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  1. To anyone wondering, they're talking about the Tie Advanced Prototype.
  2. Specialist gamers were all knuckle dragging mouth breathers anyways. There is a reason these games phased out. They didn't make money. Most of the players bought their fleet or team and called it a day. When these new games come out, they'll complain about the price of a rulebook and use their old models because they are stingy old farts. They'll just keep playing the same old game they bought 20 years ago. And if you want the inside info. The reason it looked unofficial is because the shareholders newsletter went out Wednesday telling them that the money and licenses have been allocated to forge world. It wasn't meant to be shared and the managers got a notice that it was confidential. After it blew up the company made an "official" announcement. At the end of the day. This doesn't change the business today, nor next year. Maybe something by 2018
  3. Clowater

    40k superseded?

    From the inside, looking out its a very different perspective. Most of Games Workshop customers are not gamers. The "game" has always just been another means to sell models. My best customers, are people who just want cool models, and Games Workshop simply makes the best models.
  4. It's funny how people are still thinking game wise and not story wise.
  5. The pilot card represents the pilot, not the specific ship they fly. It'll probably be a title card later on. We already have a card like this. Prince Xizor and the Virago
  6. I hope a Piett or Thrawn card comes out next.
  7. To be honest. I've tried those exact rules. Just as a "let's play it how it's normally played." Surprisingly it worked very well, having the spare Death Star dial does help. I was more curious as to if anyone has one that's more commonly used
  8. Hey, I know there aren't any official rules for playing mirror matches, but my friend really likes to play Scum and Villainy while I prefer to use Imperial Navy. So does anyone have a rule set for playing games of Darkside vs Darkside or even Light vs Light? Thanks
  9. I always pickup 3 core sets for each game. X-wing, force awakens and armada. Gives me a good starting point
  10. 5 victory 2 Assault Firgate 5 Nebulon 5 Corvette 3 Gladiator 2 of each Fighter pack Looking to get 2 raiders, 3 Star destroyers, 2 home one, 2 MC30, and maybe 1 rogue pack
  11. You pay cumulative points for everything. So four separate squads of interceptors is 36 points to include in your fleet
  12. Cheap hobbyists are always going to find a way to cut corners. Taking in the responses to my post. Perhaps I was wrong. I have plenty of cards to go around anyways. I'm trying to cut down on clutter. I like this game because I'm a collector. I bought 3 core sets and 3 of each ship, why? Because I like having them. When it comes to list building I like the challenge of working with what I have. When people proxy, they lower the value of the product I purchase. You ruin my hobby. I don't have time for those people.
  13. At the end of the day. I see these as reference cards. You pay the points your required and call it a day. Why do you need to attacha copy of each card to the ship? I only apply this to cards that are used as a reference. Now what I have a problem with is people who are simply being cheap. Using proxy models, downloading rulebooks or simply choosing to not own said game piece. It's an issue I have in my shop a lot. It's theft from the company and food off my table. If you're gonna botch and whine that you don't want to buy a new codex then shut up and don't buy it.
  14. The same effect applies to "Warlord". Where you could change a red accuracy die to a side with two hits, not just one.
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