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  1. ShadowJak said: You sound like you are shilling for that blog. I have no affiliation with it if that's what you mean. I simply thought that it was an excellent resource for X-Wing players and people like that should be encouraged in their endeavors.
  2. Superb job on your "Blue 2" JustinKase, very nice indeed.
  3. Try this fantastic blog, it may have some items you might find useful. Scroll down to the bottom for a version of Porkins…among other things. I applaud this person for making a one stop shopping experience for X-wing fans. frozengamerak.blogspot.com/p/x-wing-missions.html
  4. Well…that and I was mugged by some nerf herding scoundrel and his walking carpet buddy.
  5. I'm a war gamer and a rivet counter to boot. As has been said up above, they're hard polystyrene or ABS plastic and they take paint really well (at least Vallejo and GW paint ). I like the fact that the priming is done for me, and in the case of red squadron the repainting is minimal to get a fairly accurate representation of the movie ships. I'm still debating on whether to repaint my TIE's blue. As for durability…the Y-wings and TIE ships are quite durable but the laser cannons on the X-wings are fragile but not overly so. For example, I've had an X-wing take a 5+ foot fall onto a berber carpet floor and come away unscathed. I'm sure tile would produce different results but thankfully this has not happened to me…yet. If I could get brass rod/wire replacements I'd do it in a heartbeat. Hmmm, maybe Combat Wombat might entertain such an idea…
  6. Trooper TK421

    Gaming mats

    Emrico said: Trooper TK421 said: I'm surprised no one has mentioned CorSec engineering yet. Here's the link: corseceng.com/fabric-mats/ Way overpriced for a gaming mat, IMO. $100 for 4'x6'. That's just nuts. I'll stick with my MKP mat that was $18. Jim Yeah, I didn't see the prices until after I posted the link…I'll stick with my HOTZ matt.
  7. Sigh…Ok…so I'm inept. Just right click and pick view image.
  8. Um, yeah. Let's try that again. This as a counter to the falcon:
  9. The Amazing Flight Lizard said: No love for the YT-2000? I always thought the thing was just a lot sexier than a 1300. The Otana just had all those sweet, symmetrical lines to it. Also, a maybe a sentinel landing craft. Very similar in form and function to a lambda-class shuttle, but significantly better armed with much higher transport capacity. Reading the Wookiepedia entry, they were also in heavy use by both sides in the EU. Im thinking it would be a pretty good entry for the medium-large category. Also, has anyone considered that in each wave, not every ship needs a direct counter to another? Just look at the starter box for that. 2 TIEs to 1 X-Wing. Points, abilities, all that jazz. That's where you can find supplemental balance to the ships. A TIE Defender could easily be included, just make it exorbitantly priced. Typically, the Empire players, for a large game anyways, would have more than a few points left over anyways to include the requisite amount of regular-ass TIE fighters to make up the numbers, and in reality, I've been more impressed by the performance of the standard TIEs than the Advanceds anyways. That being said, I would definitely wish for a Lambda shuttle as a counter to the Falcon. Slave 1 was sorta of a one-off ship anyways, and only loosely in the employ of the Empire for purposes of a paycheck. I also think a Lambda shuttle has all those sleek lines as opposed to the street-lamp design of the Firespray. Just my opinion though, I could be wrong. I love the YT-2000 and I have every intention of taking a YT-1300 and converting it into an early YT-2000 prototype as soon as they're released. As for a counter to the falcon, I'd say this might just do the trick:
  10. Trooper TK421

    Gaming mats

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned CorSec engineering yet. Here's the link: corseceng.com/fabric-mats/
  11. While I won't speculate either way, I would dearly love to see something along the lines of card upgrade packs. I'm undecided as to whether or not I like the Idea of ship repaints with new pilots/cards…it would be a boon to those who can't or don't want to paint their own. Of course, there are resources available to those so inclined (or unwilling to wait) to create one's own vision of what the famous (or infamous) pilots of the Star Wars universe might be like in the event that FFG doesn't choose to go this route. You couldn't use them in tourney's of course, but it would be better than nothing I imagine.
  12. It would appear that an apology is in order , I think I overreacted a bit. I was a bit cranky after an extremely long shift and I'm not a fan of people telling other people how to play with their toys. It appeared to me that Duraham was doing just that, when in fact he was just being informative. I'm sorry. Just for the record, I leave my mattress tags on, but I do remove the ones from pillows.
  13. Hmm, I guess I'll need to keep an eye out for the FFG police then. I've already combined the components of three core games (with two more in the wings) as well as quite a few expansions. Guess it's a good thing my friends and I don't do tourneys.
  14. Fantastic job OW! Your endless creativity inspired me to build a couple of Imperial patrol escorts of my own, thanks. I can't wait to see how your Nebulon B project turns out.
  15. Ships I'd like to see eventually: Z-95 Headhunter B-wing fighter Lambda class T4a shuttle TIE bomber E-wing fighter Imperial assault/gun boat More freighter choices. The rest (assuming FF decides to take the plunge) I could take or leave as the whim strikes me.
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