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  1. If true, then I may well be in
  2. I’m a bit different as I left 1st Edition a while back due to many issues, so the question is whether I come back, rather than stay. Really it depends purely on whether I need to buy unwanted or out of faction ships to get cards, like 1st ed. If I don’t, there’s a good chance this will address many issues and I’ll buy back in....if I would still need to, not a chance in ****.
  3. Really simple....will I still need copies of all cards I want to use for organised play, or will the app cover it? Because as great as the changes sound, there’s no chance I’m getting back into the “buy ships you don’t want to get a card” trap again.
  4. Oh good, the zombie discussion topic returns.
  5. Snowtroopers can also move/move/fire. But mostly you're correct, he is quite misleading.
  6. Don't get me wrong....as i said i 100% agree that GW is overpriced, especially when you compare the Knight to the AT-ST. But ultimately people pay it, so it's not really OVER priced. just....highly priced. The customers are just as much to blame ultimately. besides, i play Infinity as my primary game. On a model for model basis, GW prices don't feel that bad to me (of course i can have a fully playable army with 10 guys that's also top level competitive in Infinity....and the models are metal. And insanely well sculpted and detailed.)
  7. Tbh there's a lot more actual plastic in the GW model, and they had to design it from scratch and so on. FFG already had a design for an AT_ST, and just scaled it and CAD'd it onto sprues. All that art and design is a big chnunk of model costs. That said, obviously GW costs are usually too high....but model size isnt really going to have a huge impact on a comparison like this.
  8. Holy ****. Granted that one has been built for maximum height (look at that posing!), but even so thats pretty huge.
  9. Going to add one more to the "the are far too large without being down scaled to silliness" crowd i'm afraid. They would take up a huge chunk of board real estate, it'd just be bizarre. As to the Lambda Shuttle entering the conversation....have you ever actually looked at the size of that thing? Here's a picture of one next to an AT-AT, at the same scale. It's the same length as an AT-AT, now look at the actual full size (the white, middle shuttle is the correct scale one): That might seem silly, but it carries 40 passengers in the main body...the same as an AT-AT.
  10. Good point. its even less likely than i thought then....tbh it doesn't change much, the odds of anybody sensible moving their army that close to an unactivated unit armed with anti-vehicle weapons SHOULD be pretty slim
  11. Thats kind of what we expected, but its excellent to have confirmation. That makes infantry pretty mean up close against vehicles, which seems fair enough! For the ultimate (and very impractical and unlikely since you cant move and shoot a HH12....) tank busting attack you want Stormtroopers with an extra man and an HH12. 8 black dice with Impact 8. Fun times! But it's silly and would never work unless some genius strolls his armour into range 1 of you.....
  12. It'll still happen. It always happens, for pretty much all games. I reckon FFG has about 2 weeks before the rulebook is online in the less "legitimate" locations.
  13. Very good point. 40K is a good example, but any game where that level of fire can be brought to bear makes the "iconic" units much less effective.
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