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  1. knowing FFG they would find a way to keep it balanced lol. we just differ in opinion. i think it just adds more creativity and from their point of view could draw in more gamers who enjoy the different eras. like it or not there r still ppl out there who like ep. 1-3 (not saying im one) and maybe even "the old republic" may appear. i think FFG will recognize that and how limited they r when they r only restricted to the last 3 episodes. Id be all for legacy era stuff to poke through and yuuzhan vong wars. why limit yourself when the SW universe is so huge. sure you can expand upon merc and finge factions, they were def big in the current time period. but im just sayin further down the road id like to see some expanded universe come into play.
  2. Maybe sone from the old republic too
  3. Ebon hawk! FFG you need this!
  4. I'm just a little more into the extended universe stuff. Though I look forward to more ABY stuff I still look forward to more variety in factions
  5. CaptainRook said: lordflavius7 said: I would like to see different factions like separatists. Republic. The old republic theme. Etc I'd like to see a few ships from some major periphery factions such as the Hapes Consortium, Chiss Ascendancy, and Corporate Sector. I doubt that we ver would, but I think it would be a great expansion that never will happen. Miy'tils, Nssiss and IRDs. id feel the tuber zhan consortium would be more likely. Plus separatists and republic are in the first 3 episodes so I'd feel they would be important to make.
  6. I would like to see different factions like separatists. Republic. The old republic theme. Etc
  7. lordflavius7


    booya gungans! lol
  8. lordflavius7


    there a def balance issues with SWM. All i can do now is hope and pray for a balance SW tactics game from FFG.
  9. lordflavius7


    If they were to do a Dust Style game for star wars I would super happy! lol
  10. lordflavius7


    KarmikazeKidd said: It's a bit of a shame, but probably for the best. Let the dead stay dead. There's still plenty of material within that game to play for years with friends without needing to revive it anyway. Thats the truth. Fun while it was active and still a blast to play! lol
  11. lordflavius7


    Does anyone know if FFG is planning on doing a WotC style miniature game? X-Wing is definitely fun, but being a hardcore SWM fan I hope they bring them back…. or at least something similar.
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