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  1. Black Knight Games in Hamilton Ontario is my place to get away. It is definatley a more relaxed atmosphere then some other games stores Iv'e been to. There aren't that many power gamers or rules lawyers, and with working full time, married and a 2 year old, I want to play a fun relaxing game when I do manage to get out. We have a great community with a wide variety of games played. Anyone in the area should check it out. I highly recommend the place.
  2. I'm with most people in hoping to see the B-wing and TIE/D. What I would love to see, and I don't know if it would be possible is the lighter capital ships. Maybe a Corellian Corvette and a Carrack Light Cruiser? Not too sure on how big they would be in scale. They would add a target for the bombers besides ground targets and could add some intersting scenarios.
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