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  1. SPREAD THE WORD! Immediately following Round 6 of the NOVA Open X-Wing Championship, Wade Piche from FFG Organized Play has agreed to play a new core set demo game against two-time XWM World Champion Paul Heaver! They will be putting some of the new stuff through its paces and hopefully joining us for a little discussion afterwords. Join me and Nova Squadron Radio's Ed Edward Horne as we call the game live on my Twitch feed! We expect to get the game started around 7 PM EST. http://www.twitch.tv/m240guy/mobile
  2. I definitely want this to be more 'simulator' and not an arcade game. I really don't know anyone that doesn't want that. I'm sure it will have a lot in common with Battlefronts space combat, though. Thing is, I'm also sure it will be fun no matter what approach they take. Sure, I'd like to dust off the old Saitek Flightstick after all these years. As wide-open as this beta seems to be, I get the feeling by the time of actual release, it will be more simulator if we all harp on it enough.
  3. Well, I had no trouble signing up. Just need to see if I have trouble getting accepted. When I saw that, I thought of your TIEs immediately.
  4. That seems particularly overpowered.
  5. It's perceived as overdue as a result of the sheer predictability of the previous waves. Now no one really has any idea. The current best guess is the YT2400 and Z-95, but I'm not placing bets. It could just as well be some sort of Merc/Smuggler/Bounty Hunter wave in order to slightly change up the game. That's not my guess, but I feel like it's just as likely as anything else. So, really, here we are in the vastness of space with no real direction. I think the large ships have come with mixed reviews, and while the Aces is pretty well received, it's not really telling us the direction we're going.
  6. And this is how people use him right now. So embarrassing. A missile carrier ... completely ignoring about his ability. Whatever you take with secondary weapons shines with Jonus next to it. You should take Maarek because of his ability - but nobody does. This is exactly what we want to change. That's not entirely true. If he's landing crits, he's still getting the use of his ability. I like this because it does support my belief that these ships still have a solid opportunity to improve through the natural course of the game. Jonus is a great companion for the ADVs, and vice-versa. No, a single-use missile isn't necessarily a saving grace, but it is somewhat hopeful. The ADV is somewhat survivable enough, too, that you can assure a good delivery. A Jonus, Rhymer, Steele, Howlrunner squad may be a decent bet. I am fairly committed to trying to use what we have to make them useful, as opposed to speculating.
  7. Good thing FASA had such a squeaky clean copyright and legal record and never ever gets used as the example of violating intellectual property.
  8. I've got to agree with Rodent Mastermind here. That ship is hideous. Now, the inside may be the lap of luxury, but unless FFG is doing a cutaway view, I fear there isn't much they can do to dress it up. It's like a houseboat in space. Yet, if they made it, I would buy it, just because it is Lando's ship. Only one though... I'll be the third person to share this opinion. That thing is just awkward looking, and modifying it into something that it has never really been in the EU would be even more awkward.
  9. Now this is a sentiment I absolutely don't agree with. While I think they'd certainly see a decline in purchases, there are a lot that are popular 'enough', even if not entirely as popular. I'd venture to assume most people actually investing in this game are far more familiar with the EU than you suggest. I'd even venture to guess that quite percentage of them have a favorite that was never on-screen.
  10. I'm beginning to wonder myself. I don't know that the 'four ship' structure is necessarily going to carry forward. We're out of the cinematic ships. I'm certain we'll continue to see releases. Just hope the game continues and there's not something wrong. I think more people are anticipating this release than anything else, and it has been a long time waiting. The reason I believe that is because this release in particular is going to let us see where the game is really headed. The last three waves were easily predictable, aside from the HWK-290, and that ship is the only evidence we have of where they may be willing to go.
  11. I went to the launch party, so I've had mine for a few weeks now. The retail version just hit stores a few days ago. The rules haven't changed much in this edition, but it still runs quick and smooth. Great game. I do enjoy GURPS, though it's not my exclusive system. So many fun games out there. Considering the original Ogre game was mid 70s, being early 90s means was 20 years ahead of it's time. Didnt realize it was that old. Maybe I saw a 90s version or something.
  12. This would be awesome. At least the bombs should be threaded that way - i mean ... wtf could the bombers carry only a single bomb? ... but if you could disable and reuse them, this would be quite nice. The Bomber was released late enough for the designers to know the sheer unlikelihood of any one ship ever being equipped with more than one Secondary Weapon. I really don't believe being able to re-enable a card that would otherwise be discarded to be overpowered, and would go a long way to maintaining the Bomber's relevance through the duration of the game. Which is, effectively, the problem with the Bomber. It's too costly to load it up, and it's just not that great post-merge. Although, I will say, it isn't horrible by any means without ordnance, and can actually be quite functional.
  13. Im oddly comfortable with this, or something more flexible but similar.
  14. No real question about the value of PtL when it comes to APT. Deadeye on the other hand SUCKS with the APT. It can help you get it off but when you're spending your Focus to fire the torp that means you do NOT have it to turn the eyeballs into hits which is really important when the APT can turn three blanks into eyeballs. You REALLY want to be able to convert those focus results (you almost never have any blank results after using as APT) into hits so if your spending your Focus to fire you don't get to do that. I'd say that'd be the reason Recon Specialist was included in that build?
  15. Being a Blue Falcon is never a drawback for the Blue Falcon.
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