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  1. Seems hopeful if they are showing up anywhere. The past three years of POD scenarios from both GenCon and Fellowships came out the following February or March. With that I'm surprised they haven't been released yet so something must be held up at their local printer. I personally have the Woodland Realm and am super excited to get Wizard's quest and play them together! It truly is a great format for deck testing, tailoring for difficultly, random encounter replay value and the competitive multiplayer.
  2. Large box is perfect for playmats! 7 comfortably fit rolled up in it and 2 more folded in half. ?
  3. Seriously though, I totally agree with you. There's so many out of stock items including ALL of the Saga's. Many of the first several cycles of Adventure packs are also out of stock.. Yeah they're printing more but not fast enough. Their printers may be that limited but for a game that is so "healthy and alive" it seems silly to not have it well stocked unless it is beyond their printing capabilities. I can imagine lots of lost money from expansions people can't buy just because it's out of stock. I used to buy expansions from Amazon, Ebay and/or Coolstuffinc since I got into the game a couple years after it's release. It was pretty easy to find and buy many expansions for less than retail and also with free shipping etc. But now every site has limits and much of the game is out of stock making it super difficult to catch up or simply buy expansions that look fun to a player if they're not the most recent. So to the OP yes the digital game should bring interest to the physical but with so much out of print and a full collection easily costing $1000 many will just opt to play the digital. Please FFG keep up with the reprints so people can actually buy and play this amazing game!!
  4. BH: Frodo Baggins BI: Beregond BJ: Elrond BK: Théoden (S)
  5. AZ: Galadriel BA: Frodo Baggins BB: Legolas BC: Beregond BD: Elrond BE: Boromir (T) BF: Éowyn BG: Théoden (S)
  6. AJ: Galadriel AK: Sam Gamgee AL: Beorn AM: Aragorn (Le) AN: Aragorn (Lo) AO: Gríma AP: Beregond AQ: Mablung AR: Elrond AS: Damrod AT: Gandalf AU: Boromir (T) AV: Éowyn AW: Amarthiul AX: Arwen Undomiel AY: Théoden (S)
  7. D: Galadriel E: Pippin (Lo) F: Glorfindel (S) G: Sam Gamgee H: Frodo Baggins I: Beorn J: Éomer K: Idraen L: Aragorn (Lo) M: Prince Imrahil N: Legolas O: Gríma P: Beregond Q: Merry (T) R: Haldir of Lorien S: Mablung T: Elrond U: Rossiel V: Merry (S) W: Damrod X: Caldara Y: Gimli Z: Boromir (T) AA: Erestor AB: Éowyn AC: Eleanor AD: Amarthiul AE: Aragorn (T) AF: Celeborn AG: Arwen Undomiel AH: Théoden (S) AI: Faramir (Le) Thanks for the copy paste option, so much easier!!
  8. Added Guardian Games which is in Portland, OR. $25 entry fee @1pm on the 14th of Nov. Facebook event link
  9. I'm stoked!! I'm curious if we'll get ents in the other spheres also? and another mount! too cool!!
  10. From what I see this quest sounds epic going from intense moments fighting trolls to recouping at safe locations, pretty cool. The low defense on those trolls means they could easily be taken out with a combo of Straight Shot and one of many other cards from Tactics. Dunedain Message seems a bit crazy. I expected a card that would search for these side quests otherwise they are nothing more than an occasional cool thing to pop up. I thought there would maybe be a "search the top 10 cards of your deck" rather than whole deck because now we can always pull out those side quests! This also made me think of Message From Elrond which is best with events especially ones that fetch something from your deck.
  11. The player side quest I think is also neutral along with Ranger of the North. This website is beautiful by the way to see all the cards from their original boxes easily. Over time the card numbers have been organized differently in the Deluxe boxes for example Khazad-dum ordered the cards by spheres and Leadership and Tactics got 3 cards each while Spirit and Lore only got 2 and then 1 neutral. Heirs had a lot of player cards: 4 each of Leadership and Lore while Spirit and Tactics got 3 each. After Heirs the order of card numbers goes by type rather than sphere which only matters when we try to now figure out what future cards are! lol Voice gave us 2 cards for Leadership, Lore and Spirit while Tactics and neutral each got 3 which is crazy for neutral but Road Darkens also had 3 neutral cards. So, no the cards have never been divided equally and even in a couple of the last packs from the Dwarrowdelf we got 0 neutral cards and 3 Lore cards! So the designers aren't afraid to change things up a bit with lots of neutral cards or maybe an expansion with far more of one sphere. fun fact: there are currently 81 cards for Leadership, Tactics and Spirit but Lore has 84. Neutral has 32. So even though cards aren't divided equally from each pack they have still been well rounded except for Lore who has a few extra. All these ridiculous numbers have come from being obsessed with this game yet being stuck in the current drought.. hahha
  12. Because the card numbers which we know clearly show how much space is left for player cards. In these Deluxe boxes we never get every card type from all the spheres, instead we get 2-3 cards from each sphere so some get more love than others. Back to the card numbers.. 1&2 are the heroes, 3-6 are allies, 7-9 events, 10-13 attachments, 14 is the side quest, 15 the neutral Ranger of the North guy who gets shuffled into the encounter deck and 16 goes into the encounter cards starting with the objective-ally Iarion. Thats why I said 6 and 13 would be Spirit because thats what is missing and the order makes it clear it would be an ally and an attachment.
  13. The two Spirit cards (all thats left unspoiled) will be an ally and an attachment and from this quote about the box "new Dúnedain allies for each of the game’s four spheres of influence, and a handful of events and attachments that help your Dúnedain , Rangers , and other characters track down and defeat foes that might otherwise threaten the simpler folk of the North." all allies will be Dunedain but the attachment could be anything..
  14. So many great cards, I'm stoked!! All these combos are wild and Sam can easily get out of control with all these ways to engage enemies now! From the space thats left I can make really good guesses... The only player cards not spoiled are # 6 and 13. 6 is likely a Spirit ally and 13 is a Spirit attachment.
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