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  1. Believe in Outmaneuver as an offensive EPT. Not something defensive. Throw my chips by something that will simulate the Antilles Maneuver or Tallon Roll. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tallon_Roll
  2. Your idea is interesting. But I guess not. The E-wing comes with outmaneuver card, but the E-wing already has the evade action.
  3. Someone noticed that although the tie defender does not have the evade action icon in ship card, the picture show an evade token? Will be the ability of a named pilot?
  4. I agree. At the moment, the game that more deserves and need a big box expansion and some more P.O.D is Gears of War. Come on FFG, answer our request. meet our request. People, petition in forum. all asking here. We will ask to be attended.
  5. Thanks for the comments. Just clarifying: I'm not defending the barrel roll twice. The FAQ on page 3 makes clear that it is not allowed. And isn't allowed the same action twice in the same turn. What I'm trying to understand is the errata card expert handling. Why 'free barrel roll "? See: the card expert handling is a complete action, ok. There is no need for the word free. Simply the ship equipped with it would be an upgrade with the barrel roll. Every time I wanted to do a barrel roll, do expert handling. There would be no need for the word free card. The word free, open space to defend an extra action (since not repeated). Eg. Wedge Antilles equipped with expert handle (free barrel roll). He in the same turn, would perform a focus action and a free barrel roll. And be penalized with a stress token. If the card is a complete action (consumes its action) that allows a free barrel roll, no need of errata.
  6. I need to hear your opinion. Example 1: Darth Vader equipped with expert handling. He could take an focus action, an evasive action and a barrel roll handling of expert? Example 2: "Night Beast" after executing a green maneuver. Free focus action+evasive action. He is closer (distance 1) to Vader (equipped with squad leader). Vader uses squad leader e give the free action the night beast. The only possible action to night beast is Barrel roll. Right? The reason for the question of example 1 is that some people (in the BGG forum) are arguing that expert handling is a action. So with Vader (two distinct actions per turn) you have perform expert handling + other action that is not barrel roll (example). Was that it? Expert handling is an complete action or is a free barrel roll action? http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/886029/expert-handling Please your opinions. Thank you.
  7. Shadowjack, what do you suggest? We did some tests and we were playing well (not definitive): maneuver template "turn 2" placed at side to the base and ending the move turning 180º. Two stress tokens. Opens possibility to attack the enemy outside of the firing arc, but the cost is high to pay. We will continue doing tests.
  8. ShadowJak said: Also, that new pilot card you're suggesting is just a mess. Sorry, but I'm not suggesting a new pilot's card. But a elite talent upgrade card. Allow a new action.
  9. I believe this is the best place to post this. The rules section believe it is only for the officers. Am I right? At the request of my gaming group (many complaints to turn quickly the ship) I'm think the following and ask for their opinions or tests to improve the idea. Create a new card upgrade of elite talents. You would perform a barrel roll with maneuver template "turn 1". At the end of the movement turns your ship 180 degrees. Peculiarities of the action: You put two tokens stress due to the high difficulty of the maneuver. If in the action bar you have the barrel roll symbol roll one attack die if appear a critical damage (or normal damage), go to the pile of damage cards and select a card "blinded pilot" and put in his ship. If not the symbol of barrel roll, roll two attack dice instead of one. The card is discarded after executing a green maneuver along with a stress token. Can be stunned pilot's card. Maybe just the two stress tokens are already enough. The koiogran turn is great but you are away a lot and can hardly make a good approximation to attack. I wanted to type something like the pilot was dizzy, stunned and then discard the card damage and did not make it into fixed damage. Observing the maneuver template and catching a straight speed of 2, I see that has the symbol of koiogran speed 2. Just do not have the ship that makes this move yet. Incidentally, there koiogran in straight speed 2, 3, 4 and 5. The "split S" turn or "stall turn" maneuvers meet me. Idealized maneuver like this: maneuver template turn 1 or turn 2, putting the side of the ship (like the barrel roll) and moving the ship at the end of the maneuver template, spinning it 180 degrees. Or it could be done with maneuver templates bank 1 or bank 2 too. I need opinions please, thanks.
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