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  1. The Rokucon Kickstarter is live! Come take part is the creation of the Unofficial Legend of the Five Rings fan convention! http://kck.st/2HKCGCY
  2. The Rokucon Kickstarter is live! Come take part is the creation of the Unofficial Legend of the Five Rings fan convention! http://kck.st/2HKCGCY
  3. In preparation of Inktober and NaNoWriMo, I have made a FB group for L5R fans to gather and share their creations! If you want to participate in these events, share the projects you have been working on, or just want to check things out, feel free to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/177732056461616/
  4. I just got an email from FFG saying that they will soon be randomly selecting the 3 beta testers to win a free copy of the core book. Check your emails!
  5. I listen to these guys! I just got done with their episode on Seppuku
  6. It was pointed out to me that by looking at the character sheet you can tell that the complicated "each skill gets its own ring approach" has bee scrapped, which I am happy about.
  7. I think a fundraiser might be the most respectful thing. If you start a go fund me I could share it on the various Social Media (pm me or hit me up on Discord if you want to get in contact with me)
  8. Here's the Card Strategy section of the article.
  9. I'd actually like to see some harsher penalties for dishonorable behaviour. After all, the trade off is that you get to utilize methods and resources that others can't.
  10. Yeah. I am wondering how much dislike for the system is due to it not being the familiar 4thed or is genuine dislike for this particualr system. That said, the responses so far (and more own feelings) seems to stem from a lack of interest with the system in particular. The enjoyment we are having so far stems mostly from our knowledge of the setting and us playing around in-character without rolling any dice......which is the age-old secret of RPGs (mechanics are secondary to RP). But, that doesn't take away from the fact engagin with the games mechanics never seem to be particularly fun or engaging.
  11. I am not trying to be mean or start a fight but wanted to ask a question in all seriousness: Are you currently enjoying this game? Specifically, would you chose to play this game instead of another RP system? What RP system do you think this game is better than? Im about 50/50 myself and am not sure which way I am going to fall atm. There are parts of this mish/mash of of 4th ed and Star Wars that I like but others I dont think go together at all and kinda think the game would be better leaning more in one of those 2 directions.
  12. We have run Multiple duels but only 1 Intrigue. The one Intrigue we have run was the one the Beta Adventure forced us to run. The rules seem straight forward but it really broke up what was already in our opinion a shakey adventure. We stop multiple times to ask ourselves "Why are we arguing with the wizened Crab elder. He obviously knows more about this than we do". In all of our games since we have never found an appropriate time to whip out the rules when a moderate amount of Role-playing worked just fine. The whole thing seems kinda unnecessary. (Also, it seems like whichever said has more people has a massive advantage) I've paired my Kakita Duelist up against a bunch of opponents, both in game and out-of-game screwing with the rules while we were on dinner break. Duels rarely last more than a round, though going through the steps can be kinda time consuming. I'd say at least 10-15 minutes. We can get down to 5 if we are going through the motions a lot. Our 1 intrigue lasted a while as we tried to figure everything out. Once we figured it out we got the whole thing knocked out in 2 rounds. A lot of time spent going over options that didnt appear to have matter all that much. Ideally, Duels would be a regular occurrence. They are useful as a means of settling matters of honor and the Clash mechanic is amazing and thematic for dedicated duelists in a skirmish. In our history of playing we could only think of a single scenario where we would have liked to use the Intrigue system: During a court debate where both sides were attempting to convince a governor of the guilt/innocence of samurai accused of murder. Other than that, Roleplay seems to work just fine. While not confusing to use, I think there are some spots that might not be clear to new readers. The difference between a formal Iaijutsu duel and an unsanctioned duel should be covered in more detail. While its implied, it is not clearly stated that the rules for keeping the Katana sheather until the first round in a duel to first strike also applies to Duels to first blood and to the death.
  13. Please do not tell me you guys expect us to try to navigate 2 pdfs going line-by-line...... Listen, if someone want to send me a copy on the InDesign files I'll go ahead and format the book with the edits in it. I have a convention next week but will I do it myself once that is over. (EDIT: Actually, I could probably knock it out this weekend)
  14. Hard to say. You can gather a lot but get rid of a bunch just as easily. Apparently assuming the Water Stance in combat is as relaxing as a trip to the day spa. Also, if your friend has just won a duel do them a favor and get them some tea because they are STRESSING THE **** OUT immediately afterwords. 3 characters in my group. In 2 sessions we've had only 1 outburst. I almost had one after a clash but it wouldn't have mattered since i was in a mass combat. VERY few checks have been missed. Assisting each other as much as possible is a big help. Even using rings that are not our best with skills we have little-to-no training in does not seem to slow us down. We've spent very few and had the oppertunity to gain even less. 50/50. For the most part we get the thematic nature of the rings and which skills generally are appropriate for a situation. But there are times when what we are trying to do does not seem to fall neatly into any given skill . Also, we have defaulted to having the players announce their ring choice choice and the GM letting us know if our approach is harder or easier than normal.
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