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  1. Hah we always liked the idea that you were sacrificing him to appease the elder gods yet it somehow restored your sanity. The choice of wording on the card is pretty poor in regards to sacrifice. And Brinton is impossible to explain hah maybe he slipped in a big soup bowl you were eating out of and you didn't realize it or something haha. Oh, and another card we always got a good laugh at and also hated as investigators. I'm paraphrasing… "The stars are aligned differently. Lose 1 sanity" I don't know how many times that sent someone to the asylum haha.
  2. If anything, I think sacrificing Duke in order to make yourself sane…would in fact make you insane haha Everytime Duke came up we all had a good laugh on this back when I used to play. Good times, good times. He was like the only good thing to come out of those woods.
  3. Looking to play Arkham Horror in the Greensburg/Uniontown, PA area here in South-Western Pennsylvania. Anybody game? I'm not far from Morgantown, WV either. Zip Codes 15601, 15401.
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