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  1. Loadout: "When you deploy, you may swap any of your equipped upgrades with your set aside upgrades"
  2. I really wish she had been the persistent love interest on Arrow, rather than Felicity. She probably would have made for a more interesting character. In any case, I'll be getting two of these like I did Sabine.
  3. It's possible, but JJ didn't write TLJ. He wrote up TFA and added a ton of hooks for the next guy to riff off of. To me, the biggest failing of TLJ isn't Kathleen Kennedy. The people saying she's bad at her job are woefully ignorant of her IMDB profile. Her name's attached with a ton of movies that people love, and she learned at the feet of Spielberg himself. Her credentials are good. To me, the biggest failing of the sequel trilogy is the Story Group. Rather, it's the fact that they didn't use the Story Group to iron out a good three-movie arc beforehand, rather than using them to just sort of "okay" what Rian Johnson wrote. They should have come up with a general plan before JJ every shot a scene for TFA. Let the details be figured out by each movie's team, but give them certain major beats that need to be hit. Obviously some things might necessitate some ... ingenuity (Carrie Fisher's death, for example), but the general skeleton for the trilogy should have been there from the start. I think that's why the OT is so loved. Each movie is distinct in tone, with each having a different director and being a different "act" in that three-act play. But, because Lucas had the general skeleton of the thing done beforehand, everything feels like part of the same brand. TFA feels like a natural continuation of that world. TLJ just feels ... off. It doesn't feel like a Saga movie to me. It feels disconnected from TFA and the other six films that came before. And, considering that it picks up immediately after TFA ends, it's very jarring. That said, I don't hate the movie. I wish they had not characterized Holdo so differently from her characterization in the Leia novel. I wish they had not wasted Phasma--again--after building her up with a novel and comic miniseries. I wish Ackbar could have been the one to sacrifice himself to save the Resistance, rather than being blown out into space by a missile launched by a no-name First Order pilot. I wish we had more screen time with DJ. But the movie wasn't terrible. Honestly, it doesn't matter if Rise of Skywalker is good or bad. It's going to be even worse than TLJ, because too many people on YouTube have made careers out of making videos about how bad Star Wars is and how inept Kathleen Kennedy is.
  4. Imperial Assault is technically a board game. It has a skirmish component, but it's marketed as a board game, and most board games come with fully (or mostly) assembled pieces with no paint. The Rebels and Imperials followed the trend of the Runewars game, with the soft plastic. That said, even in that game, people wanted hard plastic due to the numerous benefits when it comes to detail and rigidity of thin parts (i.e. droid limbs and lightsabers). I get where you're coming from, though. I hope you'll stick around and keep playing. If you play a non-CIS faction, all you'll really notice is a better material and the need to snip pieces off sprues (FFG minis are all done on sprues and clipped off before packaging, so they can still do pieces like the current Rebels, Imperials and clones in the future). The level of detail, though, should go up considerably, and hopefully with better faces for Han, Leia and the rest in the future.
  5. Paraphrasing the RRG excerpts from the bottom up: Using Fire Support is not an attack. Ranged Weapons can be used only during attacks. Using a weapon in fire support mandates that all requirements for using a weapon are met. Since Fire support is not an attack (ranged or otherwise), ranged weapons cannot be used with fire support, thus defeating the purpose of the keyword in RAW. We all know that's not RAI, but the RAW technically does not allow it with the current wording. I expect this to be clarified in the next revision. This really seems to be a case of specific beating general. Normally, ranged weapons can be used only in an attack. But Fire Control explicitly allows you to ignore that condition, even though it's not considered an attack.
  6. Considering the core set and announced hero packs don't include Wolverine or Deadpool, I'm thinking the mutants are off the table for the time being. I'd love to see Storm, as well. She's one of my favorite X-Men.
  7. Sorastro has been known to use Army Painter in the past. These sets tend to be a bit more basic than he uses, though. One of his Imperial Assault videos might use 30 paints.
  8. ... among other parodies. Let me reword: Mike Stoklasa will make some video as Plinkett that's 10 times as long as it needs to be.
  9. There are a lot of people who have made careers or, at the very least, a decent supplementary income from telling people how much TLJ sucked. It doesn't matter if Episode IX turns out to be the next ESB; people will hate it, Plinkett will make some video that's 10 times as long as it needs to be, and we'll hear about how The Mouse killed Star Wars forever.
  10. I'm with you, really. Plinkett aside (the "comedy" of that series wore out around Attack of the Clones), I don't hate The Last Jedi. I don't love it, either. There are things I do love, like *everything* with Luke Skywalker (I'm still mad they cut out the party scene), DJ's character and Kylo Ren actually showing some depth. And there are things I don't like, such as the entire casino sequence, the overall timeline of the story, and Rose's character (for what it's worth, I thought the actor was fine--I thought the character was meh.) I didn't have a problem with Leia exhibiting Force powers, but I thought the way that was displayed could have been done better. I didn't have a problem with Holdo's keeping secrets from Poe, or with Poe's reaction to it. I did, however, dislike Holdo's characterization in the movie, as it seemed very, very different from her characterization in the novel. Granted, I understand that four years of open warfare and 30 years of time looking for the next threat can certainly change a person, but, apart from her hair, she just seemed like a different character. I'd put it just above TPM and AotC in my ranking--just under RotS. But, I don't regret seeing it twice in theaters nor buying the Blu-ray. And, honestly, I look forward to what he can do with a trilogy that he has control of from start to finish.
  11. They've been pulling from the EU since they reset the canon, so here goes: The Death Star II actually contained cloning vats, as the Emperor meant to make that station his new traveling capitol. During the explosion, pieces fell to the surface, including that vat chamber. The explosion and subsequent landing caused irreparable damage to the chamber, but only after it activated as part of Palpatine's Contingency. The only clone that was close to ready was prematurely activated and irreparably scarred in the crash, but escaped to mete out its revenge, calling itself Snoke. However, that chamber has been repaired, and a fully grown clone of Sheev Palpatine now walks the galaxy, with his spirit inhabiting it. This is Endor, of course, because the Death Star I was on the other side of a gas giant from the Rebel base when it exploded, having just cleared the planet enough to get off a shot. Any debris would have fallen into the gas giant, shot out into space, or had enough lateral velocity to achieve orbit, at least for a while.
  12. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. It just means they need to broaden their horizons some and look into alternate times, characters, and themes. Kind of like they're doing now.
  13. Yeah. I saw Crabbok’s video this morning. That’s why I was kind of confused. I saw the Phantom II, and I thought, “Cool. They’re giving us both shuttles this time.” But the announcement made no mention of the Phantom, even if it does come docked there.
  14. I want the Phantom to be included with the Ghost. I don’t like the look of the Sheathipede.
  15. Duplicate post, because the forum gave no indication that my first submission worked.
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