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  1. Grimmerling

    Pathfinder System [Project is dead]

    Mostly dead or all dead, I wonder. At first glance, PF 2nd might provide a more fruitful soil for a conversion. It does seem more easily convertible, for what it's worth.
  2. Why, I do, of course.
  3. Grimmerling

    [Input Request] Players "Push it to the limit" Rule

    Myself, I had a similar idea, with a different approach. At I first I was contemplating on a magic-specific talent: Wild Magic [Ranked] Tier ? Reduce the difficulty of all your magic actions by the talent rank, then upgrade it by the same amount. I can imagine generalising it, though, and making it optional with a drawback, like: Push to the Limit [Ranked] Tier ? When taking an action that requires a skill check, you may spend X strain as an incidental to reduce the check's difficulty by X, then upgrade it by X; X can't be higher than the talent rank.
  4. Grimmerling

    ISO D&D Vancian magic spell list

    Regarding your example, the Fireball: It is quite powerful, is it not? The Base Damage and Blast radius are, for all purposes, at least the Empowered Effect (+PP). The Blast quality's value is 1 above the ceiling (set by Rank 5 in a skill, mind). The difficulty is very low, considering the effects: Medium Range (PP), Fire (+P), Empowered (+PP), Blast(+P), Knockdown (?+P). It is, in fact, unachievable by the published rules, for what it's worth. The spell is, essentially, a heavily powered-up EotE Frag Grenade, that can be thrown beyond it's regular limits, two extra Advantages (auto-triggering Blast) thrown into the bargain as an afterthought. Furthermore, Burn and Knockdown are addenda to the D&D Spell's established effect (i.e. pure damage). As a cause for thought: No grenade in EotE, not even the Thermanator, does give Knockdown. I do understand that, with Vancian Magics, spells get to be more efficacious than spontaneously cast ones; nonetheless, still quite powerful! This Fireball is going to wreak havoc on all minions within Short distance, and then some. Myself, I see no need for the extended Blast radius, the auto-trigger, Burn, nor Knockdown. And now for the actual request; the one spell I've contemplated on, so far. MM (PP), Dmg 0, Medium; Auto-Fire, Breach 1.
  5. Grimmerling

    Skills weirdness in Genesys

    Why would you decouple those two, I wonder. I would surmise cooking is the sub-discipline of alchemy blending materials to make an 1) edible/potable and 2) nourishing, thus useful, product.
  6. Grimmerling

    Talent list

    How about the Genesys Talents Expanded?
  7. Grimmerling

    Character Creation: Unlimited poooooower!

    Pardon my quoting myself: I don't think choosing one's Career Skills individually would be game breaking, if one followed a few simple guidelines: only one Magic Skill, not more than three Combat Skills/Magic Skills combined, not more than three Skills linked to a single Characteristic.
  8. Grimmerling

    Modern Weapons - Differences?

    For differentiating revolvers from semi-automatics, you could copy EotE mechanic for Heavy Blasters: hhh might empty the cylinder.
  9. Grimmerling

    Modern Weapons - Differences?

    If you were aiming at further differentiation beyond projectile diameter, you could take cartridge length, i.e. amount of propellant, and barrel length (identical cartridge from a, say Winchester, is faster than from a revolver) into consideration; both affecting muzzle velocity. My take on it is, that a smaller projectile - at same kinetic energy - has better penetration (Damage/Piercing) but less impact (Crit.). At the moment, I'm in progress of processing the GURPS Tech 5 Firearms List for a Victorian Conversion. 'd be glad to share, as soon as it's presentable, somewhen in April, probably.
  10. Grimmerling

    Pikes as ranged weapons?

    Let me refresh your memory: Table 1.5-5: WEAPONS, G-CRB, p. 91.
  11. Grimmerling

    Pikes as ranged weapons?

    How conveniently the revolver's range is presented as Medium, then.
  12. Grimmerling

    Pikes as ranged weapons?

    Now, my book does tell me: "Short [is] up to several meters [...]", while "[...] several dozen meters [...]" is Medium. Technically, there is no such quality, instead: as the Razor Whip (G-CRB p. 159) does exemplify.
  13. Grimmerling


    Are they now? Those large foamy ones are far comfier than plastic balls, for what it's worth.
  14. Grimmerling


    First of all: I'd always allow the roll. Under certain circumstances I'd rather adjust the difficulty accordingly. Piloting an automobile untrained? Not to difficult. A motorcycle? Maybe an upgrade, just to keep things interesting. A commercial airplane? Impossible and very challenging, i.e. Story Point and (RRPPP).