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  1. Hey Farkon, is there an update for the wave 3 ships? I would like to use this tool for my new lists. Keep up the good work!
  2. AWEsome!!! Cool Scenario, 10 rounds sounds like a really long game.
  3. Joscha


    Barrel Roll (Expert Handling) with a slow (Rebel) ship maybe?
  4. Hank said: We usually have the Star Wars theme and soundtrack playing when we get going. We did that too in the beginning. Then after some hours it was a bit annoying to hear the same ever and ever again. So no SW-music anymore.
  5. It's always about chances if you roll dice. So you can be unlucky indeed. But in this game you can improve your chances very well. Target Lock is very powerful. And I like Focus very much because of its versatility. Without those actions you're prone to dice rolls. That's why I rate actions very high (YMMV). Good flying skills are very important too as it's always crucial to escape focused attacks from more than one enemy ship.
  6. Vojvoda13 said: I let my sons pick what ships they want and I build a force equal to what they build. Sometimes it is 101 point or other odd numbers. I have seen no real gamesmanship from them as they really just want cool ships and capabilities. And isn't that how it's supposed to be? Of course that doesn't work in tournaments. Well, maybe it could.
  7. We played with 110 points at friday. It was good fun and we Rebels took some more equipment/named pilots than 'normal', which proved out to be decisive (Luke with R2D2). It was a close game with a Rebel win. Maybe the Imps could have won easily with academic pilots only, I don't know. They played 6 TIEs with some named pilots in the ranks plus an Interceptor. I'm not experienced enough yet to tell if bad powergaming is possible with more points. But I got the impression the point system is balanced enough though.
  8. I really like the Smuggler variant. That way you can add the model even in a fight with lesser points and use it. Of course the better pilots are more fun for sure .
  9. Duraham said: Just some fast guidelines. Nicely done, Duraham. Good advice.
  10. Very cool model. Is it still available and where can I get it from? Searched by Hallmark but couldn't find it.
  11. kmanweiss said: As for the Z-Axis situation. This is the explanation for ships not colliding (taking damage), but they still have to be relatively close to each other to fire accurately Ah, this is a good thought. I didn't realize that they have still to be close enough to shoot at each other. For me that seems to be a good explanation for losing the action.I know it is a game (and a blast don't get me wrong, I didn't want to sound rude). I just found the penalty for overlapping too harsh. Is that just me?
  12. When two plastic bases would overlap you just move the ship until both bases touch. Because you don't have the possibility to lay down a 2-dimensional shipcard like in Wings of War this is a good rule. Normally we look at the playing surface as 3-dimensional space, so flying across another ship doesn't affect your movement. 'Standing on the same spot' should be possible but that would be too difficult to do in this game. What bothers me a bit is the rule that you have to skip the Perform Action-step. Why did the game inventors like to give such a huge penalty to the moving ship? (And IMHO denying a ship an Action is huge). You may say because the pilot is too busy avoiding a collision. But then again the game is 3D, why should the two ships are so close? Maybe they are miles apart on the z-axis. Or you can say if a player flies that irresponsible he should be penalized. Okay, on the other hand sometimes you can't anticipate the maneuvers of all 4 surrounding TIE-Fighters. I wonder why they made that rule and would like to hear your opinions. Actually I don't like the rule and consider to let the moving ship still do its action and only limit its movement and choice of targets.
  13. Major Mishap said: Yes, in that situation moving second can be a disadvantage, but didn't the Ties collide with their own as well, especially in a multi-player game? One player played all six TIEs so he knew the respective maneuvers. But yes, once two collided also althoughnot in the critical moments. I think flooding and blocking the space in front of the X-Wings is a good additional tactic for cheap ships.
  14. I encountered this situation last battle: We played 150 pts each side, my friend and me played 75 pts each vs. two Imperials. We had 2 Y-Wings and 4 X-Wings vs. 6 TIEs and 3 TIE-Adv. (I let out the exact lists as they don't matter here much). Our force was in a dense dogfight with the TIEs (the Adv. were quite far away on the other side of the board) as it happened. In two consecutive rounds the TIEs with piloting skill 1 moved in such a way, that they blocked with their sheer masses the space where I could fly to with my ships. So I were forced to bounce into a ship losing my actions and were unable to fire on the nearest TIEs. If I had been able to move first it would have been a great advantage because I had have the possibitity to do actions and deny them to the Imperials. Of course firing first because of the higher skill was an advantage. In the end the Rebels won because of some lucky defending die rolls even without a focus action. But I came to the conclusion that moving first could often enough be an advantage rather than a disadvantage. And if you take into account that the opponent will try to block in such a way that fact urges you to take up suboptimal positions which gives you a bad point to shoot from or do maneuvers which give you stress tokens limiting you even more. What do you think? P.S. I play the german version so please excuse me if I use some wrong keywords .
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