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  1. Wybird666 said: I would say no - your capital is being ransacked and no amount of technology can help you there! Well you can use Ada Lovelace. Sure, its a great person, not a technology, but you can use her to take an action with your capital during anarchy.
  2. tbrichter said: Hi, I've got some questions about three of the great people cards in the Civ expansion: 1. Marie Curie - her card says "You may discard this card when you would spend a uranium to spend a different resource instead". Is this saying you can spend a uranium as any resource or that you can spend any resource as a uranium? Or does it mean something else altogether? 2. Leonidas - It says "Each time you start a battle…" so does this mean he stays on the table and you get the +8 combat bonus every time you fight a battle or is this a one time use? Seems like if it's used every time, it gives you a huge bonus, especially when you consider you also get the great general token which gives you a +4 combat bonus which would give you a +12 bonus when the two are combined. 3. Archimedes - It says he can be used any time but also says you gain 3 culture each time you research a tech that no other player knows or is researching that turn. So is this a one time use or does he stay on the table and to be used repeatedly? Thanks. 1. You may spend any resource as an uranium. So you can one time nuke a enemy city using any resource. 2. Yes, each time means each time - he stays on the table and you get the +8 combat bonus every time you fight a battle with fewer units in your battle force than your opponent. BTW +12 combat bonus is not much, militaristic civilizations use to have to have a +24 bonus. +12 from investments, +12 from academy. And imagine Joan of Arc with unspent 20+ culture, you get +4 from general, +culture bonus.. you can easy end up with +40 bonus altogether with other bonuses. Luckily its a one time bonus. 3. Yes, it can be used repeatedly. Its like the ability the Greeks starts with, but you get culture instead. One time use great persons have the phrase "You may discard this card to…" in the description.
  3. gramis said: Not bad but i think that it will be better if you give Monarchy, Monarchy because with Sailing start Isabella and remove stonehenge at start (egypt ability). Or you can choose Richard the Lionheart for Brit. Isabella starts with Navigation.
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