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  1. Thanks for the reply, that really cleared things up for me
  2. But assuming he had no fate points left? how would it be handled?
  3. I have a Player who's character has taken 2 different attacks that in total have reduced him to -2 damage after you apply true grit. If he is using a Nath, so healing amount is doubled per core, and he has the talent from apoth character creation that lets him add 1d5 to his healing. How does this play out? I know he gets one first aid test for each "untreated wound" but lets says he is successful on both tests. So on the 1st test does he get +1 because the book says he can only heal one crit damage with a first aid test, or does he get 2 cause the nath doubles it? Also do I just throw away the 1d5 bonus period cause it is crit damage being healed? Thanks Skunk
  4. Does anyone have any more information about exactly what will be in this book? Will it be character advancement, and new roles, or ablities and gear? or Will it just be fluff material?
  5. I would say a good tactic is not simply force a division of the group, because like Adeptus-B said that will get old fast. I would say you want to present a situation where the team wants to divide themselves not just because they have to for combat. Like a side quest for example, something that the team as a whole would not have time to complete but 2-3 players to go off and do to make things easier for the other 5 members. Then you could have 2 different battles planned out, one for if the team did not do the side quest, and one of they did. I think the key to making it fun for them is to leave the choice to them about how they divide and handle objectives so they feel like they are in control of how they handle every situation, not just positioning in combat.
  6. I would be interested in Playing a Librarian if you are still adding people to the game.
  7. Thanks for responding. I really like your idea of making it all player driven. I was struggling with how to plan for that, but the idea of a flow chart has completely fixed that problem for me. Making it player driven and following suggestions, I think is going to make my job a whole lot simpler. Thanks- Skunk
  8. So I am GMing DW games for some of my friends. I have combat figured out. Primary mission objectives, and missions arent too much of a problem. What I am really having a problem with is creating meaingful choices for my players. Im trying to create choices that are neither right or wrong, but have a meanful impact either right then, or at a later time. I also want the choices to cause some conflicts or indecision within the group. I'm trying to also have some of these choices come up in an organic manner. So it doesnt end up being just choice A, or choice B, but instead a whole range of choices that the players figure out instead of just being choice A or B that i present to them. Does anyone have any tips, or suggestions on how to help generate choices for the players? Thanks, Skunk
  9. Thanks for all the replies. It really has cleared some things up for me.
  10. Ok cool. I have one other question. I see that smite benefits from things that would normally modify BS tests. But it also states that the power must be targeted on a single creature. So my question is this, is a horde considered a single creature for the purpose of psy powers? And if so does the horde Mag to-Hit modifer ( page 359) apply to the Smite BS modifers? Example : Lib tries to smite horde mag 40 from High ground (+10 to hit mod) with a fettered smite with a natural willpower of 45. 1st can the lib target the horde with the smite? And if so then how does the focus power test compute? Is it roll vs WP (45) + 10 (from High ground) ? Or Is it roll vs WP (45) +10 (from High ground) + 30 ( horde mag size) ?
  11. So if I understand this right. Lets say that a Psyker has a power level 3. Had a natural willpower of 45, but then bought the advances for charactistics to give +20 for a willpower of 65. When he cast a power at the push level (+3 psy) then his effective willpower check would be vs 95? And if that is true, then a psy with a natural psy rating of 4, pushing with willpower 65 will always be successful in manfesting the power?
  12. crisaron said: Skunk Bottom said: Gantz the slaughterer said: new weapons? armors? I dont recall anything about new weapons or armor. except for the relic power hammer… the whole center of the plot. I was thinking of charts and tables.
  13. Gantz the slaughterer said: new weapons? armors? I dont recall anything about new weapons or armor.
  14. Adeptus-B said: Sounds cool. I have yet to set eyes on it- all of my local retailers were a bust. Since it's now alaiable as a download, I think it's safe to say it won't be showing up on store shelves in the future. Guess I'll have to order it from the inter-webs; so much for supporting local businesses… One quick question: are there new monster stats (and if so, what)? Or do the encounter tables just use existing beasties from other books? There are some new monster stats in the book, I dont have it with me now, but I think it is maybe around 2-6 depending on the faction. Tyranids, Orks, Chaos, I think enslavers as well, then some other like lost souls or something. one or 2 eldar might be in there somewhere but im not sure
  15. Im commiting some threadomancy here but ohh well. For me, I have a Librarian in the group I run, but he is super careful by nature with the psy powers. I also took favored by the warp, rite of sanc, and warp conduit off the table. So far I have not seen any problems. I also throw alot of hordes at the group. So it seems like the dev and the lib get tied down deal with them while the tech marine, and the apoth seem to end up dealing with everything else.
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