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  1. I liked so much Warhammer Quest - Adventure Card Game. I like X-wing Miniature game. But I miss a group co-op campaign vs the "mission". I think is possible make a Warhammer Quest style game with a X-wing Squadron theme. Logically no heavy movimentation with miniatures in table, but very co-op feeling with squadron sensation. Well, only to put my idea.
  2. Maybe not is necessary a droid pilot to use calculate. Some droid in a droid slot would give a calculate token to pilot use.
  3. Any word or minimal information about the existence of cards of this kind in 2.0? With a change of PS to initiative how these cards or other simillars would work? I remember only this two Swarm Tactics and Decoy. Exist anymore cards of this type?
  4. Maybe Imperial Assault will gains a LCG's cooperative version (like Arkham Horror Card game). Or Fantasy Flight will turns IA on a Warhammer quest's sucessor with a retheme. In my perspective IA will gain a some sort of card game version.
  5. And about Swarm Tactics? It will exist in 2.0?
  6. So, what worth more: 4 green dices or 2 green dices with evade?
  7. Let's me try too... Expose Discard a Evade token to roll 1 additional attack dice. Or Discard a Evade token to re-roll 1 attack dice.
  8. Do FFG still carry the GOW license? Please, relaunch and adapt GOW with Death Angel Mechanics. Or X-COM with Death Angel Mechanics. Or Android Universe with Death Angel Mechanics. A Silver Line Sci-fi board/card game is necessary actually. Please, make this occur. A good Sci-fi for us with thirst for a good Spacial/Modern Adventure.
  9. For me a new dials with new moves would be good, but I feel X-wing lacks an obligatory movement in the end phase. A straight 1 or bank 1 would give a different dynamic to the game and simulate very well the notion of ships in continuous movement and would require more of the players to attack their opponents or would allow evasive maneuvers of squadrons. And some large ships never, never would have the same speed than small ships, So other templates or downgrade the speed for large ships.
  10. I like so much sci-fi theme. An Survival/investigation space crawler with tokens combat system used in Runebound would be fine. Android universe maybe. Abstract combat and exploration like Card game warhammer quest. One new sci-fi IP is the more than the best. OR Resident evil 1 would be possible for recriate with this above. Thanks for read.
  11. I liked the AT card. But I think it will create a new monster in the game. IG 2000 has boost in the action bar and can equip this mod card. I'm a little worried about it. Hopefully FFG has been taken into account the status of IG 2000.
  12. Would be happy if autothrusters were "exclusive" (ie, only work well) in tie interceptors and star vipers. A-wings, E-wings, do not need help now.
  13. I know I have my preferences and match accordingly. But two things we need to consider: 1 - S & V has access to virtually all of the upgrades that have been released so far except the restrict faction type. 2 - The issue of Lambda: I do not speak and write nothing if there were no such Anti Lasers Pursuit card. You're aware it's not possible at this stage to give the Lambda a rear arc, yes? Maybe with some Love for Lambda? Space to implement the military version of her, and put more pilots and make existing pilots (Kagi, Jendon and Yorr) as crew versions. Within the reference materials exist plenty of space to do good things with the Lambda. I have the patience to wait. Just do not have confidence that the developers will do this. As I say and keep it as opinion about this game: Developers do not care about the Empire. And the great mass of players either.
  14. I know I have my preferences and match accordingly. But two things we need to consider: 1 - S & V has access to virtually all of the upgrades that have been released so far except the restrict faction type. 2 - The issue of Lambda: I do not speak and write nothing if there were no such Anti Lasers Pursuit card.
  15. With each new spoiler on the S&V faction I step to realize that the preference order of FFG or developers is currently: 1 - S & V 2 - Rebels 3 - Empire The questions I ask myself about the game are: How to balance things now that S&V came with everything and more ???? As I like to play with the empire, I think the faction that more will suffer until something is done is the empire. I think the Empire suffers from the curse of Tie swarm. And because of this, by having an exceptional swarm was dropped down. The Empire has a very large gap: -Huge ships lack. -Lack update escort for huge ships. (judged to be the same path that the rebels - Imperial scort be Tie fighter). -Lack update for bomber tie (y-wing bomb loadout and Andrasta show this) / tie advanced lack/ lambda without auxiliary arc device (do not give me the old story of APL). -PS Mid lack good pilots. -Imperial Aces was a bad joke with the habilities of the rebel aces pilot. Maybe now's the players who like or have a preference for rebels know how to have your faction pushed aside by another, because FFG is putting all the best in S & V. Another issue: With the repetition of some ships in the new faction (y-wing / hwk-290 / Firespray 31 / Z-95) and some small buffs that can be used by the rebels and empire: Can we expect expansions of specific improvements for the same ships in the short time (next year)? Ex: Y-wing "aces" specific for rebels or Firespray "aces" specific for the empire?
