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  1. I was curious: what sorts of campaigns have you all, as GMs, run for your various groups? It doesn't have to be anything current (especially if it's something that your players might see and read), but just different stories and campaign arcs that you've run for Deathwatch (or for any other Warhammer 40K games like RT, DH or BC -- or even Only War, if you've done anything in passing with the beta for it).
  2. Which leads into another thread I posted, about integration issues. How do I best integrate a Battle Sister into a Deathwatch game? Right now, I'm planning on starting with Dark Heresy, and once Ascension-level comes about, giving the other players a chance to switch over to Space Marines. At the same time, though, I want to be certain I keep things balanced so that there's challenge for both, while still giving each side a chance to shine.
  3. In a previous thread I opened up, I mentioned having concerns about the balance between Dark Heresy / Ascension characters with Deathwatch, let alone the issues with trying to spend longer making a character up that would be "balanced" alongside Deathwatch Space Marines. Seeing some of the threads I've read more recently, that concern is creeping up again. So, how would one best integrate characters together? My original plan had been to run a Dark Heresy game at first, get my group used to the theme and setting and all that. One of the players is female, and doesn't feel comfortable playing males by her own admission, so I'm hyping up Sisters of Battle for her. The idea was to take them up through the ranks to Rank 8… and about the time they'd be ready to go for Ascension-level characters, see if the two other players would prefer playing Space Marines and let them make such characters while letting the Sister of Battle continue on with Ascended-level play. Has anyone tried doing this before (cross-game in general, Sister of Battle with Deathwatch specifically), and if so, what were your experiences with it?
  4. Yeah… I've actually looked a bit more in-depth at the Adepta Sororitas in Blood of Martyrs and then some of the Ascension stuff -- I was surprised at several of the Faith powers, as well as some of the talents they have access to (Miraculous Survival being one of them). I talked with her some about it, and I think she might go for Sisters of Battle.
  5. Excellent, I'll be keeping an eye out for it, then. Whenever I get my own campaign started (and I may start off with Dark Heresy, and once everyone hits Rank 8, give a chance for the roommates that I know will be interested in it for them to switch to Rank 1 Space Marines in Deathwatch (my female roommate, I may well see how she likes going Ascended with a Sisters of Battle or whatever she wants to play, and then have her attached to Deathwatch, perhaps with a bit of Inquisitorial oversight -- I'll have to figure out how exactly to make that work). Thanks.
  6. I know there's some brief mention of a tomb world as part of The Emperor Protects, and that Black Crusade/Hand of Corruption have some Necron stats. Are there any more Necron stats (personnel, vehicles, etc.) forthcoming in future products? If not, can anyone suggest where I might find some additional Necron stats or info (aside from the codex for the miniatures, that is)?
  7. Kasatka said: Ive literally just made this point in another thread in the DW forums so im amazed it has come up so soon but basically: Deathwatch is a game about a-sexual superbeings dungeon crawling and slaying all that stands in their way. Yes there is a degree of macho hoo-rah about it all but ultimately gender plays no role in it. GMs shouldn't automatically assume that female players want to play female characters. Thats just demeaning and honestly doing no favours for the gaming community at large. Explain that gender means nothing in this game and if it helps the female players can imagine themselves as female super soldiers, but ultimately it has no mechanical effect. Furthermore if the reason said female gamers may not want to play spezzmherrins is because they arent into combat heavy action RPG then its more likely a case that this isn't the system for them. Try out Rogue Trader instead and allow 1 or 2 Kill Marines as player options - this gives the same end effect without ruining the system as intended. I've already read most of what amounted to a 9-page back-and-forth here about whether Astartes can have sex or not and gender issues therein; I'm not interested in restarting that debate. Knowing my roommates (since they're a married couple and all IRL and I've gamed with them for most of a decade at this point), that situation is bound to come up, but that's neither here nor there. Given how this player has DM'ed 2nd edition AD&D in the past, she has no qualms about being combat-heavy -- after all, we were playing Dark Sun, and by the end of the campaign she was throwing various of the Dragon-Kings of Athas at us. Take that as you will. In my case, it isn't an automatic assumption -- she's stated clearly in the past in other games that she would prefer to play a female character, and I've known her long enough to know that I should provide the option for her, rather than force her to play outside her comfort zone; that would be demeaning to her and doing no favors for keeping her interested in playing. The problem with trying to use Dark Heresy or Rogue Trader (especially DH / Blood of Martyrs for Sisters of Battle) to go along with Deathwatch is the difference of power levels -- I can't possibly run something where every character is Rank 1, because she's gonna get splattered due to the extreme lack of XP, and the lack of stats compared to Space Marines. That means the only alternative is to use Ascension… which means she'll have to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (or more) longer to make a character than anyone else because she'll have to spend XP to make her progression from Rank 1 to Rank 9, just so she could be on an even keel, and even then she's gonna likely wind up left behind because the XP expenditures are pretty high at Ascended levels -- particularly for the stat increases that can help even the odds, of which Space Marines automatically have the full benefit. Hand in hand with that is the fact that it's also not cool to limit her by saying "you can only have access to this stuff" while she's watching the other roommates (at higher ranks) breaking out the occasional Terminator armor or high-end heavy weapons or whatnot, or "you can't fight, stay here while we deal with it" and leave her completely out of combat (which would be even worse). I want everyone to be able to contribute to the story in their own way, but I want everyone to enjoy themselves as well. That's what I'm striving for. I want there to be balance -- and balance isn't going to be possible if I'm running what amounts to Ascended-level characters in Rogue Trader or Dark Heresy in using Kill-Marines as player options. Gurkhal: I'm not trying to be a martyr by any means -- it's more the fact that I know a lot of people are extremely leery of venturing outside of canon, and that's fine -- we all have our own opinions. Like I was saying above to Kasatka, though, I'm not fond of making my female player have to spend longer setting up a character than anyone else because she has to go through 8 rank progressions worth of XP spends in preparation to be able to be on an even keel with a Rank 1 Space Marine, when it's easier (and a lot less headache for her and I both) to give her the option that female Space Marines are possible. It is meant to be Golden Spears, just didn't see that I'd missed a couple of Night mentions… and only now saw the edit function after looking all over the place for it. I'd considered possibly modeling them on Valkyries as well, but with all the gene-seed issues of the Space Wolves (which seemed to be the most logical choice as a Progenitor Chapter for a Valkyrie-themed Chapter), I was leery of it being that way, and I didn't feel like other potential gene-seed donors would look so kindly upon the prospect of the Golden Spears being (potentially) widely divergent from the Codex as the Space Wolves might (given their own divergence from the Codex). In the end, that's where I have the biggest concern -- the fact that a female character will have to spend much longer setting up a character than a regular Space Marine concept would take to complete. That, I fear, is what may well drive the female player away from giving the game a chance, and I don't want to leave her out of the game because my only option is "use DH, Blood of Martyrs and Ascension to make a Sisters of Battle".
  8. I half-expect that I'm going to be seen as some twisted heretic for this, but I figured I would throw it out there and get an idea of who thinks what. I'll preface this by saying that I have a decent idea of the 40K universe and all (I'm coupling the various game books with the army codices and the like), so I'm not just trying to ignorantly blunder off into uncharted territory. My roommates are potentially interested in seeing what the 40K universe is about. One of them is female, and I'm not very keen on trying to mix Sisters of Battle (via Ascension) with Space Marines, because I still have the feeling that the Astartes are gonna run the show, and I want to be certain that I'm not forcing her to play a male character and therefore be outside her comfort zone. So, I came up with the following, courtesy in no small part of the Rites of Battle: 738.M41 -- As part of the recent Twenty-Sixth Founding, the High Lords of Terra found themselves with a conundrum: the Emperor's Tarot threw them a curve and required the formation of a unique Space Marine Chapter, composed solely of females -- what sort of destiny this Chapter might have under the Emperor's protection is anyone's guess. This sends the High Lords into a flurry of activity, until finally an agreement is worked out with both the Inquisition and the Adepta Sororitas to monitor the formation of the new chapter, named the Golden Spears. As part of their monitoring and agreement, the Adeptes Astartes at large are not told of the all-female nature of the Night Spears, at least not initially. The Progenitor gene-seed, perhaps surprisingly, does not come from the Ultramarines, but instead from the White Scars. Their assigned homeworld is a feral world uniquely suited to the needs of the Night Spears -- the human population is extremely female-dominant, and yet manages to thrive in spite of the gender inequality. As the Chapter formation proceeds, the Night Spears see very limited action, but fortune is with them: the inaugural Chapter Master (the titles remain the same, in keeping with the Codex) manages to win a rather stunning victory over the forces of Chaos, specifically the Alpha Legion; this is made all the more amazing in that a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch was involved and also defeated. As of 817.M41 (Deathwatch setting, IIRC), the Golden Spears are not quite at nominal strength, but growing close. The Chapter takes many cues from the White Scars in regards to combat doctrine and general demeanour, but charts its own course -- members are trained extensively with the Astartes Power Spear for use in combat, and it has become a traditional sight for the Golden Spears to field spear-wielders. On occasion, the Golden Spears have assisted the Sisters of Battle and the Inquisition, and more rarely team with Grey Knights; like the Silver Skulls and the Exorcists, the Golden Spears are aware of the existence of the Grey Knights, due to their ties with the Inquisition, but are still subject to post-mission mind-wipes when the situation requires it. I based this predominantly off the Amazons of myth, though I did add the feral world the Golden Spears chapter is based upon from Eddings' Belgariad and Mallorean cycles, specifically Maragor, where the females outnumbered the males 9:1. I'm sure I'm gonna get "HERETIC!" for giving women an equal opportunity in war (it being historically "a man's pursuit" when it comes to the 40K universe), but I thought it would be interesting to see how something like this would potentially work. I'm curious to see what people think, though -- I'm not trying to start a debate about sexuality or anything like that, but I would like to know thoughts.
  9. Forgive me if I'm posting this to the wrong sub-forum -- first-time poster here. I am curious, though, about whether there are actual stats for Battle Barges available, or if they'll be released in an upcoming supplement. I know the Battlefleet Korunus supplement of Rogue Trader doesn't have anything for them in starship hulls for making one there, and as a potential GM, it would be nice to have such stats on hand.
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