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    koriakin97 reacted to Gizlivadi in 3rd pack of Vengeance of Mordor Cycle (Le Défi des Gens-des-Chariots in french)   
    A momentous day for me. Hero Saruman is the card I've been anticipating the most out of this game for like 5 years now. I've mentioned him and clamored for him whenever I had the chance, and finally all that pays off. He seems absolutely excellent. His stats are on point, and his ability combined with the staff is everything I wanted hero Saruman to be. The art is, thankfully, incredible as well. I can't be happier with this.
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    koriakin97 reacted to Bullroarer Took in The Wilds of Rhovanion!!! This is the new Big Announcement!?   
    Here to eat my crebain pie!
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    koriakin97 reacted to Bullroarer Took in The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat   
    Well it's still "on the boat" today.  So I really doubt I will see this by Fellowship night.  I had so hoped for Open the Armory.  Alas.
    ANA - "We've decided to cancel The Lord of the Rings, The Living Card Game."
    CG - "Why?"
    ANA - "None of the new packs are selling."
    CG - "But you aren't selling any new packs!"
    ANA - "Exactly."
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    koriakin97 reacted to Seastan in The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat   
    Called it!
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    koriakin97 reacted to Seastan in FAQ 1.9 Released   
    As someone who likes to play the hardest challenges of the game, i don't see it that way. With these errata, now they're even harder! I've already figured out how to beat them with Caldara and Boromir anyway. Where'e the fun in doing it over and over? Now we have a new challenge.
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    koriakin97 reacted to JYoder in FAQ 1.9 Released   
    The Proud Hunters / Beorn ruling doesn't really seem intuitive to me, but I won't complain.
    The new 1.57 reads: "A player is immediately eliminated from the game the moment his threat reaches his threat elimination level regardless of card effects in play."
    Doesn't "regardless of card effects in play" technically and completely negate Favor of the Valar? I'm sure that wasn't the intent, but reads like it.
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    koriakin97 got a reaction from 987654321 in Mountain of Fire   
    Maybe Seastan will manage to build 4 decks that will put whole encounter deck into victory display. 3 enemies, 3 locations are easy, and Out of the wild can be recycled. But for now it seems almost impossible to survive more than 7-8 turns :-)
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    koriakin97 reacted to dalestephenson in Vague Mountain of Fire spoilers   
    The Goblins are evil in the source material and irredeemable.  That's an inherent part of the mythos.
    Is this the Gandalf quote you are thinking of?
    "And there are names among us that are worth more than a thousand mail-clad knights apiece."
    The context is Gandalf speaking of Sauron's perception of their pitiful invasion of Mordor -- it has nothing to do with intrinsic worth as people.  The word "noble" is not mentioned, and "mail-clad knights" are near the top, not bottom, of the social heirarchy.  Further, Gandalf himself is certainly one of those names, and he at least really *is* worth more than a thousand mail-clad knights in battle.
    I find this Gandalf quote more representative of his view towards the common people of Middle Earth:
    "You think, as is your wont, my lord, of Gondor only.  Yet there are other men and other lives, and time still to be.  And for me, I pity even his slaves."
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    koriakin97 reacted to Teamjimby in Vague Mountain of Fire spoilers   
    What's next, are you going to tell me Haldir isn't female either?
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    koriakin97 reacted to Rogue Dakotan in AT-ST vs AT-DP   
    Vechicle Only

    Adulthood: You lose Awkward. Gain Confidence. 

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    koriakin97 reacted to alexbobspoons in The newbies first experience   
    Beat it beat it beat it beat it yes yes yes yes! 
    Errrr. .. I er,  I beat it .
    One handed solo tactics.
    Same deck as before. Gimli,  Beregond and Thalin. 
    Good game, mumak passed as a shadow card. 
    Cleared first two locations but lost the citadel however staying in siege worked better for me. 
    Game went to plan though balancing questing attacking and defending was a difficult call. 
    I got a defender of rammas out on turn 1 which helped. Beorn came out fairly quickly too and that helped. 
    Archery hit me a few times but it buffed Gimli so he could attack. Lieutenant of mordor was tricky but Gimli and Beorn finished him.  Khazad khazad was a useful card too,  played two. 
