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  1. Just a bit of counterpost. I've played through all 4 story scenarios with a friend, so 2-player setup. Short summary - we were not impressed. We managed to explore quite a lot in each of the 4 scenarios. At first it was really nice, the mechanics were simple but engaging and exploration was fun. Really felt super thematic. The first big negative was how combat actually worked. It is totally random. We failed easy hunts, but managed to defeat almost impossible boss, all due to luck or lack of it. Second disappointment came during scenario 2, as we explored quite a bit in scenario 1, scenario 2 felt a lot less exciting. Also the story content felt lacking. It is supposed to be scenario driven game, but actually there is very, very little narrative here. The scenario specific content is minimal. Third scenario, different terrain - Bayou, but actually it played almost the same as Dessert, another disappointment. During this scenario we also started to really feel the repetitiveness of Night cards and Project cards. We played scenario 4, didn't feel much different from scenarios 3-4. It looked to us that scenarios do no impact overall game flow too much. Impressions after 4 scenarios: Negatives: 1. The storyline is very thin. Scenario content is minimal. Considering how short are scenarios, 4 is ridiculously small number. 2. There isn't all that much to discover. There are not many exploration cards. Probably after playing once through all scenarios you will know all the secrets. 3. There is lack of content everywhere - Not enough night/exploration/project cards to provide good replayability. 4. The tiles feel empty - very few landmarks here and there. Most of the spaces are just empty. It even looks like artists didn't know that the tiles will be covered with hex grid. So at time it is very difficult to be sure which type of terrain is on specific hex. 5. Enemies and combat feels very underdeveloped. There is very little variety in terms of enemies, they all behave more or less the same. Combat is very luck driven and boring. I understand that game was meant to light and simple but current combat solution feels just lazy. Also, the art on enemy cards, I know it is specific art style, but to be honest it feels very cheap. 6. Characters - the balance seems to be very off here. Some have some powerful abilities which are in use all the time. Others are lacklustre as their abilities are useful maybe once per game or not at all. 7. Uniqueness - after careful analysis of game structure it looks like it is just semi-random mix of compatible components. It looks like all components offer the same level of complexity and use the same generic mechanics. So, despite different composition I expect each game to play in a same way. 8. Generic - unfortunately that's how the game felt for us. Plain and a bit boring. Good core mechanics, it is a shame nothing has been built on top of them. 9. Price - Looking at the amount of components in the box and amount gameplay content the feeling of overpaying is overwhelming. There aren't many components. Many of the cards are duplicates, the art and flavour text are very sparse. At the same time and for the same price I've bought Arkham Horror 3rd edition and difference in content is quite shocking. Positives: 1. The first impression of the first scenario was very good, it truly felt like exploration of unknown. 2. The core game mechanics works well, especially for survival themed game. Exploration, gathering and crafting, it all feels right. 3. The characters - the ones with useful abilities feel quite different and can shape experience a bit. Character art is also nice. Final opinion, quite average, rather plain and boring game. Good foundations for something better, but underdeveloped. Evident lack of content in the box.
  2. It was never a problem for us, we always played it as a full co-op anyway. On the other hand the overall quality of the game and amount of content - that's what truly disappointed us.
  3. It doesn't make sense, unless you already know that the product is more or less a test of your production capabilities, QA, packaging and distribution in prepare for upcoming launch of much bigger miniatures game based on well know IP.
  4. I think it is more simple than people would like it to be: The game never caught on - FFG handed out hundreds of copies during Adepticon, but almost no one was reviewing or writing about it. Also, initial sales looked to be lacklustre, game was in stock everywhere and soon got deeply discounted in variety of online shops. Expansions, hmm, they were simply too expensive for what they were. A lot of people talked about buying multiple cores and just proxying cards from expansions. Small mistakes in productions choices - no color coded minis or bases and no art on upgrade cards, made the game look a bit too bland. I assume that FFG quite quickly realised it is going nowhere, but didn't want to cancel it outright, especially as they were going to release Legion soon. So they simply spread the release schedule to give an illusion that game was alive for year longer than it actually was.
  5. Thanks for great review! Now, as you have played all scenario, could you tell something more about them? Are they all the same length or maybe some are shorter than others? How about replayability? Which are more sandboxy, which feel more scripted?
