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  1. We know from the upcoming Rebels TV show that stormtroopers are just random people that the Empire rounds up from the worlds it controls. The armies of the Empire have a lot in common thematically with the Red Tide that stood ready to sweep west across Europe in the days when Star Wars was made - the seemingly endless armies of the Soviet Union. As such, with reference to material like:- http://stoppingtheredtide.blogspot.co.uk/ In Flames of War terms, the average line Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire would be rated as reluctant conscripts. Faceless disposable soldiers of the Empire. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance military is clearly a thinly veiled XP for western first world soldiers and as such, examining:- The Rebels will generally be rated confident trained for new units or confident veterans for those with some battle experience.
  2. Pretty much no one thinks that is as cool as putting on the black pajamas and backflipping off a wall, which is kind of why your modern Ninja tends to look like Ryu Hayabusa.
  3. I concur. I say the Rebellion hides itself with Ninja Stealth. Ninja do not conceal themselves by blending in with the crowd. If you see a Ninja, you know instantly who and what they are. But you do not see Ninja. Same with the Alliance. If you see a rebel ship you know what it is. But, like the Ninja, they use their superior mobility and intelligence gathering to remain out of sight and to quickly break contact if they are spotted.
  4. Man, if only someone could have brought up concerns about that two years ago in the EotE beta based on experience with FFGs last game line whereby a lack of thought as to how the core system was going to handle powerful characters and items caused massive problems down the line when they wanted to make games that featured powerful characters constantly hitting each other with powerful weapons.
  5. I really don't. But I would like the game to be able to do Buffy. For those games when the party consists of Buffy, Faith, Angel and Spike. I don't want to be unable to play Buffy because someone out there on a different continent refuses to play anything other than Xander!
  6. Do you wanna take a guess? :-) The idea is the characters on the shows homeworld initially welcomes the Empire thinking it will bring prosperity, but shortly after they arrive the Empire starts acting like, yknow, The Evil Galactic Empire and soon everyone is slaving in factories to build the Emperors war machines, the planet is being strip mined and turned in to a polluted hell hole, fear and repression takes hold and generally the jackboot is stamping on the beings face forever.
  7. Most roleplaying systems tend not to work very well at high levels. Certainly that approach could work, but making a game that works as well at high level as it does at low level is, like, a holy grail of game design that no one has ever achieved, not something you can do a sidebar on and then forget about. And the how the evil of the Empire expresses itself in the daily lives of its victims is certainly another thread, but I think this piece of Rebels concept art shows how to play it:-
  8. To be honest I really just mean that the trick to doing optimistic stories in dark times is to see things as opportunities instead of problems. The unending armies of the Empire don't mean things are hopeless. It means your PC is in a Target Rich Environment. The Empire hunting Jedi doesn't mean your PCs are going to keep being TPKed beneath the Empires jackboot. It means a whole heck of a lot of the Empires Jedi hunters are about to discover that they messed with the wrong Jedi.
  9. One needs to remember that the PCs are not stuck in an uncaring universe with the overwhelming evil of the Empire. Rather, the Empire is stuck in a universe where good triumphs over evil with the PCs!
  10. Like this! But in space!
  11. But, because Disney haven't made up what happens after Endor yet FFG probably can't do that.
  12. I just mean that they will at some point attempt to put out a line of books that people who like Jedi will like. With all that that entails. I implore people to try to be supportive of that aim, safe in the knowledge that EotE and AoR won't be going anywhere. I mean, unless Disney cancel the licence like they just did with a bunch of Marvel video games. http://www.polygon.com/2014/1/1/5263864/deadpool-delisted-from-steam
  13. I don't think FFG hate Jedi and Jedi fans. I think they just wanted to have a big new release for Gencon each year.
  14. It has always rather implied to me that they made up the stats for the lightsaber without investing an awful lot of thought in to considering that they were later going to have to make a game that consisted largely of skilled swordsmen whacking each other with them. If F&D turns out not to be to your taste Is there any really pressing reason you couldn't keep buying and enjoying the EotE line and add Farce and Destiny branded books to your naughty list?
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