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  1. Hear, hear! There is only rebel players here? FFG should make an errata in the daredevil card with headers: rebel only, A-wing only, Tycho only.
  2. A friend of mine said that in his view, daredevil should be the optional effect of equip a card upgrade engine on a ship that already has boost in your action bar. You have two options to perform a boost.
  3. Expose it requires another card to work well? Expensive combo - 7 points. Works on any other ship besides the decimator? Elusiveness also requires another card to work well? Expensive combo also - 6 points. Works in addition to any other pilot, Farlander or Ibtisam?
  4. My idea here would be to put those cards that are not being used and are ignored by more experienced players and are a waste of points because the cost benefit is bad. This would help new players to stay away from them until FFG create something that makes them usable. EPT 1 - Expose 2 - Elusiveness Crew 1 - Flight Instructor (Crew) 2 - Saboteur (Crew) Anything else?
  5. Cool. Wave 53 should come in the pilot / card / template / token that will fix or allow me to use what was released in Wave 2. Do what? It's Star Wars. Love unconditionally.
  6. Okay. Very well. Let's see if I can explain myself. But I want to read what they think before. I like the game. It's very good. But consider these points: 1 elusiveness - Who do you think is a good card? Who defends the use of it in your squad? 2 Proton Torpedoes / Missiles concussion - What do you think of the cost in points is correct? How do you feel seeing four points being thrown away in an unsuccessful attack? Example: The target is hit and takes only 1 damage? 3 Expose - EI is currently the best way to use Expose, but the additional cost and the token of stress is good? Pay off? Or expose remain a despised card? Remembering that EI is a dotted card.
  7. If you've done this, put it here and if possible to answer that FFG gave his request. I just sent this today: Please refer to the designers of X-wing One of the cards I like is elusiveness (really like). I believe that other players also have a love for this card. But I feel that something is missing him. Could they make it more useful to be used more often? Something like in addition to reroll attack dice, allow reroll one defense die and get rid of the hit, be penalized with a stress. Another thing: Why not include in the proton torpedoes and concussion missiles cards the header - ACTION: Attack (Target Lock). Just think of that possibility and see that everyone will love it. Mitigate the high cost of the cards above and would be interesting in addition to requiring a good preparation to launch a secondary attack in the action phase. Besides being able to perform the primary attack weapon in the attack phase. Thanks for the great game that X-wing is. Just remember that peopl of older cards and do not be trying to fix things like Expose, making us buy more ships. Just do not be ashamed to make an errata. Be proud of correcting the flaws and conquer more admiration from fans of the game community. Thank you for giving attention to us, we like to play X-wing casually.
  8. Although the text of the announcement does not tell the size of the minis, they apparently are in the range of 28mm. I think it's worth having so nice miniatures and not use them with the mechanics of tactical combat. Really wanted a game that would supply the lack of GOW. Abstract Combat mechanics, maybe? Only roll dice to achieve success like Elder Sign is kinda disappointing for a game with the importance of X-COM. Future expansion or other X-COM release with tactical combat?
  9. I do not want to change anything or suggest any house rule. I am just wondering ... Expose would be better if it were a modification card? Not requiring an action, only increasing primary weapon and reducing agility? I thought about it because Firespray came with only one type (stealth device x 2) of modification card. YT-1300 came with 2 types (engine upgrade x2 and shield upgrade x2). And expose is the exact opposite of stealth device design. What do you think? Expose as modification card without costing an action would be good?
  10. Analyzing the italicized text of the modifications cards ever released with the images already Wave 5, I can say that both modifications - the "counter measures" as "tactical jammer" are cards for every ship. No restrictions type imperial only or rebels only. Or only large ship type. This is very good. Especially for tie interceptors with title card.
  11. For me, the best ship is Interceptor. Moreover, the interceptor is the ship with the best potential for the entire game until the wave 5. The title (royal guard tie) that allows equipping two modifications is a unique asset. A pity that the wave 3 and wave 4 have no modifications that might be used. I'm hoping to have great modifications cards in wave 5. Take this opportunity to vent and complain about how the squad points are calculated. The real value of one ship should be for what it really you puts at the game table. While today you pay for possible upgrades that you can equip the ship. If you want to fly with a tie bomber without any upgrade. What is the real price of it? Or if you want to fly with an E-wing without any upgrade? It would be nice if this points (upgrades not used) were removed from the ship's final value. What use to be the ultimate ship if you can barely put one in your squad? We just try to put "one" sacrificing quality for quantity.
  12. An Tie interceptor can equip a modification card (stygium particle accelerator)? Or to equip this modification card is necessary to have in your action bar the action of cloak? It looks like there are two modifications included with the Phantom. The Advanced Cloaking Device is "TIE Phantom only", and it lets you cloak as a free action after you attack. The general guess about the Stygium Particle Accelerator, which has been only partially spoiled, is that it says something about getting a free evade action when you cloak. That one doesn't seem like it's limited to the TIE Phantom--but it won't have any actual effect unless you can already cloak (because you'll never be able to trigger its effect). Vorpal is a sage. That's what I meant. If you want to use in another ship (b-wing / tie interceptor etc) tie phantom's "open" modification (stygium particles accelerator) is required (it looks that way) to have a action to cloak in your action bar. Opens the possibility for have in future a modification that allows the inclusion of cloak action in the action bar. But this is only my speculation.
