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  1. Just remember, the Dice Gods punish poor tactics!
  2. I played in a FOW Tourney on Saturday in Indianapolis and did not get back in till real late. By the time I got my ass out of bed it was a tad too late to make it down there in time. From what I read they had 17 players and it was a great time.
  3. Very nice! Thanks for sharing that. I think you sold me on at least one GF 9 mat.
  4. I'm planning on heading down to the "Art of War" in Cincy on Sunday for their Kessel Run Tourney. PM me if you want to tag along. James
  5. POD is not for me. I'm old school. If you don't buy the kit, you should not be able to get the goodies that go along with it. I may be in the minority here, but to me, this is a Minitures game that uses Cards. It is not a Card Game that uses some Minitures. If you want the cards, buy the kit.
  6. I would suggest PMing ShadowJac on this. His acumen with the O&P of this game is rather staggering to say the least.
  7. Page 16 has the answer, If such a ship would be destroyed, it simply retains its damage cards without being removed from the play area. It may perform an attack as normal during the Combat Phase , although any Face up Damage Cards just dealt to it may affect this attack. To me this means the Crit applies regardless if a non crit blowed the ship up and the Crit is overkill. Hope this helps.
  8. bwaltersdorff said: I personally love the random pull of which army gets used and is why I have selected this venue to play at. I believe it makes it a little tougher because you have two be good at both rebels and imperials. I don't play in any games where same sides can fight, it's just a personal preference. The store always stocks plenty of product so someone could purchase another army if they need to. bwaltersdorff, it seems we are in the minority around here concerning the Two Force Tourney. I won't rehash my argument here. As for time, I find I am still having trouble with the 75 minute limit. I just spend too much time thinking durring the Planning Phase. I'm getting faster, but only with experience. I'm looking forward to the KR weekend. I have the opportunity to play in three of them. While I know I am in no danger of winning anything, I look foward to play a verity of opponents in different Cities. Nothing beats experience.
  9. But on the other hand, a majority of the Cards are "Unique Names" which limits their use.
  10. El_Tonio said: Deviating from the event rules just pisses people off and gives you a bad name. Why would that be? I could understand if the Players spent the time and Money to attend the event only to have these changes dropped on them day of. Yes, that would piss people off. So the Game Store changes the parameters of the event., As long as it anounces the changes it well enough in advance for all potential players to decide whether they want to attend, I don't see where the problem is. I would understand if FFG provided the LGSs the Prize suport free of charge. This is not the case. The Stores have to 'Purchace" the kits which, coinciidentally happens to be about the same cost as if they were purchacing them from FFG or their distributors. It's their goods, they paid for it, thay may do with it what they see best for their Business. As long as they are transparent well in advance, they may do what they please. I find all the angst over this event very dissapointing. I mean really! One can't wait for two months for some Models? Sad.
  11. Thank you for the History lesson dbmeboy. I've had a nagging curiosity on why the errata but never was able to find a satisfactory answer. That took care of it.
  12. I don't find it confusing at all. FFG's Tournament scoring rules seem very straight forward to me. Like all Swiss System variations, the best play the best. This ensures that the cream rises to the top. Their 5-3-1-0 system rewards decisive victories as opposed to eking them out. Now you may not like it, but that is the direction FFG has chosen to go.
  13. I've been a regular on the Flames of War Tournament scene for over 7 years. I'm well acquainted with Rules Lawyers.
  14. It looks fun. The only problem I see is the wording on the reserves. The IMP may receive 75 points of reinforcements. If they choose not to take any, this leaves them with only the 92 points that started on table, leaving the Rebels unable to fulfill their victory conditions.
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