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  1. I do read ‚when targeted‘ as the instance the target is declared, myself; that is Step 2 4. the latest. Anyhow, from a balance perspective, allowing the rolled dice to be examined before activation is, for what it‘s worth, overpowered. Even if interpreting the wording as ambiguous, it would still be at the GM‘s discretion.
  2. Kata are not listed as available techniques, kiho, rituals and shuji are. So any kata to be acquired need to be privileged.
  3. For what it's worth, the ronin themselves might not think twice about displaying their emotions openly; their surroundings definitely will. If they make regular Unmaskings their customary approach, they will have to accept that their outward appearance is not as honourable and glorious as that of proper samurai. They are only dishonourable, uncivilised ronin, after all. Myself, I've been contemplating something like a minor Unmasking mechanism for venting steam. Not, actually, to give the players another active Strife reduction opportunity, but to narratively deal with the one or two hot-headed players, who just can't compose themselves. Something like: When not Compromised, a player's outburst might translate into their character having their mask slip just so slightly; removing Strife as if triggering a Passion for a Trifling Forfeit of either Honour or Glory. This is only an initial thought, mind; there are a few issues with this I'm aware of, and quite a few more I'm not, I suppose.
  4. First of all, thanks for the inspirational effort! As I've been contemplating on merging L5R and Genesys, myself, when I had a glance at your publication, a question arose. The systems by themselves are very similar: There are characteristics and skills, ranging between 1 and 5, freely combinable for checks, two kinds of HP each, a more physical and a more mental one, separately acquired special powers (i.e. talents/techniques), divide into five ranks, narrative dice, with a true two dimensional resolution matrix on the one hand, more like one and two half dimensions on the other, etc. Consanguinity of the 2nd degree one might call it. So, my first impulse was: Get rid of the not very elegant check resolution in L5R and use Genesys dice instead. - Have you ever considered just that? There would be just the one major - to me at last - issue of incorporating the option of suffering negative consequences for an increased rate of success. Perhaps I might consider changing Range Bands and Silhouette, and Turn Economy as well; I just don't see the need for that as of now. In short: What was the reasoning behind your completely overhauling L5R instead of a well-considered splice? Are you aware of any issues I haven't identified just yet?
  5. Long answer short: Yes, and with boundless creativity and unfailing verve.
  6. 1) "Iaijutsu duels are highly ritualized: combatants wear ceremonial clothes, only the katana and the wakizashi are permitted, and each warrior must begin with their blades sheathed, drawing them no earlier than their first turn. When fought to the first strike, the duel objective is to inflict a critical strike on the opponent. When fought to the first blood, the duel objective is to inflict a critical strike of severity 5 or higher on the foe." 2) I do understand that is your interpretation. Alas, a citation would be far more helpful.
  7. Why, it can, of course; I never questioned that. But, it would violate the iaijitsu dueling regulations (not the rules), as I've quoted already; Premature Evisceration, so to speak. Up to your Focus, of course. Do you mind pointing me to the rule, it eludes me.
  8. If nobody minded, I'd like to return on topic, if not the OP. As I've been reading the rules and this most informative forum for a week or so, I couldn't fail to notice a somewhat fomented duel controversy, arousing my interest. While studying the rules thoroughly, following question arose: I do understand that the most dangerous occurrence in a duel, seemingly, is allowing oneself to be blown in a finishing manner. Therefore it would occur to try and avoid this eventuality by all means. During a Iaijutsu Duel, if one is "[...] drawing [one's sword] no earlier than their first turn", why wouldn't one stare oneself into compromise, if at all possible, during the first initiative phase to prevent any legal finishing blow happening against oneself, not even with a Iaijutsu kata? And, of course, why wouldn't one strive for being striven to the brink in the beginning? I do apologise for my missing any possible earlier discussion of this matter due to my inattention or plain laziness, or worse, for the intrinsic fallacy invalidating the whole argument.
  9. First of all, pardon my abrupt, uninvited entrance; I'm about to check Courtesy for Bouyant Arrival. As did you, I just bought the books a week ago, looking for a new (old) setting to GM. I've been playing EotE/Genesys right from the beginning, and am completely convinced of narrative dice, especially of the streamlining they can provide. I can only reaffirm what nigh everybody else have said: If you wonder whether to have a player roll: Don't! I do concur that the rules are somewhat formalised, in the attempt of preventing misconception, I suppose; they're reading like a legal document, in parts. But, that's a mere technicality, to me at last. What bothers me, though, is how clunky action resolution is despite tailor-made narrative dice: Say what you will, one action two checks is just bad form! Interestingly enough, the Strife mechanics are, at first glance, what I like best with the rules as are. They're the one reason restraining my just pasting Genesys Dice onto the lot; and the Roll'n'Keep, of course. Now enough of the purely theoretical rambling; I might have more to say after a field test. Thank you for your attention and your patience!
  10. ..., reaching for another Onigiri, you hesitate and wonder: Did the first one Afflict me, will this one Taint me? And in the first place, do Oni understand the concept of Giri at all?
  11. As the brawl is taking place before their gempukku, the lot are, technically, children. Don‘t judge them to harshly!
  12. I've been introducing certain talents that present one with the ability of using a regular skill in a supernatural manner; e.g.: Weird Science [Tier II?] You can craft gadgets that allow your performing one certain Magic Action with preset Additional Effects per gadget, using the Engineering/Mechanics skill, as if it were a Magical Skill. The crafting check's difficulty and the gadget's encumbrance are equal to the Magic Action's difficulty.
  13. Mostly dead or all dead, I wonder. At first glance, PF 2nd might provide a more fruitful soil for a conversion. It does seem more easily convertible, for what it's worth.
  14. Myself, I had a similar idea, with a different approach. At I first I was contemplating on a magic-specific talent: Wild Magic [Ranked] Tier ? Reduce the difficulty of all your magic actions by the talent rank, then upgrade it by the same amount. I can imagine generalising it, though, and making it optional with a drawback, like: Push to the Limit [Ranked] Tier ? When taking an action that requires a skill check, you may spend X strain as an incidental to reduce the check's difficulty by X, then upgrade it by X; X can't be higher than the talent rank.
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