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  1. And green Aragorn isn’t that strong as starting hero, because he works best with Thorongil- you don’t need him from the beginning
  2. New Aragorn might be strong with Grey Pilgrim contract. Pick thematic Strider and you can effectively quest for 8+1 progress turn 1, and still have actions ready to defend. But what’s sad to me is that we don’t have Aragorn ally, so when we travel to Prancing Pony we can’t play him, although it looks like that is the intention. Maybe we can create and playtest are own Aragorn ally as a community?
  3. Nori might be quite strong with dedicated deck discard, because there aren’t many more cards that recycle deck. So he’s more an enabler for weak but funny deck. And about commuting to the quest: from what I remember you trigger reactions before next player commits characters (makes Theodred weaker and the dwarf that looks at the top of encounter deck can help other players decide who to commit)
  4. But she attacks Hrognag Hill. I guess you can let her burn it for turn or two, but it has limited health, so Beregond or another tank will help
  5. Thranduil might work with Galadriel-Celeborn, mostly as reasource moving, becouse most lore/spirit allies are questers. But I really like idea of Celebrimbor, Galadriel, Argalad deck focused on questing and defending, and Thranduil TLegolas and Haldir deck with ranged allies focuses almost solely on attack, with elven mail for Thranduil giving him sentinel.
  6. I personally still hope we won’t have to pay for Favor cards. They may be one-use only in a way some boons are right now, and ffg will get their money from players buying normal cards. I hate buying something to play it only once, so I hope it’s as I say. I don’t mind paying some money for additional Hero packs if the game is fun to play, though.
  7. That will make hobbit secrecy decks much stronger. He has 4 (3 with fellowship Frodo) starting threat, and can discard himself to get back to secrecy. With hobbits you can play 2-hero deck and just discard him immediately. But outside of hobbit secrecy I don’t think he’ll have some uses
  8. Maybe Seastan will manage to build 4 decks that will put whole encounter deck into victory display. 3 enemies, 3 locations are easy, and Out of the wild can be recycled. But for now it seems almost impossible to survive more than 7-8 turns :-)
  9. I too found that the best deck for this scenario is mono tactics with heavy defence. There are couple of cards that punish you for having multiple spheres and tactics has a lot of defence to take care of questing. I think it's best to just don't care about willpower when building you deck. You only need it at stage 2, so if you can clear the first location the scenario isn't that hard. Boromir, Beregond, Gimli, Beorn are all good against this quest, and of course a lot of eagles/defenders of rammas, who siege quest for 4 while costing only 2
  10. Good job with Ithilien! I remember struggling a lot with beating it. I finally won it with Beorn, Boromir and Aragorn (lore), using a lot of early attack to battle quest, and resetting threat with Aragorn on the last stage. Do you want some small advice on Cair Andros or do you want to give it a couple of tries first?
  11. In the movies he only dodged, so I think that evades or accuracy decreases would be better
  12. Sam would make sense, but I think that spirit Galadriel is perfect for representing her magic influence (although she is not from saga boxes). If we get another version she will be either mostly copy of spirit or won't represent how her magic helped Sam. The only version that would make sense would be keeping her nenya questing, but removing ally buff (it doesn't help Sam's journey). But her action is simply the best for secrecy decks...
  13. Maybe something that will allow him travel through wilderness with easy? I mean location control. But we got a lot of it in last cycles, so I'm not sure if we need more
  14. It looks really great. Elladan and Elrohir, one-man-army Aragorn, a double quest for Black Gate... The only thing that bothers me is that we won't get Ringbearer Sam EDIT: I just realised that objective attachment "the last from the company" seems to be giving Ringbearer trait. So we do get Ringbearer Sam!
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