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  1. or you could just use autothrusters. I mean seriously, TLTs arent that bad.
  2. Depends on which information is emphasized eg. if it occurs within the month, I'd be more likely to go eg. 23rd May, if right now we are in May eg. If it occurs later, ie. right now is about Jan / Feb, I'd be more likely to go May 23rd
  3. I put predator + engine upgrade on my Duchess. then i reveal forward 1 and say im not doing AA nor boost.
  4. or you could bring a TIE/D with tractor beam and bully the miranda outright the imperials do have a lot of tools to harass and outright bully Kwings
  5. because when you dont meet sabine bombers, you meet double stressers, which shuts you down outright the moment they can see you and when you dont meet either sabine bombers or double stressers, you meet autoblaster turrets and when you dont meet a rebel list, you meet a triple uboat that blocks you, renders you actionless and thus highly vulnerable and when you finally dont meet any of those, you meet that 1 guy with a VI Darth Vader
  6. you are paying 1 point for your opponent's 1hp. Against high agi targets with low hp, you could essentially "buy" his entire ship for just 3-4 points
  7. How about trying Stanhard? Standard chaos tokens, Hard special token effects
  8. I had Hound's Tooth equipped, and my Z95 got hijacked by boba = (
  9. Howl + Crack Black Crack Black Crack Black Crack Black Crack PS4 TIEshuttle Vader EDIT: If you guys use this list, just call it the Singapore Swarm, thank you
  10. I snuck a TIEshuttle + Vader crew into my howl TIE crack swarm as an anti-aces tech. After a few games, I realized that vader helped save a lot of crack shots, which directly translated into my TIE swarm having a lot more firepower. Allow me to explain. I am firing at a tricky dodgy target that has 1 hp left. Previously, the moment I could use crack shot to kill it, I must spend it. Even if I have 2-3 other TIEs left, I'd need to spend the crack shot to guarantee the kill. That's because if I do not, the last TIE firing may blank out its dice, or my opponent may somehow decide to roll 4 evades which I cant even crack through for the kill, or a combination of both. With Vader, I simply have Vader go last, whilst I attack with all the other TIEs and try to take out the target via regular 2 dice atk. If they fail, vader helps clean it up. If they succeed, you save both crackshots & vader hugs, which you can then use to warmly welcome the next target. Alternatively, when attacking a large ship, I have vader go immediately once the shields are down. A very lucky Structural Damage to -1 Agi often means that target is shredded in the same turn. After putting vader crew into my TIE swarm, I must say it is fixed as an irremovable staple.
  11. probably a good idea to put a dot next to the TLT's name though. So far all the complaints seem to be tackling the situation whereby TLTs are used in large quantities If Experimental Interface gets a dot next to its name, I dont see why not TLT
  12. TLTs are very easily defeated by any PTL AT user. I've had games where I took out 4 TLTs with 1 Soontir w/o any damage on him, I've had games where my non-PTL brobots took out 4 TLTs while taking only 2 damage in total for the entire game. they are a necessary corner of the balance triangle, whereby anything that defeats PTL aces easily will be defeated fairly easily by the TLT.
  13. Id just give TIEpun a 0pt title dual card that has ruthlessness for torp/missiles on 1 side and sabine crew on the other side
  14. Rei will kick the bucket at some point in time in the game. Juke ensures that your Awing has enough firepower to continue damaging targets and close the game
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