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  1. I'm trying to preview and publish a mission but it's just giving the pop up that says "Preparing Preview....." Then one never pops up. Is there something wrong or is it my browser?
  2. - Given up on my imp swarms, I'm running 7 ship Rebel swarm. 4 As 3 Zs - depends on my opponent but generally tight - 1s and 4s - they're all generic - again it depends on my opponent. But I like both. Was about 60/40'with my imp swarm but am 100% with the Rebs only 20 games though.
  3. Sure it does, just not the Rebel Y's. See the nicely painted y-shaped ship in the pretty picture from today's news.EDIT Ok. Maybe I'll learn how to read before posting. Oops
  4. My personal theory.. 4th faction is coming. Smugglers & scoundrels.
  5. Well this is interesting and rather detrimental to my bank account in hindsight Min Rebel: 407 Min Imperial: 571 No wonder I'm in such a hurry to figure out how to fly the imps.
  6. So I know third party bases aren't tournament legal but what about keeping the base but making modifications to the rods themselves? I've been kicking around the idea of going with metal rods and only modding the base so I can attach the metal rod. My big ships' pegs keep breaking on me.
  7. I don't generally think this will be better than a TIE swarm with Howl. But if you build out a Z-95 Swarm with Airen & Squad leader that gives you 7 ships and room for some upgrades to boot. (Not forgetting the two extra actions per round.) You could throw in a missle upgrade or a couple of hull upgrades. The shields do add that extra bit of crit saving defence so they have that going for them. The real downside with this list other than the two defence dice is the maneuver dial. It's good but no where near as flexible as the TIE. So it'll be a change in methodology over flying a TIE swarm but no less fun.
  8. How about something not ship related FFG should significantly increase their production run of new waves? Edited removing a word.
  9. I did the pinch method on mine but this is a more permanent fix http://empireofghosts.blogspot.ca/2014/01/tutorial-how-to-really-fix-x-wing.html
  10. Perfect thanks all. We did play it correctly it sounds. I was just confusing rocks with ships in my addled brain.
  11. So this came up last night and I'm wondering if we played it right. One of the ships did a k-turn that placed it on an asteroid. We played it so the k-turn was completed but because the ship landed on the rock it couldn't fire this round. I couldn't find anything that said it shouldn't happen this way but just wanted to be sure. Note, I lost this match and this round wouldn't have changed that but I'm curious for the future. Thanks.
  12. Kwaad

    rebel list

    Having played against Naked Wedge last night, he's an easy high value target if your opponent gets close or plays bumper cars. I'd drop the daggers to blues and give Wedge some advantage. Engine Upgrade for example.
  13. Just wondering if anyone knew if FFG was selling or offering up a way to get new bases for the large ships? I ask because I was playing with my son we managed to break it. Would love to get an actual replacement as I don't think tournaments allow for 3rd party bases. Thanks.
  14. Just wondering if anyone had seen any mention of any Canadian dates?
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