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  1. Arrrrrg can't find the originals they were great... we got the ladies a bit drunk and they posed in my replicas. ****... I had a great shot of Fett with a wine bottle...
  2. dandirk

    Homemade cards

    I would probably only say something if I noticed text difference. Otherwise I don't really see the point in the rule in the first place, besides its easy to draw the line there vs comparing text to see if there is any weird goofiness... even then stupid way to cheat. Like someone wouldn't notice the wording "once per round..." was missing on the c2p0 card.
  3. I think Disney lost that... Love'en Feeling... Now the EU is Gone, Gone, Gone
  4. dandirk

    Tantive Hammer

    +1 Can't stress this enough... This is one of those cases where I think point costs/inefficiencies can be stretched a little in EPIC. Low skill Interceptors in epic are nice little ships to have, 3/3 dice and you still can put out a lot of ships. You don't mention if your will always be fighting Rebel/Tantive in the tourney. More "standard" squad building will benefit mirror matches or matches against Tantive-less lists, rather then loaded up on torps. I have seen using multiple waves of 2-4 ships to be highly effective against a Tantive build. Get too many ships in a furball and you will loose efficiency. Where as with waves you do drive bys followed by another group. The enemy has to decide the follow the first group while getting hit from behind by the 2nd. If they engage the 2nd, the 1st starts attacking the Tantive etc.
  5. So are you people telling me I won't get a scholarship to a Div 1 school by winning X-Wing tournies?
  6. dandirk

    Wave 5 Fleet Image

    Only 2 HWK... I am ashamed for you:) Wow I thought my collection was getting a bit insane. Nice Fleet!
  7. Awesome they are like xwing Easter eggs... always a prize inside!
  8. I don't think a Thrawn card would be fair... What would it be? Thrawn: You can view any and all dials before the end of planning phase. You may also reset any friendly movement dial(s) before end of planning phase. Opponent cannot use barrel roll, boost, or maneuver changing abilities while Thrawn is in play.
  9. dandirk


    My generally house rule... as long as it is the same turn or even phase and as long as the "take back" doesn't effect the game, as agreed by the opposing player it is ok. Something like... 3 activation later "crap I forgot to focus"... opponent: "ok I didn't plan or do anything based on your mistake, fine". In Nationals final game, I would probably not have let him cloak. It's at the top level at a certain point you have to assume everything is intentional ESPECIALLY a cloak... its not a "forgot" to place a focus token mistake. For all you know the opponent didn't want the extra 2 boost, until they realized something.
  10. I keep them in the blisters, which I have cut down to be as small as possible, with flat plastic covers (also cut from the blister plastic) all rubber-banded to keep the unit together. I group my ships by type (sometimes more than one type) into ziplock bags (sandwich size), and keep them all in the top storage of the Plano 1374. Interesting and completely different then I have heard before... Do you have any pics for reference?
  11. That is my own special kind of OCD... I really like to have all the parts together. It is less efficient in space usage though, especially if you have lots of single ships like 1 HWK only. Even if you only use the smallest slot possible in the tray it is sort of hard to get the dial and ship cardboard out. 2 slots gives my fat thumb room to get in there:) I was playing around with the idea of mixing different single or low # ships. Like storing the dials/cardboard for both Y-wings and HWKs in the same "slot" since I could probably fit all the models in the same sized slot as well. My OCD will only allow me to do that if I am running out of space... and since I moved up to a 8 tray bag... that is not the case anymore.
  12. I don't at least. My 1374 dropped form about 5' and the only thing that "broke" was the radar dish off my CR90 (it was just laying on top of my mat in the upper hold). I am sure the paint could scratch and possibly a model could break if thrown or dropped enough. I personally am more worried about breakage then paint chips in balance with storing in as complete, compact and easy to use way possible. Everyone has different priorities, I generally have weird priorities to others though. Here is an example of my Rebel Tray #1 EDIT: Basically I try and reduce jossel as much as possible... sometime just piling ships in there like the A-wings... others like the X-Wings work pretty well standing up on their tail end.
  13. I am in the same boat as you Effenhoog... 9 interceptors lol... me too!!!!!! 5 X-wings... I am slowing down completely... initially only got 2 of each wave 4 ship and honestly not that disappointed in that. I don't really feel the need to play more then one phantom anyway. Maybe more defenders in EPIC . E-wings look the same, no point in fielding more then 1 or 2. I have this really weird and situational OCD thing. I have to have everything together for the most part. Like you I am thinking of just selling or decorating with some of my expansions like the interceptors to reduce clutter.
  14. Hey Crabbok! I just moved off of my 1374... BattleFoam got me with their 25% sale but from my sig you can tell I didn't like it. While ok for minis (I hate that the mini catch on the foam), I found the cards/chit etc to be where it lacked, by the time I got a foam setup to work it seemed flimsy. At the end of the day the 720 didn't store enough and the next biggest was too big. Back to the ol'trusty plano tray. IMO they are great, flexible to an ever changing collection, the 3750 tray specifically is perfect for both small, large (hopefully the VT will fit) ships. So on to my solution, I found soft sided can be a good upgrade for the 1374. My local fleet store had this one which holds 8 plano trays (and pockets are big enough to hold my mat and rules etc). Here: http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/-magnum-softsided-tackle-bag/0000000002349 From what I have seen most are pretty much the same, mostly trays are stacked vertically but in the 8 tray above I was able to lay all but 1 horizontally. This vertical tray is my game tray, I keep it out during the games, holds dices, templates, astro, damage cards, focus/evade chits etc. As for your HUGE ships... Plano makes a 3" deep open tray, I put 2" pluck foam in mine and did fit the CR90, Transport, bases, base cardboards and stands in one. Tight fit but don't play EPIC as often. Saving my other tray for imperial one day. Cabella's has a "cabella" branded bad that holds 12 trays, expensive. So before the new faction announcement, my setup was... 2 Rebal Trays 2 Imperial Trays 1 Game Tray 1 Rebel Huge Trays (1.5 normal tray height) 1 Imperial Huge Tray (1.5 normal tray height) Total: 8 trays Now with Wave 6, figure I can either tighten up my storage and free up a tray, or get another bag to hold huge. Heck even a duffle bag might work instead of spending even more money on the cabella's 12 tray bag. I also was thinking of just removing my imperial huge tray to fit S&V tray until an imperial huge is released.
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