  16. Something I was thinking: The modification card comes with a viper star then has to serve to star viper. In the interview the developers said that the modification would be loved by the interceptors but did not mention other high agility ships (A-wing, tie fighter, tie advanced, e-wing). So the question is: What does the star viper and the tie interceptor have in common that other ships do not have? Answer: Action bar com native boost and barrel roll. The only two ships in current time in the game that already have these actions on your action bar. So the mechanics of this modification card should work with these actions.
  17. With the outmaneuver card we have how emulate Wedge Antilles ability. The unique ability of the Wedge is better. But the outmaneuver EPT gets interesting. What other pilots do you think has a skill that deserves one ept that emulates the original ability?
  18. Makes sense... is to be some automatic thing. I believe we shall be able to auto boost and auto barrel roll actions. Or maybe add the two actions into one style Lt. Lorrir. So spare actions to trigger push the limit and hold a focus or perhaps even focus + evade + boost / barrel roll Lorrir style). It would be great, but do not believe the issue of squad points. Flight Instructor costs 4 points and lets you reroll a focus. Against low skill enemys a blank. Gunner costs 5 points. How many points would cost a "defensive gunner"? Too expensive to be viable and "mandatory" in the interceptors. I'm also in trouble wait. This is the card I most want to know what does. Tie interceptors are my favorites. FFG is releasing information every two weeks, every Monday. So she reveals the rest of the most wanted in 11.03, something the star viper... day 11/17. There is patience and anxiety.
  19. Playing with rebel aces I thought the following: Interceptor title x A-wing title .... What is more advantageous? Two modifications x Two ept ... Push the limit "mandatory" in tie interceptor... In my opinion (like playing with Imperial faction) ... the title of the tie Interceptor is more advantageous. Two good modifications are better than two EPT. But this time the title of the tie interceptor is not very advantageous for the simple fact that we now have far more EPT options than good modifications. Options of modifications to restrict the interceptors are: Hull upgrade Shield upgrade stealth device targeting computer So believe (after FFG disappointed for not releasing interesting modifications to the interceptors (and others ships) in wave 3, 4 and 5) that the "auto-thrusters" that will come with the Star Viper will be something that will replace Push the limit. Exactly what I do not know, but bet will work with boost and barrel roll (perhaps boost and barrel roll together). And leave the EPT slot free to use predator, outmaneuver, etc... or Push the limit (the new FAQ came up with a better explanation of how it works push the limit in multiple actions) or other EPT which are many and not see game with tie intereceptors. So be it. A modification that will take the "mandatory" Push the limit in tie interceptors .
  20. what would that change? I was curious . Thank you .
  21. I believe it is very clear that both the FFG and the X-wing public in general and possible new players like most of the rebels. Proof of this is just to make a comparison with what has been released so far (eg - rebel aces x imperial aces). Two pilots with excellent skills on the side of the empire were crippled due to poor implementation. Kir Kanos - The cost to place an EPT for him? Lorrir - I think also lack an EPT or text best ability. And this kind of thing to FFG does not go back to correct. Besides the fact that we see the cards that come with each package aces. The imperial aces comes with cards that fit well all factions yet. Already the rebel aces ... comes with almost exclusive cards for the rebels. enhanced scopes - ?????? proton rockets - ??????? So it is logical that the best skills and habilities to go where there is more financial return. It is a fact for me is open wide.
  22. I love the difference between the red and green dices . The attack is always privileged and the defense not so much, defend is more technical. It is evident that it was a great designer's choice for the game. But, if given the defense dice looks like this: Focus / Focus / Focus / Evade / Evade / Evade / Blank / Blank That would make the game unbalanced? What do you think?
  23. I do not believe such a list limit creativity. Serves as a warning that some cards are not beady yet. And you end up spending a lot of points that could be better spent on other things. Ie, is not a prohibition not to use certain cards. Just a warning that has cards cost / benefit better.
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