    Last phase I played a Gandalf. Everybody quested in a panic. Orc war camp came out for 5 threat and I had quested at 20 and needed 15 progress, win !!!!!!!
    Maybe play another for fun before moving on. Feel happier now less frustrated!
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    koriakin97 reacted to dr00 in Crossings of Poros Spoilers   
    Ultra Spectacular Ruse Nonbo of the Day: ready Quickbeam by dealing 2 damage, then exhaust the magic ring to heal one damage and take one threat...   just ignore the fact that the ring can ready him for 1 threat anyway.  we're going for SYNERGY
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    koriakin97 reacted to Gizlivadi in Crossings of Poros Spoilers   
    This Magic Ring is gonna go in every one of my decks ever.
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    koriakin97 reacted to Estel Edain in Raid the Caravan   
    I've had success with Fireside Song, especially playing Shelob's Lair in campaign mode with a thematic Frodo/Sam/Galadriel deck: the only allies it contains are Core Gandalf and Elrond, and I avoid having them attack or do damage. Not having allies was not a problem once Sam was questing for 6+; he finished one playthrough with 6 songs on him (I was proxying Song of Hope, and Sam had four resource icons from different songs; Resourceful meant he could pay for anything I drew). Permanent willpower boosts in a non-swarm deck (where Sword that was Broken and Faramir are less useful) are rare in the game: Celebrían's Stone is unique, Strider (which I was playing, not counting Frodo towards the 2 hero limit) has significant restrictions, and other options don't boost a character's willpower by more than 1.
    There aren't many great songs that can attach to Hobbit heroes, but when the neutral song attachments provide +1 willpower on top of access to additional spheres and resource smoothing, they're quite good. With Mirror of Galadriel and Silver Harp to tutor, I included two copies of Song of Battle to provide access to a useful card like Dagger of Westernesse (my only Tactics card, with 2 copies). I certainly don't think Fireside Song is overpowered, but it is the key card that provided enough willpower to recreate Frodo and Sam's tiny fellowship and still beat a challenging quest (Sting and Phial of Galdriel also helped). I haven't tested it fully, but it should also help for beating Shadow of the Past without killing any Nazgûl (using Frodo/Sam/Spirit Pippin, with Out of Sight and Hobbit Sense).
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    koriakin97 got a reaction from alexbobspoons in The newbies first experience   
    I too found that the best deck for this scenario is mono tactics with heavy defence. There are couple of cards that punish you for having multiple spheres and tactics has a lot of defence to take care of questing. I think it's best to just don't care about willpower when building you deck. You only need it at stage 2, so if you can clear the first location the scenario isn't that hard. Boromir, Beregond, Gimli, Beorn are all good against this quest, and of course a lot of eagles/defenders of rammas, who siege quest for 4 while costing only 2
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    koriakin97 reacted to TwiceBorn in The newbies first experience   
    Alex... why haven't you been playing lately? 
    Getting stomped by Siege of Cair Andros?
    We're all dying for an update. 
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    koriakin97 reacted to Seastan in Magic Madness turned to Elven Determination   
    While I think the power level is better now, I'm still not on board. Getting to 15 cards in your discard is a static thing. Once you get there you no longer think about your discard pile. Your cards all just become better.
    To piggyback on Calvadur's idea:
    Action: Remove three cards with different card types in your discard pile from the game. Then, Lauriel gets +1 W/A/D until the end of the round and does not exhaust to quest. Limit once per round.
    Something like that is more interesting to me because once you trigger it, you need to work up to it again. This sort of mechanic would synergize better with Dwarves and mining though as you mentioned.
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    koriakin97 got a reaction from alexbobspoons in The newbies first experience   
    Good job with Ithilien! I remember struggling a lot with beating it. I finally won it with Beorn, Boromir and Aragorn (lore), using a lot of early attack to battle quest, and resetting threat with Aragorn on the last stage. Do you want some small advice on Cair Andros or do you want to give it a couple of tries first?
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    koriakin97 reacted to alexbobspoons in The newbies first experience   
    So I just beat into Ithilien first go
    It was hard and VERY tense but amazing fun.
    I managed to keep Celador alive to miss stage 2 (I think death would have featured there otherwise) and this made a huge difference.
