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  1. Of course you can ignore it. Once again, that is not the issue. I understand, however, at this point that may be your only option. The core is released, and what we've got is what we've got, unless a supplemental book concerning Force Users/Jedi/Sith would be made (which I would totally advocate) that gives alternative rules. I don't see the end game of your argument/position?
  2. Forgive me if I'm wrong, as I haven't purchased the released book and I'm still going by beta, but didn't the last beta update essentially suggest that you can ignore the morality system, or simply not use it if it doesn't suit your needs? I know morality is still a contentious topic, not just here, but on other forums as well; so while I understand people may get sick of it, I still think it's an interesting conversation to have. I'm ambivalent about the system myself. On the one hand, I can appreciate what it tries to do, and it is an "interesting" idea on how to track dark side/light side progression; on the other hand, I personally think it's too ambiguous at times, and the reality is the system kind of seems unnecessary - for me and my group, at least. Unlike Obligation and Duty, there are far less mechanical or narrative benefits beyond the increases/decreases in strain and wound thresholds, and the flipping of dark side or light side points.
  3. I think the mantra of "this is a narrative game!" is pushed a bit too far sometimes at the expense of common sense mechanics. I mean, yes, as a narrative game you're going to fluff up everything as the dice fall because that's what this system is built upon. However, there is a need for mechanical rules to back up a lot of stuff you're going to encounter in game. As I've been playing with FaD, I've been noticing some of the rules become very iffy when you start really looking at what can and cannot be done. I was thinking of making a thread to sort of hash out some of the stuff I've encountered and unsure about.
  4. This actually sort of felt weird to me, and was part of my feedback during beta. I feel like those talents should remove soak bypassing abilities such as Breach and Pierce. If you Reflect, you get the benefit of adding soak since 9/10 times the majority of blaster weapons don't have those qualities. If you're going into melee where you will use Parry, you're going to end up facing off against more weapons that have at least Pierce, if not Breach when it comes to lightsaber fights. I found it unfair that essentially at range you're still allowed the benefit of soak, but not when you're facing off against melee weapons--many of which have things like Pierce and Breach. I houseruled at this point that Parry and Reflect remove soak negating abilities when used. This really makes no difference when it comes to ranged attacks, because as I said, less ranged weapons have Breach or Pierce. It helped to make saber fights last a little longer at least.
  5. My understanding the hurl control upgrade acts like a combat check using the discipline skill, so by "force pushing" a humanoid target, it would be a silhouette 1 so that's 10 base damage with additional successes from the check adding to damage. How does triggering critical injuries work with this power? I'm thinking it would be like improvisational weapons and unarmed combat? 5 crit rating? Knockdown I guess could be handled with 2-3 advantage.
  6. Are you telling me my Franciscan coins are useless?!
  7. The Balancing Items and Balancing Encounters is a nice touch, I think. It's simple common sense suggestions that help to remind the GM to ensure everyone is having fun.
  8. I have to say that I am absolutely loving Star Wars Rebels. And if that's an indication of what Disney is willing to do with the franchise then I am hopeful that Episodes 7-9 will be fairly decent. I'm not a fan of Abrams' storytelling by any means, but as a director he's decent. We'll have to wait and see until more of the plot is revealed.
  9. How come? Mainly the idea that it's supposed to be a cross guard. But that wouldn't work in this regard. What the speculation is now is that it's an unstable saber, and those are like exhaust ports for it. You can see the saber blade looks unstable and shifting. The sound is different as well. I could live with that, considering what the prevailing theory is for who the supposed sith are.
  10. As much as I would love that, I think they're going to end up being different. It was very surreal watching the trailer. Like, I knew this was in the making, saw some of the news and concept art images and stuff...but it didn't really "hit me" until I saw the trailer. This is actually happening. I'm very excited, but cautious as well. I'm not a fan of Abrams, and if some of the rumors currently out there end up being true, well it'll be rather disappointing...but we'll see. And I'm sorry, but that new saber is terribad.
  11. A good player and good gm will be using misdirect to also gain advantage dice to stealth roles, which you can then narrate as "being invisible" or hard to see on your successes.
  12. Where does it say that ongoing force powers require an action to activate? All I see is that it only takes an incidental to end the effects.
  13. Oh shi- Mace Windu in episode 7 confirmed.
  14. It's true, except for a couple times a Dark Sider electrocutes minions in the Clone Wars (and games like SWTOR/KOTOR and TFU), no named characters are killed by Force Lightning. it's almost like Force Lightning is specifically used to inflict lingering effects on the target (Crit/Burn). The only person killed by Force Lightning that is a named character is Vader, and he was grievously injured already (multiple crit injuries & close to Wound Threshold). Luke, Obi Wan, Savage Oppress, Yoda; all blasted by Force Lightning and injured/dazed/stunned, but not killed. Mace Windu would like to have a word with you. Oh wait, he dead!
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