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  1. Lickintoad

    2019 Wish List

    I’d love to see some characters that could be used in either army (or multiple armies). These would be leaders and operatives, pretty much. Same or similar abilities, different minis. The two obvious examples are Kallus and Iden Versio. I’d enjoy the crap out of that. Heck, The Grand Inquisitor could work for both Empire and Republic. Rex and Ashoka could work for Rebels and Republic. I can’t think of any Separatist examples, though.
  2. Lickintoad

    Terrain Amounts!!! It has to be discussed lol

    But, at the end of the move, the walker needs to be relatively stable. Some of these terrain pieces I've seen are flared out so much at the bottom that it's difficult to get a base to balance on them. And even then, is that considered "stable"? For the record, the T-47 has the same problem, as do the other vehicles, but their smaller bases make it a bit easier to find that sweet spot on the terrain.
  3. Lickintoad

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    My Han and two commandos showed up early on the 24th. I ordered my cores and first expansions from them, and they showed up in a similar timeframe. I had one other order from them back when I bought a case of D&D minis on preorder. All have gone smoothly and I’ve received my product in what I would consider an excellent timeframe, considering I always opt for the cheapest shipping. I hope that azavander had the same luck with his order.
  4. Cover is applied before Impact. Unit with Impact 2 rolls two hits on its attack on speeder with Cover 1 and Armor. Cover removes one hit. Armor 2 allows up to two hits to become crits, but only one hit remains because of Cover 1. Speeder rolls defense against 1 damage.
  5. Lickintoad

    Clones AT-RT

    “Not forcing you to buy other factions for upgrades” and “actively discouraging the purchase of other factions for upgrades” are quite different things.
  6. Lickintoad

    Runewars Players Global Map

    Fair enough. I added my FB information. Just had to look up which me was me.
  7. Lickintoad

    Runewars Players Global Map

    Added myself. I haven’t found a community here in DFW, but maybe some people will see it and realize there are others who want to play the game here, too.
  8. Lickintoad

    Are you revealing your command hands?

    Command cards are part of an army list, so I’d think your choice of cards is public info. It’s something like the maneuver dial in X-wing or command dial in Armada. The info on those is public information, but your actual choice from turn to turn is secret until revealed.
  9. Lickintoad

    Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    I use 5e D&D for my fantasy games. I got it to mine for ideas. And who knows? I might try it out eventually. If you just want mechanical stuff, the PDF is probably your best bet. I still don't do the PDF-only thing, though. I always want a hardcopy. I prefer reading a book to reading a screen. Love PDFs to reference at the table, though.
  10. Lickintoad

    Tyrants of Lothal

    So... Tress. Is this the first Devaronian hero we've seen? Or are the spots on her forehead some sort of cybernetics?
  11. Krennic with Death Trooper specforce unit seems plausible. Kallus could be a good one, too, but I'm not sure what new unit he could be related to, if that's even a requirement. Maybe ISB Infiltrators or scouts?
  12. Lickintoad

    Glue unit to base before priming?

    I use cardboard and use tape or putty to stick the undersides of my minis to it. Then, I can move the whole piece of cardboard around without touching the minis themselves. I'll let that coat dry and then see if I need to do a shot from underneath. I've stopped using cans, though. I use my airbrush now, which lets me use smaller strips of board for priming, giving me access to more angles (and allowing me to prime inside, as Texas weather is notoriously unreliable). It's just a convenience, though, really, and isn't necessary. The main idea is to mount the minis on something that allows you to take advantage of the huge amount of paint that comes out of a can.
  13. Lickintoad

    Is Legion WYSIWYG?

    Magnetic cards would be awesome.
  14. Maybe he's former Imperial Guard, and his subordinate is refusing to charge the enemy.
  15. Want to be even more confused? Example graphics using the speeder bikes have the sidearm-using biker colored red, signifying he's the leader. Even FFG is using the wrong mini.