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  1. IG 2000, Mist Hunter, Hound's Tooth, Punishing One.
  2. Wookiepedia has the list of appearances for the Skipray. My vote also goes to more bounty hunters. And the outrider for the rebel scum. Where would the Empire be without them having targets for us? My non cloned Imperial soldiers fighting the rebel terrorists need to stay busy.
  3. Thank you all for keeping calm in all this. Rage boards are just terrible.
  4. I still vote a cr 90 imperial card expansion.
  5. Oooooh good choices. The bottom one is my favorite.
  6. We use the cr 90 and med trans. We use it in 4 player games where one person controls the cr 90. It makes it usable.
  7. Valid points. But they are appealing to all with the newest wave
  8. My brain turned back on... an imperial transport... a Star Galleon 300 meters is a bit long. Hmmmmm. But 5 turbolasers and a missile launcher. It is not op like a carrack. We wont have to strip down a lancer.
  9. http://tiger887.tripod.com/ExtraPics/IPV-1-side.jpg
  10. Love the input!! There is a few pics of a rounded ipv. Much better looking than that pointy nosed thing on wookiepedia. But Hound's Tooth is a perfect in between craft. Moderate length, good weapons, great pilot.
  11. So we all want big ships for the Empire. But we all seem to want ridiculous things. I know my group would be content with an Empire upgrade pack for the CR-90. It would be cost effective for FFG and easily produced to get in to my greedy fingers. And why do we need big ships? We have Slave One. Lets get more bounty hunters. Hound's Tooth: YV-666 Light Freighter 62 Meters Has Shields Quad Laser Cannon Ion Cannon Con Missile Launcher Has room for upgrades and crew This is a perfect ship for our uses. A realistic request is the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft 120 Meters 4 turbos a missile launcher Crew and such So lets be thoughtful towards the people that we throw our money at. They have done amazing. They will not let us down. They have not done so yet.
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