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  1. Send your Rebels to Lyraues he'll sqee in delight and you'll never have to look at them. I will paint them and love them and call them my George fleet. And we'll have a little farm Lyraeus, with space whales, and you can feed em alfalfa. Negative, I paint way better and would send them to better tatical minds that don't destroy their credibility with posting insane ideas about stacking ships on top of each other during deployment phase...... Well if anything you will always be remembered as a butt of a joke,you managed to immortalize yourself with that one in the bluegrass state....good job...
  2. And there is the doom and gloom. Well at least it took a day to get here You got a hard on for me. Still bitter about me blocking you on Farcebook so you gotta get your jollies here.. You are becoming a creeper...
  3. Wow.....I mean what's the point of playing Rebels in this game.
  4. I love the CR-90 because it is one of the cheapest capitals Rebels can field. You don't even have to upgrade them for them to be a solid ship. The A variant I will echo Jaina's light for an option you have a speedy scout sniper with that title on an A. Above all I love the CR-90's simply for the speed.... I get great amusement watching CR-90's fly by Imperials and get into rear arcs to become a huge pain. It's a fun ship
  5. I really hope we see the Liberty variant in this game. To be honest I like all the Mon Cal ships. And they were a huge help to the rebel alliance and will be what the rebels need in this game.
  6. To what are you referring to ? We are talking blue ranged ships here. That means that one can predict where they will be when they attack and what turn the attack can likely occur. So you would be able to lute the attack And have repair commands ready for the fee turns during and after the attack. With Engine Techs and Nav commands you get some extra unpredictability in your positioning, especially with Raymus Antilles onboard and/or Tantive IV nearby for token efficiency. [/quote It doesn't matter what ships have for dice, if that's the case then all ships can be read. It really depends on the player controlling the ships. It's common sense.... Everyone knows what threat range each ship has in this game, it doesn't take over analyzing or rocket science to know that a ship with a dice pool of Blue dice is effective at medium to close range. The same with a ship that has a dice pool full of black dice. There is nothing wrong with the CR-90B it is effective in many ways.... You like using the 90B? I say rock it. Rebel ships got the ability to be kitted out to fill multiple roles. The trick is finding one that works for you. CR-90' both A and B Variants have become a new favorite ship because of speed and agility. Happy hunting
  7. Look! You want to go there fine ..... Ok You are going on about **** that happened on Facebook....I blocked and deleted you on Facebook because frankly I'm getting real sick of your ****. On Facebook you put yourself into a conversation between me and Darth Lupine , and then proceed to be a ******* ******* basically calling me an incompetent player. You did nothing but criticize everything about the conversation... And you have the audacity to blame your rudeness on Azburgers???? My stepson has Azburgers and has better manners than you! So don't ******* come on here carrying a ******* pitty party like your the **** victim, you were out of line on Facebook you got called out on it I blocked you to keep from having to subject myself from your rude banter. And now here you are still in my **** with the same thing. I figured blocking you and deleting you on Facebook would be a hint that I want nothing to do with you, to leave me the **** alone. But you want to keep pressing the issue. Look! Stop talking to me. Don't ******* pm me on here. You are creeping into the world of harassment, I'd advise you to stop.
  8. you won't crush Darth Lupine, and I'm not mad at you , because you were rude and you know it...I don't **** with you! Got a billion other things I'd rather be doing than worry about you.
  9. Op says Imperials are broken, and like blood in water everyone jumps his ****....OK Darth Lupine plays the same list at 400 points wins every match....Darth Lupine plays same list minus a VSD and sprinkle a little bit of squadrons...... Still wins every game. So tell me you don't think Gladiators with ACM's , Screed Demolisher ,engine tech is a bit over the top? Ok Screed makes sure you get a crit off . the concussion missiles damage adjacent shields... It's OK OP I and many others know what you mean and I like you brought this up and trust me every jumped my **** too because In spite of glaring evidence of the **** thing those who speak out against the ****** up ridiculous combo of the Gladiator will always be shunned in this community every one will call you an idiot and it doesn't matter if you're a competent player every one on here will cast you out like a leper if you say anything negative about their precious Gladiator. Seriously the **** thing is silly. What would impress me if Imperial players are so **** good at this game then leave your precious Gladiators at home and play with VSD's and squadrons. And hell us rebel players will leave our Assault Frigates at home... Let's see how the game goes then.... Let's see if your win streak changes without the Gladiator? Oh wait someone will cry oh but that's not fair Rebels have three capitals in wave one....right and the only somewhat decent and Armored ship we have is an Assault Frigate.. While the other two rebel ships are fast but yet still fragile..... "Oh but you deployment is ****** up and your not playing right" ***** please...like I said put your money were your mouth is and drop the GSD out of your games and see if things change for you. bet alot of em are too smug to drop it... That GSD ain't nothing but a crutch for you imps.
  10. Setup shouldn't take you long to do. If you really want to cut down on time it is best to have some sort of organization to the game components. What I do to eliminate lengthy set up time is that I will come up with a list idea, and set up each ship load out and put all that ships load out in a zip lock bag. And do the same for any additional ships in you list . you will have plenty of zip lock bags after you make a few ship expansion purchases, put them to use. That is what I do to stay organized and to cut down set up time.
  11. And personally I don't see anything wrong with the looks of the AFMKII just puzzled that it has speed 3 with one engine????
  12. Think FFG will ever release an MKI for Armada?
  13. Most ridiculously hilarious post on here yet. I needed this LMFAO!!!!
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