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  1. I liked so much Warhammer Quest - Adventure Card Game. I like X-wing Miniature game. But I miss a group co-op campaign vs the "mission". I think is possible make a Warhammer Quest style game with a X-wing Squadron theme. Logically no heavy movimentation with miniatures in table, but very co-op feeling with squadron sensation. Well, only to put my idea.
  2. Maybe not is necessary a droid pilot to use calculate. Some droid in a droid slot would give a calculate token to pilot use.
  3. Any word or minimal information about the existence of cards of this kind in 2.0? With a change of PS to initiative how these cards or other simillars would work? I remember only this two Swarm Tactics and Decoy. Exist anymore cards of this type?
  4. Maybe Imperial Assault will gains a LCG's cooperative version (like Arkham Horror Card game). Or Fantasy Flight will turns IA on a Warhammer quest's sucessor with a retheme. In my perspective IA will gain a some sort of card game version.
  5. And about Swarm Tactics? It will exist in 2.0?
  6. So, what worth more: 4 green dices or 2 green dices with evade?
  7. Let's me try too... Expose Discard a Evade token to roll 1 additional attack dice. Or Discard a Evade token to re-roll 1 attack dice.
  8. Do FFG still carry the GOW license? Please, relaunch and adapt GOW with Death Angel Mechanics. Or X-COM with Death Angel Mechanics. Or Android Universe with Death Angel Mechanics. A Silver Line Sci-fi board/card game is necessary actually. Please, make this occur. A good Sci-fi for us with thirst for a good Spacial/Modern Adventure.
  9. For me a new dials with new moves would be good, but I feel X-wing lacks an obligatory movement in the end phase. A straight 1 or bank 1 would give a different dynamic to the game and simulate very well the notion of ships in continuous movement and would require more of the players to attack their opponents or would allow evasive maneuvers of squadrons. And some large ships never, never would have the same speed than small ships, So other templates or downgrade the speed for large ships.
  10. I like so much sci-fi theme. An Survival/investigation space crawler with tokens combat system used in Runebound would be fine. Android universe maybe. Abstract combat and exploration like Card game warhammer quest. One new sci-fi IP is the more than the best. OR Resident evil 1 would be possible for recriate with this above. Thanks for read.
  11. I liked the AT card. But I think it will create a new monster in the game. IG 2000 has boost in the action bar and can equip this mod card. I'm a little worried about it. Hopefully FFG has been taken into account the status of IG 2000.
  12. Would be happy if autothrusters were "exclusive" (ie, only work well) in tie interceptors and star vipers. A-wings, E-wings, do not need help now.
  13. I know I have my preferences and match accordingly. But two things we need to consider: 1 - S & V has access to virtually all of the upgrades that have been released so far except the restrict faction type. 2 - The issue of Lambda: I do not speak and write nothing if there were no such Anti Lasers Pursuit card. You're aware it's not possible at this stage to give the Lambda a rear arc, yes? Maybe with some Love for Lambda? Space to implement the military version of her, and put more pilots and make existing pilots (Kagi, Jendon and Yorr) as crew versions. Within the reference materials exist plenty of space to do good things with the Lambda. I have the patience to wait. Just do not have confidence that the developers will do this. As I say and keep it as opinion about this game: Developers do not care about the Empire. And the great mass of players either.
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