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  1. Got to playing around with the builder and came up with this: Total Squad Points: 100Pilot: Biggs DarklighterX-Wing (25)Upgrades: No upgrades Selected Pilot: Wedge AntillesX-Wing (29)Upgrades: No upgrades Selected Pilot: Lando CalrissianYT-1300 (44)Upgrades: Millenium Falcon (1) Nien Nunb (1) Comments, suggestions?
  2. Went 3-0 yesterday with the following list: Garvin - R2 Astromech Dutch - Ion Cannon and R5 Astromech Rookie - R2 Astromech Rookie - R2 Astromech In the finals, I piloted the Rebel and it was a knock-down, drag-out fight. The last turn was down to both big ships, each having only one hull point left. The dice decided that I would come in second. Good fight and good games.
  3. Had a chance to run the list yesterday and had good success with it. Dutch's wing man broke off after the first pass and engaged. Need more time with it but I think it is a good start.
  4. Thanks! Wanting to get everything ready for the Kessel Run.
  5. Can someone tell me what expansion the R2 Astromech comes in? I bought all the expansions at the same time and did not pay attention to which cards came with which ships.
  6. I like the first list, think I will have to give that a try.
  7. Trying to overcome the Y-wing short falls, I came up with this list: Total Squad Points: 98 Pilot: "Dutch" Vander Y-Wing Upgrades: Ion Cannon TurretR2-D2 Pilot: Rookie Pilot 1 X-Wing Upgrades: R2 Astromech Pilot: Rookie Pilot 2 X-Wing Upgrades: R2 Astromech Pilot: Rookie Pilot 3 X-Wing Upgrades: R2 Astromech I would run a pair of the Rookies together as the first wave and have Dutch and the other Rookie as follow up. After they get in the furball, Have the Rookies make strafing runs while Dutch circles the outside firing the ion cannon and giving target locks. Comments? Suggestions?
  8. If you want to do this from the Empire side, look at this: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/860628/custom-mission-the-redeemer The guy put a lot of work into it and should give you a good base line to work with.
  9. As of now: 3 Starters 1 X-wing expansion 2 Tie expansions 2 Tie Advance expansions 2 Y-wing expansions Subject to change by the end of the weekend…
  10. Just ordered two trays. Don't forget that they will custom cut foam trays. Since they already have the outlines in the computer, just tell them how many of what type you need. May cost a little extra but worth it.
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