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  1. This looks fantastic! Some great cards coming and more options for deck building. Kind of feel bad that it's shaper and HB when there are other factions on either side of the game table that need some card love. Very excited for this though some beautiful cards.
  2. Nice review and I agree with your top 3.
  3. If he accessed two fetal AI using maker's eye out of the three cards he MUST access then he is still dead with only 2 cards in hand. Soon as he accesses both of those the 4 net damage is done and then he is dead. Running maker's eye on Jinteki is a dangerous game
  4. Hi, and welcome to competitive Netrunner play To answer your question, no you do not need three core sets. There are only a handful of cards you get 1 of in each box and some of them are consoles (which are good but you don't want more than 2 in a deck) and the other cards you will generally only want to field 2 of at any one time. if we are talking about just building one of each side then 2 cores is perfectly fine. if you want to have multiple decks built at once then your card pool is going to get limited but all I do is have all my cards in an ultra pro folder and when I want a deck I go build it and dismantle my current one. Hopefully that will help you out
  5. Great idea and I would definitely find somewhere to print my own mat off if this was made available. Alternatively FF do a range of netrunner playmats please
  6. I would refine your icebreaker picks. Keep sneakdoor beta and then pick 2 of each icebreaker type you like and drop the rest. You don't need crypsis really. I take 2 ninja, 2 corroder and 2 zu and then 1 femme fatale just in case something horrific comes up.
  7. Nice thread, some interesting deck ideas here. Interested to see how the decks performed.
  8. Hi all, I wanted to plug a local tournament for Netrunner taking place on the 10th February 2013. The tournament will be the first one of its kind at the incredible venue of Fanboy 3 in Manchester city centre. All skill levels are welcome and I encourage any who can make it to come down and have a blast. There is a small entry fee but their is good prize support with the third data pack confirmed as one of the prizes. Come one, come all and play some Netrunner! Here is a link to the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/462358043825452/ Cheers, Evazorek
  9. Great article, keep up the good work. I am really enjoying your Netrunner coverage.
  10. Remorhaz said: lol im just imagining the pro netrunner tour where a dealer is shuffling and dealing both players hands to them. My word! I hope this never ever happens! Luckily events cannot have a judge/dealer for each table so I doubt it ever will =D Part of the fun of card games is drawing cards, I don't want some random guy getting that joy!
  11. Very nice deck analysis and evolution here again. I noticed you put that you practise on OCTGN. I started using this last week and would love for more people to play against. Feel free to add me as a friend, my name on there is Evazorek. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing how this deck changes in the future.
  12. Very interesting deck evolution from your first post to your last. I have been wanting to toy with NBN for a while and I think you just convinced me to give it a shot. Please keep updating the thread as you advance and evolve your deck, it makes for great reading.
  13. Quite surprised to here Jinteki were most popular for corp but well done on your victory. I like your shaper deck and might try it with some alterations.
  14. This is a brilliant match with brilliant coverage guys well done. I loved the UI overlays for the different sides and the commentary is informative and fun. I have one piece of constructive criticism that is maybe in post production you could add pop up card images so when a card is played, it appears on screen briefly so people can read the rule and see what card it is. I loved watching this and by the end I was almost biting my nails with suspension to see who won. I would love to see more coverage like this even if it was simple practise matches with various deck archetypes; It makes great watching! Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for the response. Think I might go back and read the rulebook again as that was a glaringly obvious rule to miss out.
  16. hi, so I have a rules query. If there are two units defending against one assaulting unit, lets say the defender wins the edge battle, focuses his first unit and destroys the attacker. Does the second unit who has no one to focus strike against get an exhaustion token or does he simply never get activated that combat? Cheers, Stephen
  17. There are three of us playing this in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
  18. Sadly I won't be able to make this but me and my girlfriend would be very interested in future events. We habe just picked up the core sets and are quite keen on tournament play.
  19. I would also like to know if this is still going on? I am an avid writer and would be up for contributing to a Netrunner site.
  20. Would love to come to this but think me and the misses are busy. We are both keen to get into the Netrunner scene so please let us know when the official tournament will be next month.
  21. I am living in Handforth, Cheshire looking for players for the LCG.
  22. Very excited for this and glad they have got some EU stuff in early. Gives me hopes that we will see an expansion set placed between the films, during the "shadows of the empire" EU material if I am not mistaken.
  23. Having three affiliation deck seems really difficult to control at this point with the card pool we have available. I think this could be a viable option if there were more cards that allowed you ignore affiliation cost of units, however doing so would just gimp the effectiveness of the factions in question. I think your best bet for this deck would be to keep it at two and try to maximise what you have available from those.
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