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  1. This is a great Tool Oggy! keep your good work! I've modified the Talent.xml with the real descriptions if you are interested. Let me know and I will send it to you!
  2. Hello everyone, as I read in the book, it's a little bit confusing about the dual wielding. As I understood, you can do it with Melee, pistols and Brawl weapon. Is brawl weapon include urarmed? Can you do a Dual Wielding when you are unarmed? It make sense you can but it's not clear in the book. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, How do you as DM play with poison? As example, Until it's treat, lose 1 strain every hour? what will be the skill to use to see if the poison take effect after an attack? Thank you for your ideas Carl
  4. Here is the campaign idea I am running and the players love it!: It start there: the player wake up in a lab attached to a computer and they don't remember how they got there. The lab in invaded by tusken raider and they have to get out but can't get any info from the damaged computers…When they get out, they are on tatooine in the desert. Link between player: Three years ago, all the players were in the Lounge Bar on Nar Shaddaa, a bar owned by Guy Papistolli, for different reason. There was around 15 persons in the bar when an armed men entered and throwed a Thermal detonator, almost everyone hid from it except 4 poor guys that didn’t had a chance. The bar is the base of operation of the Distpacher. So after looking at the holocam, they were able to identify everyone on the tape and started to eliminated/abduct them because they might have been see something they were not supposed to: a new weapon prototype. As of today, only 3 persons remain (+ the 5 Players): Bert Blowson, farmer on Dantooine Gwaine Bolg, Waitress at The Bampa Express on Bellassa Malik Spicer, a young scout that works for Bulk Corp, located on Ryloth. During their captivity, the PC were injected of a special drug that have them forget things, that’s why they will not remember everything. They discover if they do a brain scan that they have nano robots on certain parts of their brain. Player 1: Was a member the Dispatcher, a mercenary group based in Agamar, agricultural planet (they have a fortress there). He never saw the leader, only his supervisor named Mack Astarac. Their group identification is The Dispatcher are known in the outerrim and feared. The leader is a human, Rey Miedo, he is often at his fortress but mainly on Nar Shadda, where he siege beside the Prince Hula the Hutt as a translator and personal counselor. He has one direct assistant, Governor Guy Papistolli of Kala’Uun on Ryloth, that has a lot of power. Player 2: Was in the bar to bring paper to Mack that day sent by the Governor Papistolli himself. He know the governor Papistolli cause he worked for him as an personal courier but doesn’’t remember him at all. His ride was Player 3, he knows him but don’t remember. Player 3: Did couple of job for Mack Astarac but doesn’t remember him. He hides something for himself in Calamar City on Esseles in the underground tunnel. He hid a datadisk in his ship for himself to go see TG on Esseles, good friend of his. What he hides was a data disk containing the weapon design that he stole on a dead guy after the explosion. Player 4: was part of Rebellion, he was at the bar to meet Jandar Horn, rebel leader to give some info about the imperials when the accident happened. It was the data disk containing that player 3 took. He doesn’t remember until they retrieve the Data disk on Esseles. Player 5: Did a lot of work for Mack for the past year, he saw the new weapon in action and wanted one and Mack promise after some work, he will have his. But was a while without having it, he stole a prototype and hid it on tatooine, in a R5 unit in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. It’s Teemo the Hutt that have the droid now at his palace.
  5. and for Critical, he can only do once a week, is that mean that he and the patient are not available during that time?
  6. Hi everyone, We are at our 11th session and we love the game! As a DM, I didn't follow the Teemo the Hutt adventure but took the characters for my campaign. the players started the game in a lab, plugged on a computer and the lab in overwhelm but Tusken rider. They lost part of their memory and I am doing like a TV show kindda series, the players are all connected somewhere. the players love it! the group is 5 players, all aliens and we play 2 years BBY, I like to use actual charracter like Luke on Tatooine, they met him before he was glorious!
  7. Ref

    disguise question

    Thanks for reply guys, He has a bounty and since, everyday he disguise himself with a disguise kit(face and clothes) and when his friend saw his picture on the HoloNet, I wanted them to make a perception check to see if they recognize or seem to see a familiar face in that picture. They never saw his true face (this is how he wants to play it) so I could add 1 setback to their roll. Von, I like your idea too, how well he is disguise that day to avoid to be detected. what do you think?
  8. Hi everyone, after our game tonight, some questions came about disguise and how it works. What I did as a GM, I've role a NPC perception against the player Skullduggery. My player got frustrated because one person seem to recognize him (success - was lucky on the dice). He started to argue about I've should add setback to the pol or it should ave a table. How everyone handle the disguise part? Thank you!
  9. Hi again, Is there any order with the Manoeuver and action? Can I do an action and moving after? Thank you
  10. Hi everyone, we've started yesterday and one of my players try to grapple but didn't saw any rules about it. Is anyone have any thoughts or already made rule about it? Thank you Carl
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