    Gimli had 4 damage and unexpected courage so was going strong.
    Theodred was a resource machine and also gained celebrians stone by the end.
    Glorfindel managed to get Light of Valinor early and so was excellent.
    I got  2 gandalfs in-hand plus a sneak attack. So  3 Gandalfs through the game helped loads. 2 lots of threat reduction and a 1 card draw.
    Faramir (un-thematic I know) help masses with questing on the later stages.
    2 lots of Elronds Council kept more threat low and added willpower in the later stages.
    Defender of Ramas was excellent too.
    Snowborn Scout did his bit, though also damaged Celador when he chump-blocked.
    Escort from Edoras did a great questing service too, though added another damage to Celedor as he left play.
    Celador died in the final stage.
    Final threat was 32, I am very glad I didnt hit 37 to kick in "siege" on the quest card.
    That was great  so tense but wow fun win.
    Looking at my type above, I think I was VERY lucky with my card draw, very strong draws.
    No spiders or Mumak encountered.... thats lucky!!
    I really now need to play this quite a few times with win-stress removed as I know that then next quest has a rep as being one of the two hardest in the entire game run and just like I was with Escape From Dol Guldur, I am prepared to bypass that quest if I feel I am struggling too much. Few more games of Ithilien before I look at the biggie.
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    koriakin97 reacted to alexbobspoons in The newbies first experience   
    BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I used Leadership (Theodred) Tactics (Gimli) and Spirit (Glorfindel)
    I got Light of Valinor on Glorfindel quickly
    Got Unexpected Courage on Gimli quickly
    Had defender of Ramas out early
    got a few allies out, Gimli damaged, got through first two stages.
    High threat... but played 2 of Elronds Council (getting threat down and buffing questing) while playing Galdalf and escort from edoras and got Faramir out and quested in first turn of the final stage for 20-something and smashed it in one turn YEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHH!
    Wow that was EPIC!!!
    The first two stages were slow at first as less tactics mean harder to fight, but I was patient and Gimlis unexpected courage helped. Then when enemies were clear Gimli could quest highly using battle.
    The things that made the difference this time were:
    1: Good draw, yes unexpected courage and light of valinor as well as defender of ramas early were good luck. Gandalf and Faramir later were also good luck.
    2: Theodred - His resource generation made a lot of things playable that otherwise may not have been.
    3: Snowborn Scout was a little trooper as well, adding progress and chump blocking in usual fashion.
    Wow after so much trouble this just anhialated the quest in the first go of my tri-sphere deck including Leadership into the mix. Im pretty shocked at how well this played out.
    I do think that speed on this adventure is VERY important to avoid stuff stacking up.
    YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Glad thats over.
    Seeing as this new deck had only one go at it, I may well play it another time without the pressure of needing to win before I go onto the next adventure.
    Now that took some time
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    koriakin97 reacted to Ace_of_Spades in Homebrew Characters Thread   
    I know Brutality is the usual name for this ability but isnt it a bit awkward name at this case? Imao Chirrut is not a "brutal" guy.
    However the ability fits perfectly.  Great idea Rouge!
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    koriakin97 got a reaction from subtrendy in Homebrew Characters Thread   
    In the movies he only dodged, so I think that evades or accuracy decreases would be better
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    koriakin97 got a reaction from Rogue Dakotan in Homebrew Characters Thread   
    In the movies he only dodged, so I think that evades or accuracy decreases would be better
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    koriakin97 got a reaction from Estel Edain in Mountain of Fire   
    Sam would make sense, but I think that spirit Galadriel is perfect for representing her magic influence (although she is not from saga boxes). If we get another version she will be either mostly copy of spirit or won't represent how her magic helped Sam. The only version that would make sense would be keeping her nenya questing, but removing ally buff (it doesn't help Sam's journey). But her action is simply the best for secrecy decks...
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    koriakin97 reacted to 987654321 in Mountain of Fire   
    *Opens Redhorn and Rivendell and sees that the stat boosts are correspondent to each brother*
    Okay, i guess nobody cares.
    Also, if you look at the box you will see Gollum.
    Edit: just now I see Ell and Elr are two parts of the same artwork... fighting side by side against A MASS OF ORCS.
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