  6. Many sources report (or at least strongly suggest) that release date has been pushed back to 1st November, reasons unknow. My personal opinion is that FFG didn't want it to be released at the same time as Discover.
  7. Do you really need tracking? Is it worth paying for tracking? In which country of Eurozone the delivery service is so bad that parcels are lost frequently? In UK it costs £6.45 to sent a board game of up 5 kilos by Hermes courier (no need to get to Post Office and it is actually tracked). In France MondialRelay will send it for 6,8€ In Poland you could sent a board game parcel for as low as 3€. So yes generally a bit more than 5, but still affordable. Just lookup delivery service in your country and see what is available, you should find something affordable (well, can't be 100% but I would expect so).
  8. Well, there is this old fashioned thing called Post Office or other parcel delivery service. There are specific circumstances, but generally sending a game box cost around 5 $/£/€ to the same country/region. So, for majority it will be an option. And I am talking about majority of players who would actually want a second copy. I suspect that many players will play one campaign and move on to other games. Market is incredibly saturated nowadays. I even suspect that many copies of this game will just end on a shelf and be left unplayed for months/years or played once or twice and then forgotten. To sum up, I'd say it is absolutely a non-issue here.
  9. That's a valid point, but without Rex getting clues might be too difficult. Especially considering that you are playing with 2 new players. Rex could counterbalance poor play choices made by newcomers. Other thing is, that although Rex will do his usual amazing job, others won't. With only 1 core they will struggle a bit in efficient fighting and supporting investigations (Only 1 Machete, 1 Lucky, 1 Look what I found. Only 2 of each Skill. Only 4 Flashlights... ). What I am trying to say is that game with 4 players and only 1 core might be quite difficult (even on easy). Having Rex is one of the few ways (others are Mark and Pete) to compensate for that. In my opinion it is better to have him, than risk a disaster. Minh - I think that skills are quite essential here and she also overlaps card pool with Ashcan Pete, so I would say no. Daisy - She is ok , but lack of tomes hurts her quite a bit. Side note - with 4 players you will probably run out of some tokens, but they can be easily replaced with tokens from other (Arkham) games.
  10. I would choose Mark + Rex + Jenny + Ashcan. I would avoid mystics and investigators with overlapping classes. Dunwich investigators can take up to 5 off class cards, but hey really don't have to. Especially in 4 player setup, everyone can specialise to great extent. Rex is so much better and easier to play than Minh or Daisy, that it will give your entire team much more of a breathing room. Alternatively you could replace Ashcan with Agnes. She suffers a bit early, but is able to catch up effectively after getting some XP.
  11. Is this really a point. Are you suggesting buying extra core and Dunwich Legacy with each new mythos pack? It is really not worth mentioning as it is relevant in case of base game only and stops being relevant with expansions.
  12. You haven't seen the complete rules.You haven't played the actual game. And you are already proposing house rules...
  13. Often your character will be able to roll 6-7 dice, which means rerolling 2. People also just like to have 1 set for each player so you don't have to pass them around the table. I think that "often" is a bit of exaggeration. I played 9 games of MoM2 and remember only 2 instances when we had to roll more than 5.
  14. Yes.I don't consider these spoilers, as you have to grab them when you're setting up the scenario, so it's not like it's hidden information when the game is being set up. You'll thrill to the return of your old friends Agents of Yog-Sothoth, Ancient Evils, Locked Doors, Rats, and Striking Fear. It is great selection.Agents of Yog and Rats are absolutely underused in core. Ancient Evils and Locked Doors are so generic that they fit almost any scenario. Striking Fear is also quite generic, you expect quite a bit of bodies to show up in Arkham Files. To be honest the only encounter set from the core I wouldn't like to see anytime soon is Ghouls, I am really tired of these guys.
  15. Well it is not a big deal, at the moment I split deck into 5 piles: 1. Maddness 2. Illness and Injury 3. Boons and banes 4. Deals 5. Other (Hypothermia, Hunted, Wanted and other odd ones including talents) Well if I ever get Dreamlands expansions I will just move talents from "Other" pile to "Boons and Banes" pile. Not a big deal.
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