  13. An Tie interceptor can equip a modification card (stygium particle accelerator)? Or to equip this modification card is necessary to have in your action bar the action of cloak?
  14. Updating me now about spoilers. So it's no ship that can put the modification card that comes with Tie Phantom tie. You need to take cloak action or a modification that gives this action to the ship. Then if the ship has the action of cloack (either via standard action in action bar or modification card) will equip the tie phantom's modification card that is not unique. (stygium particle accelerator). Am I right in my thinking so far? Then the tie interceptors (via title card - royal guard tie) could in future (if the modification that gives the action of cloack is released) have both action: cloack action and putting other generic modification that comes with the phantom tie. Sounds pretty promising to give up the tie interceptor.
  15. It would be nice if FFG did something for the lambda. The miniature has a huge weapon in rear what would rear firing arc. The modification card Anti-Pursuit Lasers not properly implement the rear firing arc.
  16. I put here my opinion . Nobody is forced to agree with me . The excitement I felt with the announcement of the Imperial aces , was not the same with the rebels aces , even though I was with a very high expectation of this release . First : I was hoping for something for a-wings and y -wings and perhaps x -wings . But b-wings ? B -wing is the wave 3 is freshly baked in our game . Second: While I like most of the empire , I play with the rebels too. Many players are rebels players and go buy the imperial aces , why? Why have Upgrades ( EPT and modifications ) that they can use in their rebel ships. Ask : Out of the new card sensor and proton rockets , what in rebels aces pack that may be useful to the empire? I believe that the launch of the rebels aces was a little weak for the content of the cards . Even the rebels themselves . Since now the wings can double EPT was missing some new cards EPT. There came no modification and nor crew cards that can be used by both sides. These reasons make me dislike a bit of this release . I do not know if you are someone who thinks so anymore. I believe that both, the rebels and the empire were, not well endowed with this release . Had enormous potential but was wasted.
  17. Hi guys... I admit I'm a little ass, and I got some questions about the barrel roll. I need help if possible with diagrams and drawings illustrating what I know. I appreciate the help. Just this week I found that the barrel roll can be performed by placing the ship a little bit forward and can be performed by placing the ship a little bit backward. This opens up a huge range of flexibility. I thought he could only be performed by placing the ship forward. I was wrong. 1) In addition to the two options for perform barrel roll (final position forward and final position backward) is there any other final position? Or is it just these two? 2) That is what really intrigues me. As would be made ​​all possible options barrel roll with the ability of Lieutenent Lorrir? I know only that it is this. And the other possible, how would? mainly backward. Thank you.
  18. And about Soontir fel and new x-wing pilots? Example: Soontir receives 3 stresses in one turn. This will be equal to 3 focus?
  19. What is attracting the attention of ships that wave 4 are: Tie Phantom - He has included a pair of target lock. Since it does not have this action in your action bar. (Fire Control System - the ship does not need to have target lock action?) Tie defender - It comes with a evade token. He hasn't this action in your action bar. E-wing - does not have the action of boost in your action bar, but the astromech (R7-T1) in certain circumstances allows the ship (any ship) equipped to take action to boost. There is a huge flexibility in the actions of each ship for the upgrades. That is who is leaving the wave 4 interesting for me. How will the relationship action bar x actions?
  20. What is attracting the attention of tie phantom is: He has included a pair of target lock. Since it does not have this action in your action bar.
  21. Phewww! I thought you were going to say you had to expose yourself to the other player to use it. That would be a weird house rule.... where do you live? I live in Brazil. I apologize for my English. I can not believe this house rule is weird. It is more natural for the type of card that expose should be. Once you have used the action in card is always active. Until you disable it. It already has the disadvantage of reducing their agility. It is as if the ship was almost suicidal for the next turns, and allows you to use other actions instead of always using the expose.
  22. In my group, we liked the game the way it is. Except expose card. So rule expose was to turn it into action on / off. Since performing the action of the expose, the ship will be in that condition (+1 attack primary weapon / -1 agility) for the nexts turns. Expose always on. Until to the player uses the action again to turn off the ability. Is working very well for us. Try to play like you too.
  23. Sorry, but I do not know much of the Star Wars universe. Does anyone know what these ships are being attacked by E-wing? Is there any chance to appear in the next waves of ships?
  24. Trying to enhance the image of the card, does not reveal much, but the amount of text and not have bolded words, imagine something like this: A constant skill that allows you to react to maneuver the enemy with an additional maneuvering or positioning the vessel in relation to the enemy. Although one could read something: http://teamcovenant.com/immaterium/2014/02/11/squinting-at-wave-4-card-text/
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