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  1. We need the Phantom to blow up the meta, X-Wing should be about moving and dogfighting instead of jousting. Glad to see a Phantom in the top slot at regionals.
  2. SonicPara

    Rex load out

    They aren't equal though; attack dice succeed 4/8 times (6/8 with focus) while evade succeed 3/8 times (5/8 with focus). Technically speaking +1 attack die is more valuable than +1 evade die though personal experience can of course make things appear differently. Adding an attack die or reducing the opponent's evade die are both great advantages but they really do nothing to take advantage of Rexler Brath's ability. On a Defender the Outmaneuver upgrade would fit better on Vessery in a list with target locks to use his ability; this results in Vessery being exceptionally accurate (especially with a focus too) and the target having less opportunity to evade. It still requires that Vessery be out of firing arcs though which can be a tall order.
  3. SonicPara

    Rex load out

    It is actually not quite that potent as it reduces agility instead of increasing attack dice; attack dice are stronger than evade dice. I feel that Predator is the way to go with Rexler Brath because he is all about saving his focus until after his attack is concluded and that means he needs a way to be accurate without using his focus. Push the Limit is a solution as well so that he can Target Lock and Focus but it forces a stress on the Defender's awkward dial who can only clear stress by moving straight. Predator is weaker than Target Lock but not forcing a stress on the Defender is a huge deal. Predator also applies on every single attack while outmaneuver only works if you get yourself out of the enemy's firing arcs; possible sure with the white K-turn but far less reliable than Predator.
  4. SonicPara

    Rex load out

    No way. Rexler Brath is a ship that increases the potency of your damage when you fire accurately. To work towards this your build needs to focus on making him more accurate to increase the chances that you can use his ability. To achieve this try running him with Predator at 40 points even. Rexler Brath with Outmaneuver and HLC is simply too many points tied up in one ship for Imperials and his build does nothing to work towards getting his special ability to go off. Sure the damage potential is there but you will find that you will rarely have the focus token after shooting as you will need to use it to make your shots more accurate; predator helps offset this issue.
  5. My Sonic A-Wing vs his Rainbow Dash TIE Interceptor
  6. Yessss more non-standard repaints. One of us, ONE OF US
  7. Not exactly. It will depend on if they want to make sure common USB joysticks will work or not and really, I would be amazed if that isn't a priority.
  8. Was expecting a F2P game with a client like League of Legends, World of Tanks, and the easiest comparison World of Warplanes. F2P is not an excuse for skimpy/shoddy product so let's hope they can get it right, even as a browser-based game.
  9. Try "Sun Crusher" http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sun_Crusher
  10. Sorry to say but that is not the actual set; the picture is from a series of urban Star Wars mashup art pieces. We don't have an actual picture of the set but we have known about it for over two months. Hopefully he will tweet a picture to keep drumming up hype.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I'll give it a try this weekend and see how it goes. In general I have avoided painting the tan muzzles but I agree, it could help on this otherwise understated repaint. If I paint the Imperials then they will be Robotnik and his minions.
  12. Next up is a B-Wing inspired by Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles is a bruiser, through and through, and really fits the bruiser nature of the B-Wing quite well. His design is fairly simple so the repaint is as well with only a few distinctive markings like the white chevron around the fuselage to represent the character's chest and the white on the cannons to represent his spiked, gloved fists. The last distinctive markings are the designs on the primary weapon pod at the base of the ship which match up to Knuckles' shoes. Ultimately, I'm not too thrilled with this one for a number of reasons but I think the B-Wing looks surprisingly good in red. Up next is either a Rouge X-Wing or a Silver Y-Wing!
  13. Vader mimicks dice rolls. As you stated, the Vader copilot card deals critical damage, NOT a "face-up damage card." If you deal damage, shields come in to play. If you deal a damage card, they do not. Think of damage as a two stage process like this: Deal Damage - (Check for shields) > Deal Damage Cards If you deal a face-up damage card, you skip step 1 (and the check for shields). If you deal damage, you perform the check for shields. Vader is blocked by shields but a Proton Bomb that explicitly states to deal a "face-up damage card" ignores shields.
  14. If you aren't running Bombers then Jendon doesn't seem so worth it but that TL buffing a focused Interceptor can be nasty. I'm a fan of the Omicron + Vader + Gunner shuttle. If you proc Vader and Gunner every turn it kills itself in 3 turns, removing the need for turning around. It clocks in at 29 points so the value is questionable but it can put out some serious damage. Right now I'm considering the same build on Jendon to use the TL to buff allies and rely on Gunner for adding reliability to his damage. At 34 points it is less attractive as a suicide unit but it does bring some pilot skill superiority and welcome support to a list. Honestly, the real thing keeping the shuttle down is the restrictive range on the support abilities. On the flipside the massive 1-3 range for Roark and Katarn make the HWK better than anticipated.
  15. No disappointments here, just the Lambda requiring more effort to use than the others. Not a bad thing, though I could see some people being disappointed in it. So far the only ship that has been really disappointing in my opinion is the TIE Advanced
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