. Arbitrator

    Poe Dameron, Master Strategist?

    Except the bombers were already en-route by the time Leia gave the order to withdraw. Your example would be better if there were also Y-Wings with those two X-Wings who were flying under the assumption they'd be hitting the ISDs after the Ion shots. Not to mention they're **** slow. The dreadnought was seconds away from taking out the cruiser just before the bombs were dropped. If they were still utilising Y-Wings, I could roll with the idea of them quickly getting back to the fleet and getting the heck out of dodge, but they're not. Poe even refers to it as a fleet killer, presumably with much better range and power than the First Order's Star Destroyers considering they're side-by-side with the Dreadnought and aren't firing on the fleet, whilst they're later in-range to at least fire pot shots at the rear of the Resistance fleet. They might not even have made it by in-time.
  4. Arbitrator

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    People have been raving on about playing 'real' Jedi since the beta for EotE. If the book was crammed with Republic AND Separatist content, the forums would be filled with complaints that Jedi weren't fleshed out enough and pages were 'wasted' on the CIS content. They may well be saving CIS content for a Late War/'Fall of the Republic' book. As per the book's title, the art exclusively being Phase I armour and presumably the lack of a stated Grevous I'm still holding to that popular theory. We're probably getting Genosians because the planet is a major focus at the literal start of the war and again shortly into it, but not much afterwards.
  5. Arbitrator

    jyn and new troops

    I'm surprised that Jyn is a Commander and not an Operative. She was only brought along because of her personal connection with Galen afterall and didn't want anything to do with the Rebellion until the eleventh hour. Cassian by comparison was the actual leader. The Original Trilogy is 'timeless' but the lustre of Rogue One doesn't have that longevity (for the record I love RO but it definitely has less of a lingering presence in people's minds).
  6. Arbitrator

    WWII Situations Suggestions

    The St Nazaire Raid seems like prime stuff. Commando teams launch a raid on a German Imperial drydock in order to cripple their ability to repair their vessels locally. A dramatic plan and events, which sees a ship being rammed into it's target, a diversionary air raid and a frantic escape from overwhelming numbers of pursers.
  7. Arbitrator

    Imperial Navy Core Rulebook?

    "If you want a Clone Wars campaign, go buy AoR/F&D and use your imagination." "You have pretty much everything you need [for The Clone Wars] in AoR/F&D" Low and behold.
  8. The Mandalorian will be tough, grizzled, snarky, blunt but with a heart of gold. During a job he'll be forced to work with a spunky, tough (but definitely NOT grizzled) young woman who they develop a grudging respect between. She'll be revealed as working for New Republic. This won't be romantic, because these days it's the Secondary Female Character who they pair him up with to 'subvert' things. A local criminal cartel will have more powerful gear than they're supposed to. It's discovered they're being supported by bunch of English guys in black, who nobody knows about. Eventually the Mandalorian works for the Republic to subvert said English dudes who are never name dropped, yet have a very similar aesthetic to a certain group, but continually insists he's "Not part of their war." Just my cynical prediction.
  9. Arbitrator

    Obi Wan Miniature (Clone Wars)

    I'm hoping for the armoured version as well, considering he's about the only 'main' Jedi who's iconic to wearing it. Will have diversify the range a bit. Judging by the Rise of the Separatists cover, we may well see it.
  10. Arbitrator

    Fluff Bunny Complaint: Snowtroopers/Eweb

    They are to Anakin.
  11. Where abouts in Leeds is it? Patriot Games? I've been wanting to delve into Legion for a while, but everybody I know just flocked back to GW products so I abstained.
  12. Arbitrator

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    It looks like Destiny, not Star Wars. The ship designs, the grungy-but-bright aesthetic against clean characters, etc.
  13. Arbitrator

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    Same. That was honestly what I was expecting them to do. I was genuinely surprised to see Clones will get their own careers, rather than just "use Age of Rebellion." Couple that with the vastly differing power levels of the Jedi compared to F&D, the amount of NPCs and gear that needs stating, as well as the scale, I'm quite surprised they're fitting all this into a Splat book. I know there's talk of a Late War book being predicted but even so, it's looking hefty. Heck, even the fluff for the period is so different - the GAR, Jedi, Republic itself, Separatists, could easily fill a corebook. I'm not complaining mind you.
  14. Arbitrator

    Prequels vs Sequels vs Scum

    Scum. As much as I've always liked the potential of the Clones Wars era, I don't like the inevitable Cognitive Dissonance with having armies of vastly different eras fighting, especially with named heroes on both sides. Most of the Clone equipment seems like it's going to be, ahem, 'liberated' to give the Rebels more conventional units anyway (AT-RT comes to mind).
  15. But it would also let them do a 'proper' Jedi book, which people have been crying about ever since EotE was announced. Even F&D had people complaining it's about them being taught how to use the Force, but without the fancy labels and trappings of the 'real' Jedi.