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  1. I think the “Crow Clan” would be a good minor clan. Rokugan midlands region. Inland plains.
  2. Is there a published L5R book that covers how to design your own minor clan (for GM use)?
  3. Minion damage question - let’s say a minion NPC takes 7 damage (5 base damage plus 2 bonus successes) from a yumi (bow), If the minion is an Ashigaru with armor resistance 3, does the minion stay in the fight since the armor blocked 3 of the 7 damage or does the minion go down or run away (etc.) since the source of the damage was 7?
  4. RPGs are at their peak in the US. I will guess that this is the decision of Asmode, a French owned company, who doesn’t know how to market well. Look at Games Workshop sales in the US ( very high ) and Wizards of the Coast with D&D sales and tell me the market is not there. The L5R RPG is a wonderful variation on the tired and traditional western fantasy RPG tropes. It will be a tragedy to see the line discontinued or diminished. All my opinion of course.
  5. Using two opportunity symbols to inflict a critical strike on the same blow (roll) that put your opponent over their fatigue value might be that “finishing blow” and that’s in the RAW according to most of the responders to this thread ? I get your point however. As the GM, I would have such incapacitated opponents concede defeat or run away or yield, being within the bounds of the Social code of Rokugan ( Shadowlands creatures and hardened criminals excepted ).
  6. Another solution: Other party members can use ring opportunity results, healing, and techniques to remove strife from an incapacitated PC during conflicts (which necessitates bringing a well-rounded party of samurai to the game). Also - would an incapacitated PC be able to use their meditation skill to recover fatigue equal to number of successes upon meeting a TN ( 1 fatigue removed on successful roll plus additional fatigue recovered per bonus successes )?
  7. I am new to the L5R RPG and AI have a question about the timing of combat effects. Let’s say a Bushi with endurance of 9 total with 4 fatigue is hit with 7 damage after armor and all other damage resistance. Since the fatigue total now exceeds the endurance, does the Bushi immediately become incapacitated and suffer a critical strike? And then become unconscious? Or does the Bushi go to fatigue level 11, take a critical strike, and become just incapacitated? Or, lastly, does the Bushi defend and go to 11 fatigue, become incapacitated, but take NO critical strike? Any FFG YouTube video or third party combat example link would be greatly appreciated!
  8. This is a great idea 💡
  9. Yes - I noticed that the “Experienced Bandit” NPC adversary has a rusty Katana which has the “damaged” condition. I could, as the GM, allow the bandit to block a critical strike with the katana, causing the katana to become broken or have the katana break when armor hit by the katana reduces its damage to zero before the target defends.
  10. How does a regular weapon, non razor edged, become damaged in combat?
  11. How does one convert Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game PCs to the Core Rules?
  12. Waiting for an official FFG ruling on this one. Thank you for the replies!
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