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  1. Has anyone owned the command mats for Runewars the Miniature game ? If yes do you find them useful ? see image below.
  2. This evening i have a four player game session for Runewars the board game. I am going to use the neutrals as a full faction. (I have two copies of the game so i can have enough Neutral pieces to allow me to have full army equal to other factions. I will also use Neutral Hero`s and I will just borrow one of the faction`s action cards. So the game will not have neutral units wondering in Terrinoth, the Neutrals are actually united as one faction. Do you think I have a slight chance of even come close to keep up with others or do you feel my participation for this game session will be short lived ? I will post this on BGG as well. Best, John
  3. I have a dream of playing Runewars Miniature game between Uthuk and Orcs. maybe one day
  4. I always wanted this to happen but not sure if it can be done. Would you like the idea or you already have Blood Bowl Team Manager. It would be so amazing to have FFG do this. I have been working on making my own card game for BB. A Universal BB playmat and 24 Blood Bowl teams, Player cards: Each deck no more than 24 unique player cards for each team/faction Neutral cards: and add to it some neutral cards which they can be hired in any team. Mercenaries for hire cards to play for your team. (12 cards per deck limit) Support cards: Cheerleaders for each team, Stadium cards for each team giving certain home field advantage but one card for each game. Coaches, Doctor, TV crew. Fans…(12 cards per deck limit) Stadium Cards and Trophy cards: Stadium cards (one card limit for each game). one trophy card for each tournament granting unique rewards for participating and awarding points for finishing top 3. Star player cards: self explains (2 cards per deck). Total cards per deck 50 cards. I have already made some rough copy of what the cards should be and I made some abilities for each player cards. each player card has: Movement, Offence and defence value`s and the cost to play the card and the special ability text for each card. It is only 2 player though, 1 vs 1. I have been playing with these cards with my friends and although they lack any art, we play and have total fun. I worked on this little over 2+ years. each game only lasts 15-18 minutes and you can create your own tournament consist of 4 and more teams and have a quick trophy event do you think I should submit it to FFG or will they laugh at me
  5. We have just completed few games of W.I playing with the core set only. Some units did not come with 3 cards As a example, Playing with Orcs: Doom Divers has one card, Boar Boyz has 2 unit cards and Black Orc squads have 3 cards. The maximum allowance of any card is 3, so in order for one person to have 3 Doom Divers & 3 Boar Boyz he/she must purchase 2 or 3. Is this correct ? Because one core set the factions are not very balanced when it comes to their faction card availability. we just wanted to show the game to new players and they want to play the game from the core set and can not have the time or money to spend on Mini Packs or Deluxes.
  6. Can you kindly post this invasion podcast on www.boardgamegeek.com ? there are over 510 members for this game on that site and it would be wonderful if they find out about this and an easy click to this podcast, perhaps some already aware of it but when I speak to the members of gaming group majority have not heard of this and would love to hear these episodes. somewhere on the warhammer invasion page there need to be a link for this wonderful podcast. Please continue with the podcast and perhaps in one of the future edition you guys can help giving some advice for this topic: 1. How many copies of a deluxe expansion does a player who plays a neutral faction need to build a well balance neutral deck ? 2. How many copies of mini packs or deluxe a person need to purchase in order to have complete decks for each faction. 3. Polish rules, why is it so popular in europe and not so much here ? 4. competitive play and its advantages or disadvantages over a game night friends get together. 5. will there be another updated FAQ which would include hidden kingdom topics? 6. FOREVER WAR expansion, has there been any news of its impact on the game and possible another expansion ? Yours truly, JR
  7. just a small note on dealing with judgement of verena. I think from memory it could not destroy your units if you have at least one development. so anytime I go against empire deck I make sure by the third turn I have at least one development in each of my three zones which makes verena useless.
  8. These are wonderful ! Thank you for posting the link from Boardgamegeek to this FFG. I was not aware of this until I read your post.
  9. While I appreciate there is no further developments for this wonderful LCG, however maybe one day there will be some reasons for FFG to look at further publishing or perhaps the publishers of fan expansion Forever War would consider. If there ever was a new battle Pack cycle/Deluxe, what would you want to see inside ? a} I know some people had asked to correct some cards in which had errata correction in the FAQ, b} Many people asked for 4 Neutral Capital boards as oppose to cards {the same style as the original six faction boards} How about : c} More Quest cards ? d} 1 more faction ? if yes, which faction ? e} more of the original 6 and 4 neutral factions unit cards? f} new idea`s {such as cities for each faction} or new area of play (Sea battles-Naval) ? g} new hero`s? h} More Fulcrum cards ? i} More Legend cards ? j} More support and tactic cards as oppose to more unit cards ? k} A new box which can fit all of the previously published cards + 1 Playmat + revised rulebook? l} New Capital cards with dials displaying number of damages as oppose to placing tokens ? m} other(what you think it should be on the dream list in which it has not been mentioned here) n} The game is complete, do not add any more. If you had a choice which of the above would be your top 3 ?
  10. Tactic cards appear in the game during your turn as well as the opponent turn. You can play them but my problem is in particular during the early stage you simply do not have enough Resource tokens to pay for the cost of Tactic cards. For example lets assume it is your second turn of the game and during your turn you get 3 Resource cards as per the Capital board, you will have to spend 2 or all of them to put down a Unit card now you have no resource tokens left when the opponent starts their turn to use your action cards during his steps of play. I played against a stubborn chaos player and she just would not let me put down cards in my Kingdom section. (I was trying to increase my resource tokens for future turns and she kept going after them and destroying them and I was constantly faced with bring in only 3 resource tokens which most of the times there was no enough left for me to spend it on the Tactic cards during her turn. So unless i got the game strategy wrong, Tactic cards are hard to use. Cheers jr
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